2018: 40 crucial days for London

Prophetic Word given by Chuck Pierce on 30th October 2018 in London

This transcript, provided by Suzanne Ferrett of Passion For The Nation, is for readers to weigh and pray over with the Lord. The first paragraphs precede the start of this GOD TV video of Chuck Pierce speaking at Betty King Ministries:

CP: …in the atmosphere. I say it’s creating the sound of the movement of the feet of My people, within this city. I say there will be a new move of My people in this city…a Kingdom move. It will start slowly, but it will increase greatly over the next nine months.

the Lord is saying, “Watch, watch, for I am sending the host to march with you. For many enemies of your past season are attempting now to come again and say, ‘We will stop this next season  from running,’ but I say the marching of My wind has begun. And it is a wind that will blow My people into a new season.”

(After having received a mantle of royalty??) He is saying He is mantling people who walk in this city, in days ahead, and this is just the beginning.

CP to Betty(?) I see something over you…it will confound you, in days ahead. I don’t know how to say it, so I’ll wait until the Spirit tells me how to say it, what He’s going to do with you, but this is the beginning of your “new.”

The Lord spoke to me and said, “London is at a critical juncture.” (While pondering where to minister for two days on the European trip) Sheryl described it this way: There was an SOS and you (Betty?) had created it. Something is ready to change, but in the midst of it, there is a massive, shifting atmosphere happening. Lots of danger in it. (CP told about seeing a sword in the heavens over London on 28 May 2005 as he left to fly to Nigeria and he reiterated the word he gave then, that it was uncertain who had the handle, and that would be determined in the next 40 days. He and others therefore convened a 40-day prayer vigil but on the 40th day, 7 July 2005, London tube and  buses were bombed by terrorists.) I feel that same way again, now. I feel a great movement of God, like when James was leading us, a marching in the city, and in the heavenlies, but the enemy is attempting to stop the anointing that needs to come into the city. We decree that the wind is coming, and from behind the enemy, and we will begin to surprise him. I am here to decree that there will be a Kingdom surprise on the enemy, on the enemies, that are trying to affect London and all of Great Britain.

From 1:00 mark of video:

There’s a new day breaking in London and this is specifically about London. There’s major things going on in Great Britain but this is about London.

This is what the Lord said about London: The land of the giants and the city that mothers the world, is being redirected. I know that in the next nine months, I saw a major redirection, in London, that will cause this city to either explode in the Spirit, or explode. It is important to watch the turning. He said, “The Spirit of God is brooding, for a visitation.”

In other words, He’s hovering over London. It’s His time for a visitation, in this area. Visitation is where He comes in and starts auditing. He audits the government. He audits the healthcare system. He audits the Church. He audits the systems that make up society and starts changing them, greatly. You are about to be audited. That’s why He wept over Jerusalem. Father had spent three years auditing it and it didn’t want to change. The Lord says, “There will be redirection coming to London.” I will not over-speak or explain, because that’s not what prophets do. True prophets just say what He says. There will be a redirection coming into London during the next nine months. It will affect the entire world.

There is also a new movement of God, coming into London. In redirection, civil structures are being changed, but also a new move of God flowing over the next 9 months, and start manifesting and being seen, nine months from now.

He also said, “The remnant must cross over and beyond their present resting place.” The church is resting, in London, and must come out of its place of rest. It must come out of its place of rest. You war to enter into rest. The Lord says, “I’m calling you out of your place of rest, so you can go in, in a new way, in nine months. Get ready, come out of your place of rest so you can go into rest, once you war to get there. That says to me, Judah must go first. That says there must be a worship and sound movement in this entire city, north, south, east and west. When I asked Brian where Betty was located, he said “North London”. The north wind is the awakening wind. The west wind is the revival wind. The east wind is the adverse wind. The south wind is the wind that causes everything to turn. You must have key, worshiping gatherings that surround London proper.

Then, He said, “The glory is at the gate, but we must turn the battle at the gate and open up a new bridge for revival that begins to go throughout London, to the entire world.” The thing that we have to pull off us, beginning tonight, is a spirit of complacency. Isaiah 32…there’s a lane of righteousness coming, but there will be a consequence of your complacency, if we don’t break that spirit. Complacency’s sister is familiarity.

Jesus dealt with this. He is the anointed one. He has withstood the devil, and now is going back, city to city to city because He’s been initiated for 40 days, and pulled aside, by the Spirit.

He heads back to these cities and He gets to Nazareth and there, they said, “We know Who You are. You’re the guy Who was a carpenter. You’re an awesome teacher. We know you, your mother, father, sister and brothers.” Because of the atmosphere of familiarity, they couldn’t recognize Him as Messiah.

Here’s the danger: in the next 40 days, watch for change in spiritual leadership. Watch for change in the remnant of God. Watch, because the Spirit of God is going to start working to activate the people of God, in this region. He will begin activating people by people by people so that they are moving in new ways and their gifts are making headway. Your gift is going to come out from under the bushel, where it’s been. Your gifts will manifest because light is pushing them out, and your gift is needed.

