Prophetic word in worship: ” …a great shaking and great clash…”

An event during worship on TV on Sunday took us by surprise when we came indoors from finishing a bit of gardening.  Immediately, Nina got a ‘shot’ from Holy Spirit as a reaction to what the worship leader was declaring. The lounge TV had been hooked up for streaming live morning worship from Alabama at 4.30pm our time, which we could hear out in the garden. (By the way, a visiting speaker at our morning service had told us about the positive response observed in plants to worshipful sounds!)

Ten minutes into the live streaming from Church Of his Presence we heard it go quiet. After praising the Lord, Lydia Stanley Morrow had just led through a song about God’s fire burning in our souls and the congregation went into personal worship in tongues…  Everyone went quiet for a couple of minutes and an anointing came upon Lydia as she declared, “The Lord says,

“There is coming a great shaking, there is coming a great shaking, and now will be the great clash between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light. Nations will fall, kingdoms will rise – and you are not to panic”, says the Lord, “because I have got you. You are my people. You will shine like the stars in the heaven for I will pour out my favour on you, I will pour out my signs, I will pour out my wonders”, says the Lord, “and in the midst of the shaking you will stand firm upon the solid Rock. Peace, be still”, says the Lord.”

Yesterday we had opportunity to listen to the whole worship from the beginning. Again, the physical stirring of Holy Spirit was immediately felt as a distinct and lengthy reaction.

To check it out for yourself click here; worship starts after John Michael’s welcome. Thirty minutes later pastor Kilpatrick acknowledges the presence of the Lord and for all to continue worshipping and brings another prophetic word. Lydia and team break into the praise song Lion of Judah.

[At the beginning of May a visitor and a regular at our home church saw the Lion of Judah enter the service during worship. His head was a few feet above mine!]

6 thoughts on “Prophetic word in worship: ” …a great shaking and great clash…”

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  2. I had a vision about a shaking a few years back. In the vision I saw people carrying boxes wrapped in very
    beautiful wrapping paper, the kind you would see at Christmas. The boxes filled their arms so much so that they could barely see where they were going. Then I saw the earth begin to quake and split apart. Before the quake began, the people carried these boxes everywhere they went. When the quake began they initially tried to maintain their balance and still hold onto their many packages. As the quake got stronger and the earth began to split under their feet, they began to drop the boxes and focused on saving their lives.


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