Review 2 – Iran and nuclear ‘fix’

We continue to consider some past posts relevant to today’s events:


Invisible HandRegular readers may recall the eschatological role of Iran was drawn to my attention 30 years ago as a non-Christian. I’d been given a new book on history and geopolitics that claimed the Bible held coded and plaintext prophecies on the British Mandate in Palestine (The Invisible Hand)

Whilst watching a documentary on TV about the Iraq-Iran war, I flicked through the book and noticed there were lots of references to the significance of Jerusalem. Then I heard the narrator’s voice over video purporting to show elite units from Iran and Iraq rehearsing an attack upon Jerusalem, in spite of being at war with one another!

Three months ago it was drawn to my attention that this month of July would be the next ‘stepping stone’ of major End-time events regarding Iran.  It happened as I was mulling over a personal word given to me about promises from 40 years ago being fulfilled.

Although I shared my thoughts on that with readers in God-incidents validate cycles and point to the near future, I omitted mention of Iran because the post had got complicated. So as well as separating the post into two parts I withheld material which may relevant now.

This is what I’d drafted on 16th April, the lead-in of which may seem abstruse because it’s been pulled from a longer post, but note the emboldened text:

‘Soaking insight

‘That evening we went to ‘soak’ in live worship at Acorn Christian Healing Foundation and thus prepare for our usual long weekend. A great way to forget a busy day, to chill out and relax by focusing on the Lord.

‘However, well into the hour I was prompted to think about what I’d blogged a few hours earlier. I’d been a tad uneasy about quoting Ian Fleming’s quip on coincidence – but it wasn’t anything to do with that! This plopped unexpectedly into mind:

“How many months ago did you write that earlier email?”

‘The email asked ‘Could this weekend change the world? and upon which I’d focused in the day’s blog. It was dated August 2010, which I counted it as 4 years 7 months ago. And so I answered, “55 months ago!”.

“55! Seems familiar – when did that last crop up?” I asked myself. It was only the previous evening when I’d heard ‘Dr O’ and realised it was about 55 years ago, as recounted NOW [in published blog], it dawned upon me that was 12 times the 55 month period of 2010 to 2015 that I’d been asked about.

‘In view of the recognised meaning of 12 as a perfect governmental foundation, perhaps the Lord’s indicating I should regard that 1/12th as significant? It’s as though my remarks made in 2010 were being emphasised and endorsed!

‘Next I was asked,

“How many months since that blog you wrote about Iran?”

‘This referred to the ‘weird’ subject of that day’s 2nd blog wherein I’d referred to a summary of personally unusual circumstances relating to Iran in November 2113. Again I counted and this time replied, “16 months ago”.

‘So I thought, “16 = 4 x 4 … another 4 months takes us to July 2015″. So I decided to put that in the ‘pending tray’ and notice if troubles with Iran get even more difficult in July. (Deadlines for agreeing a ‘deal’ have frequently been delayed.)

‘I’ve since been reminded that the one who claims to have agreed a ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran is 44th president of the USA, Barack Obama. So I had plenty to ponder!

The Nuclear Agreement

The accord reached is SHEER, UTTER FOLLY. Lots of reaction of all sorts is bound to fly around but I’d like to summarise my previous posts by quoting top politico-religious blogger ‘His Grace’ Archbishop Cranmer. His conclusion encapsulates the emphasis of my previous remarks:


>>> ‘So why does Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounce the deal as a “one of the darkest days in world history” and a “stunning historic mistake”? You can’t put it down to the cause of Zionism: Saudi Arabia also has concerns.

‘Might it possibly be that, once again, the ‘developed’ nations of the world have naively forged a solution of secular vacuity in a space that is gravely religious?

‘Cleric Hassan Rouhani is a pious man, devoted like all Shias to the Hidden Imam, the Messiah-like figure of Shia Islam. This President, like the previous one, believes that his government must prepare the country for the Imam’s return. All streams of Islam believe in a divine saviour, known as the Mahdi, who will appear at the End of Days in the company of Isa (Jesus). But President/Cleric Rouhani pledged himself with Ayatollah Khamenei decades ago to work for the return of the Mahdi. Indeed, Iran’s military involvement in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq was (and is) purposely designed to agitate against Israel to hasten the Last Day. Iran’s dominant ‘Twelver’ sect believes the Mahdi will be Mohammed ibn Hasan, regarded as the 12th Imam and descendant of the Prophet Mohammed.

‘Iran’s entire theo-political agenda is driven by Shia theology which is guarded by clerics who ensure that all legislation complies with their interpretation of Islamic law. And when it comes to foreign policy, this can only mean one thing for Israel, for they hold to the divine promise made in the Al-Israa Sura (Sura 17) that they will liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque – the first ‘Kaba’ to the Muslims – and will enter it as they have entered it the first time (Sura 17, ayat 7). And the prophetic foundation is the message of Mohammed that Islam will enter every house and will spread over the entire world.

‘They are dedicated and pledged with their lives to the ‘liberation of Palestine’ – all of Palestine. They describe the Jewish state as “a kidney transplanted in a body that rejected it”, asserting that the United States may want to “save the Zionist entity, but it will not be able to do so”. Nuclear power is the great equaliser: what begins with the production of electricity will end with a Shahab-3 missile. The Iran nuclear deal is not only a triumph for secular political diplomacy; it is the culmination of Shia Islamic eschatology. It is elemental to Iran’s final solution.’

(Click above title to read in full. Emphasis added by RB.)

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