“Rise up, you who are at ease. Hear My voice, you complacent daughters. Give ear to My speech. Rise up, you women!”

The Lord says that in the next 40 days He’s going to start speaking to leadership, throughout this entire city, especially the female gender, giving them strategies on how this city and its leaders will put their heel on the serpents. It says, Lord says, “Women, you might have been at ease, but starting tonight, you’re called into action in a new way.”

I don’t feel any that are “at ease” here, but you have to have a remnant to birth a remnant an then, once a remnant is birthed, all of Jerusalem can start shifting. There will have to be a new, concerted effort, as you begin to move. He says to the men, “Gird your waist. Get new truth; be willing to speak up, in ways you haven’t spoken up.”

There will be a birthing – and I’m going to show you why – of the voice of God in a new way through the pulpits of London, and through the move of God in London. And so thi sis going to be very key. With that, justice is going to start flowing through the city and moving in a new way. It’s going to shake houses. I don’t know how London works, but I do know how America works. There will be a  physical shaking in London as a sign, to let you know that there is a movement and a change occurring in the very household of God, throughout this entire city.

This becomes key because God has an order, a Kingdom order, and in that order you must understand that Judah must go first. He ordained that. He brought them out by armies, Exodus 6:24, and in a certain order. Judah is the apostolic, prophetic gifting of leadership that knows how to use sound to overthrow demonic forces!. So the Lord will start activating that and you’ve got to know how to move in that because you’re creating a new vacuum of sound, swirling all around London.

Remember that the Lord said this will go on through the next 9 months, and it’s very important that you just flow with it. Go with it. Enjoy it. Move with it. It’s no different than when Dutch Sheets and I had to go to all 50 states and gather the remnant of all the states and call them into a new place.

Last year, we went to 22 key cities in America, to rally the remnant. And it’s gaining force in America. You’re seeing all the confusion in America because prayer is breaking through. Decrees are breaking through. People like Lou Engle and I have been in the prayer movement since the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. There’s a new breakthrough into the heavenlies going on right now, and you’re seeing things happen. Our President is a “wild card” and I think you all see that. But one thing he has done, that has changed the course of the world, is that he made a decree that no other leader has made…that
Jerusalem would become the capital of Israel. What that did was realign us with the Word of God, realign the nations with the Word of God. Now, nations are having to make decisions over how they move forward. It also unlocked Harvest. We could not see the next Harvest until that decree. You find that in the book of Revelation.

This year becomes important. We are in the Hebraic year 5779. This goes back to when Torah was given, not when Moses went up. That’s what makes Israel so different. It isn’t just a nation; it’s a nation that God gave the Word to, and the only way we can be grafted back in, fully, is to honor that “first”. You always honor the “first,” just like that mantle that was put on me. That is an honor from the “first” people.

I’ve always felt I was to go to Ghana, one of the few African nations I haven’t been to. And when I go to Ghana, I will wear that mantle, as part of Ghana’s royalty there. You must do that, with God’s “first” order. If you don’t, you get way out of order. You get greatly skewed from the plumb line of what God’s doing.

This is the “season of 70”, with one more year to go. In the “season of 70,” God is watching to see how you break the captivity that’s been ruling you. Whatever has been ruling in your bloodline the last 70 years, God is watching to see how you break it. Just like the 70- year anniversary that Israel celebrated this year.

This is the symbol we’ve designed for this year, because 9 is surrounding the season. Whatever has been going on with you, over the last eight years, the Lord says to you, “Now, you are beginning to surround what you’ve been going through.” You’re getting a handle on what you’ve had to go through. Suddenly, there’s something in you that’s going to happen, because (nine) 9 means the word Tet, like the last name of our prayer director, Anne.

We have a wonderful team with us – Chad and James and New Jersey with us, and the Carolinas and Burton-on-Trent, a wonderful place, a refuge place, and I’m going to prophesy into that…You will become a refuge for the leaders that are in the warfare of London. The Lord says, “Prepare yourself as a refuge so you can minister to them and you can bless and help them on their way as they birth what they are doing inside this city. I set you on the outskirts, so you can bring supplies into the inward parts.” Lord, I loose that over them.

Tet has a symbol of being a womb. This year you birth what’s been brooding in you. All that you’ve been going through the last eight years…the birth pangs are beginning. In Hebrew, one letter has several meanings, and one of its meanings is “serpent.”

So this year new birth happens but the serpent is waiting, just like in Revelation 12, to stop what needs to come forth. The Lord is saying that you’re in an incredible dichotomy this year. “I’ve called and given you vision for the new, and yet, the enemy has strategies to stop the new. He knows that when the new is birthed, it sets the course for the next seven years.”

It’s like a tug-of-war!. Remember he said that London’s in crisis, but we’re in a tug-of-war in the Kingdom because we’re birthing what needs to be new and what needs to come in but we also have to watch the enemy in a way we haven’t watched in a long time.

Let me reiterate. This year is about birthing and also about your vision coming into a reality. There are parts of your vision that you are pulling down into a reality. About three months ago, the Lord said, “Tell my people they’re breaking through, but tell them they’re not pulling it all the way down.” There’s a big difference in breaking through and pulling it down. When you know the time of the prophetic word and go into intercession, you can’t let up until you get it into the atmosphere, so that faith becomes sight.

