Update on DeCeit in Washington DC

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunIn Monday’ morning’s newsmix on Iran I listed a few recent items exposing the duplicity of the US Administration, re. my earlier supposition that exposing rotten politics in UK, EU and USA may now be on the Lord’s current agenda.

“That’s not new!” you may retort, but here’s last night’s news to update my latest:

Keep watching; as does the accredited Christian correspondent at the White House Bill Koenig in World Watch Daily and Koenig’s Eye View from the White House.

By the way, I got nudged after jotting this down to use capital letters in the title’s ‘deceit’! (Hmm – like the pun, and ‘deceit’ and ‘DC’ rhymes. Also, “use (the) capital’s”, or ‘Capitol’ would do too, all relating to America’s capital city!)

[Hand with News Icon by Watcharakun, courtesy of Freedigital photos.net]

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