What’s weird about writing about Iran

Subscribers quick off the mark to read the previous post (2 of 3) upon publication may recall having read its second paragraph, which is now relocated here:

“Note it’s taken all morning to polish this in minor ways because of online problems! (Internet Explorer kept failing to connect and load tabs, and when it did I couldn’t get into WordPress. So I used Google, which is faster but has its limitations and, on both, a WP formatting issue needed sorting.) I wonder, could aggravation indicate this post may be of some significance?”

There was a distinct sense of having been in that same scenario before – ‘deja vu’.

And it’s not a coincidence – probably not of the Godly variety, or God-incidence, either.

And previously, a lot of synchronous stuff on today’s topic was happening around the blog’s second anniversary – as in A Weird Mix-up! (Likewise, in recent weeks!)

007 author Ian Fleming’s comment on such repetitive events fits the bill. He’s quoted as saying,

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action!”  (Courtesy of Brainyquote.com)

How highly appropriate for this blog – Iran is the common denominator on FOUR such synchronous occasions!!!!

The last time, November 2013, was also one of unusual, annoying technical connection problems, and today it involved my PC’s operation as well as internet drop-outs.

Then, it was the third time!  So I blogged, Did my triple warning about Iran affect my WordPress connections? which begins,

“Publishing this and the previous post proved arduous. In telling why, it may cross your mind I could be getting a tad paranoid – but actually it’s funny; yet perhaps there’s a grain of truth buried away here…

“Was what I was trying to write about so revelatory that another ‘invisible hand’ came in causing chaos to connections?? Perhaps it’s not such a daft idea, you know.

“Guess what I was writing about the previous time this happened! The very same topic – Iran, and its leaders’ policy to bring about their notion of End-Times!!  Oh, that’s just a coincidence. Well, what are the odds of such a cross-connection between two lots of technical trouble; in addition to the other oddities that occurred recently?”

Then I gave details of the components of the synchronous events:

“For the record these are the previous posts: Joel Rosenberg’s Iran leader: We must prepare for the ‘End-Times’, my Iranian leader’s End-Times declaration which appeared after Sharanelle Clark’s Getting ready for His return. (For anyone wishing to check my   claims see my original support request and covering mammoth one of 373 posts.)”

Technically savvy folk may like to check out the detail – if so, continue reading here.

Now it gets even more interesting in what I didn’t dwell on above, for it involves that previous post’s report “on something so weird it’s beyond coincidental”. The upcoming post ‘3 of 3’ will plug right into that previous post – The Invisible Hand re-appears!

So why not take a peek? And hold onto your seats…

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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