Amanda Wells: Word for the Nations, including New Britain

Some details of this word confirm a dream of yesterday morning that I’d had before reading this. I’ll refer to the dream in tomorrow’s next post:

World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti


As I was in worship last weekend in church, I saw two massive angels standing each side of our stage.  They were seraphim … fiery angels, their body was full of fire. One was called Awaken and the other Wisdom.

Awaken and Wisdom

Awaken suddenly said, “I’m awakening, I’m awakening”, and then seemed to exhale and a massive wind that went forth into every Nation.

I then heard him say “I am blowing an August Trade Wind on the Body of Christ”.

Wisdom cried out “I am releasing wonders in this season, and the body of Christ will be known as sages, and have the ability to interpret and exhibit wonders and miracles in this hour”.

August Trade Winds

As I stood in the encounter I heard the Lord say,

“The August Trade Winds are upon you”.

The August winds, or Trade Winds have always been used by Captains of sea vessels for centuries. They enabled the European Empire to expand into the Americas and trade routes to become established across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  Trade winds also transport African dust westward across the Atlantic Ocean. I sense that there is Kingdom movement of trade, economy and missionaries that will come from Northern Africa across the Atlantic, which will begin to bring awakening in Nations.

Historically trade routes were the avenue where religion, trade and technology spread across regions. These routes became a great source of wealth and built Empires. Many of these Trade Routes became paths for great revivals also.

I sense that as an awakening is blowing over lands particularly in the month of August, we are going to see increased activity in the marketplace. God is raising up and awakening Kingdom business men. God created man in His image, so man has amazing creativity to be fruitful and multiply to fulfill our mandate. Kingdom businessmen are being awakened to new visions, missions and strategies and they will be evidenced by new innovations, inventions and their policies, procedures and culture that encourages godly values.

God is awakening the Josephs with strategies to impress even Pharaoh, and He is awakening the Daniels who will be able to cut through all the worlds talk and interpret the governing wisdom of God for Nations in this season.

The wind of awakening has blown and is blowing upon Nations this month, and we will see the USA, United Kingdom, the Commonwealth Nations, European Nations, and even the African continent have greater authority and create policies that increase trade and wealth.

Wisdom for Wonders

There is an Awakening that will go beyond any other awakening seen in the earth today. There is a wisdom that is being released with the wonders that we will begin to see, as we step into realms of the supernatural power of God. Wisdom is removing the veil from eyes so we are able to see what God sees, and as our perspective changes, the impossible realm becomes the realm of the naturally possible!

There are encounters beginning like the encounter on the day of Pentecost. Acts 2 v 2- 3

‘Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.’

The House of God is about to be filled and awakened with wind and fire, and with it, wonders, signs and miracles are exploding from within to without!

The church is awakening and as she awakens the marketplace will be transformed and reformed.

Amanda Wells, 6th August 2016  Australian Prophetic Council

On EU-Referendum Day: Britain: Reformation Is Coming With A Far Greater Glory

[World In Fire by Danilo Rizzuti courtesy]

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