Prophetic praise and worship

Courtesy of James Mark Long, www.propheticartists.comSomething ‘weird’ happened after writing that last piece. In fact, I’d intended tackling a higher priority of fulfilling a promise to respond to comments I’d made on another blog.  But I thought – or maybe was reminded!  – it was more important to cover  the prophetic word Lydia delivered in worship. So I blogged about that instead and finished by midday in time for lunch and our preparing for a church group meeting here that afternoon.

When all assembled were refreshed and had chatted, pastor circulated a hand-out that she wanted us to consider – Prophetic Praise and Worship….what a ‘God-incident’!

In my opinion, its following fast on the heels of the morning’s matter underscores and confirms the accuracy and importance of the prophetic word I’d only just written about.

Here, with permission, are some of that paper’s pertinent points for your edification:

First, for any believer who’s uneasy with prophecy, here’s the scriptural warrant for its incorporation into worship – NIV quotations:

The Prophetic Nature of Praise and Worship

1 Samuel 10:5-6 “After that you will go to Gibeah of God, where there is a Philistine outpost. As you approach the town, you will meet a procession of prophets coming down from the high place with lyres, timbrels, pipes and harps being played before them, and they will be prophesying. The Spirit of the Lord will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a different person.

2 Chron 29:5 He stationed the Levites in the temple of the Lord with cymbals, harps and lyres in the way prescribed by David and Gad the king’s seer and Nathan the prophet; this was commanded by the Lord through his prophets.

Revelation 19:9-10 Then the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” And he added, “These are the true words of God.” 10 At this I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “Don’t do that! I am a fellow servant with you and with your brothers and sisters who hold to the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For it is the Spirit of prophecy who bears testimony to Jesus.”


  1. The word of God that testifies about Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy,
  2. The testimony that Jesus gave through His life style is in the Spirit of prophecy,
  3. The testimony we give of Him in praise and worship is in the Spirit of prophecy,
  4. As we testify about Him in praise and worship the Spirit of prophecy is released.

Characteristics of Praise and Worship

  1. It is vital in the preparation of the Bride for the great day,
  2. We must be willing to go with the flow of the prophetic anointing and expect it in our worship services,
  3. Prophecy means: communicating under divine inspiration by…
  4. speaking/singing out what Holy Spirit is saying to the Church – listen!
  5. scripture exhorts us to desire the prophetic gifting:

1 Cor 14:1-3  Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy.  For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit. But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort.

Num 11: 26-29 … Yet the Spirit also rested on (Eldad and Medad), and they prophesied in the camp.  27 A young man ran and told Moses, ‘Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp.’ 28 Joshua son of Nun, who had been Moses’ assistant since youth, spoke up and said, ‘Moses, my lord, stop them!’ 29 But Moses replied, ‘Are you jealous for my sake? I wish that all the Lord’s people were prophets and that the Lord would put his Spirit on them!’

The Language of Prophetic Praise and Worship

  • The language of love; the Bridegroom wooing the Bride and her response to Him
  • The song of the LORD, the Bridegroom and the Bride
  • Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs
  • Flowing in the gifts of Holy Spirit
  • Proclamation of salvation, redemption, victory, glory, power etc of the Trinity
  • Proclamation of judgement and victory over Satan
  • Proclamation of future events – as by Lydia on Sunday; Julie Meyer in October.

[Courtesy of Heart After God Ministries, Rev Ron and Lindi Masters, South Africa. Lindi moved into international ministry some time after Ron went home to the Lord.]

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