A vision over this new nation

In view of its importance, as well as confirming other visions, please see this posting from Yinka Oyekan’s facebook via UK Prophetic Words received today :

A Vision Over the Nation

As I drove into Liverpool to preach at Frontline the Lord gave me this revelation:….

“Have you not understood it is time for harvest and so I have placed Theresa in a position of prominence, her name means harvester and she will, for a time of reaping is at hand. It is my will and good pleasure to bless this land and so, get ready to reap. I am releasing an army of evangelists in the United Kingdom; can’t you see it? I will sweep though this land”.

I saw Liverpool rising from the ashes looking like a bride adorned. And I heard the Lord say,

“Once more I will bless your shores and many will walk your streets, visitors from many places, I will beautify you and from you royalty will come”.

The scene for me changed as I was driving in the car and then I saw Cornwall basking in the love of Christ and Father surprising her with a gift by releasing unexpected wealth to her, she will no longer be called impoverished and will be the envy of the nations. My eyes were then lifted to Birmingham the seat of prayer for the nation, loved but feeling neglected, Father says, “I will gently woo her and change her heart, through tears her communities will be united and they will call upon me, she is scattered but I will gather her, and her isolated communities she is loved and will experience my love”.

Later, He showed me many cities more than I care to go into just now but the word of the Lord to the nation is he loves this Kingdom and will care for it and nurture it.

Later as I contemplated these things, I saw standing over the coastal plains in the heavenlies a huge army of warrior angels standing ready to move. They were wearing gleaming armour for they were ready for war. I heard a voice say

“The battle is at hand and I have built my army: this nation is mine!”

I then heard a voice say,

“Who will sound the alarm who will pray that my will might be done on earth?” 

Yinka Oyekan 4th August 2016

  1. Yinka is pastor at The Gate in Reading, (previously Tilehurst Free Church (Baptist) where I attended before marrying and moving to East Hants).
  2. Reference to harvest confirms personal vision a month ago at Shake the Nations Legacy conference in Peterborough of the whole of Britain from Land’s End to John o’ Groats across from Wales to East Anglia coloured as a ripe field, and that to other cities is similar to the word Lydia S Marrow suddenly saw there too.
  3. Regarding Cornwall, see 2001 vision to Lyn F and recent ‘confirmation’ thereto, as in Angela J’s comment to Visions of New Britain’s Natural & Spiritual Renewal – #1
  4. “This nation is mine” confirms what Nina saw at the start of Trooping the Colour !!
  5. Re. Yinka see: introductory Holy Spirit Stirrings #2 to God is Moving in Reading  and Prophetic Vision of a Great Shaking Coming to New Britain.

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