We’re in an incredible time of birthing, giving, overcoming and experiencing, and actually the word 9 is linked with ‘goodness’. This is a year to experience God’s goodness. It’s not like we always say, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” He is good all the time, because He doesn’t change. That’s one of His characteristics but when He’s talking about goodness, it’s where we’re each presented with a choice, or vision, and we’re going to have to choose. How we choose, affects our path. It’s linked with a willful action by God’s people of choosing, and all of a sudden, Ps. 23 kicks in. The Lord is my Shepherd.

The Lord is the One Who causes me to see my path, so I will not lack. He shows me my path and He can even show me my path right through the enemy’s camp, if I will come into an understanding of how to feast and celebrate. This is what Ps. 23 means, in Hebrew.

“If you’ll come into feasting and celebrating, you’ll make it past the enemies. I will even have them feed you. And the enemies that have tried to take you out will be setting a table for you, before this thing is over.”

Decree right now that the enemies across London are about to submit and feed the Kingdom of God in London.

So this becomes important: Another way to look at 9 this year: it’s about a structure. 70 is also linked with “sending”. We’ve been in an apostolic season, but this year the structure starts pouring out. This year you’ll start seeing the outpouring. The whole number structure of 5779 means “to stomp”!  In other words, God’s going to press out of us what’s been forming in us. There’s going to be things awakening in you that you’ve been longing to accomplish, and, if you will submit yourself, God will press it out and they will pour out.

(Showing a slide) Notice that in this picture, there are harvest-fields everywhere. What pours out of God’s people this year, goes into the harvest, for the next season. It’s not just about us. It’s about new fields.

When the Lord’s ready to do this, new mantles get released. We’re witnessing that tonight. When one receives glory, we all receive glory. In a corporate setting, something happens in the Kingdom when the priests and prophets and remnant align. Suddenly, an outpouring of anointing occurs that causes us to be equipped for the future.

We’re coming into a new prophetic mantle, for a new, apostolic season that is about to express itself. We’ve been in the apostolic season, but suddenly, there’s a maturity.

It’s a year of momentum. Once you get going, you can’t stop. Momentum is a dynamic of physics where the movement creates a force that overtakes that which is in its way. I decree right now that from this night, a new momentum is beginning, throughout this entire region. And, our enemies here are going to be forced out of the way.

Turn to the book of Joshua. I read through the word every year, but differently, each year. I don’t want to get complacent, thinking that I know the Word. But, I don’t want to get so familiar with the Word that I can’t hear the Spirit breathe on It, in a different way. That’s what creates complacency. I decree that the Spirit of Truth, that has grown dull
across London, is about to be blown on, by the Spirit of God. True worship comes when Spirit and Truth come together.

The Lord says, “You’re going to have to go to certain places, because I need to go to certain places. I am beginning here, at this portal, but this will become a mobile portal. I will begin to move what is here, and connect it with other portals.

“Find your portals around this region. Make you a circumference; fetch a compass; find your portals and link them together, throughout the region. For I am beginning to bring light; I am beginning to bring joy in. I am tearing down competition. I am allowing the Church to re-develop, and I must have a Kingdom movement for it to be redefined. I say, ‘Get in the Kingdom movement,’ and I will begin to redefine your Church structure.

“The next 40 days will become critical, as you step back and write your vision and make it plain. Watch Me supernaturally align you, in new ways. Watch Me supernaturally connect you. Keep your connections and your black books in hand, of who you are aligned with, and who is moving with you.”

There came a time when the postponement of God’s promise was over, and there had to be a people that would move in. He had been waiting for 476 years, and thought He had a group, 40 years prior. I’m saying this to London. Something you tried to do, 40 years ago, He’s trying to do, in a new way, now. The move of God He was trying to bring in 40 years ago, wasn’t dealt with right.

Finally, Moses said to the people (Deuteronomy), “You’ve gone around this mountain long enough. Now, go north.” That was another reason I knew to come here. He’d given me that verse. I knew this is where He wanted us to start.

When he reiterated what God had said, it caused them to have some pieces fall into place. Now, I’m speaking to you prophetically. There’s things He will reiterate, over the last 40 years, that never came into fullness, and it will cause pieces to fall into place, that you’ve missed. Particularly, what He was trying to do. It’s going to affect the bloodlines of the people. Their bloodlines have been tangled up, because they’ve been wandering. Wandering, scattering, is linked with a curse. The Lord says, “I’m going to lift that!” Review visions, over the next 40 days.

(Practically speaking) Then He told Joshua, you’re going to have to develop a new “success” mentality. You can’t continue to think in the ways you thought, in the past season. Even though you’ve had faith the whole time, in the wilderness, you’re in danger of thinking ‘wilderness’ so you’re going to have to meditate day and night upon everything that I have said, and you will succeed. You will chew it like a cow chews on its cud. It will go through the four stomachs and will turn get into her blood and will nurture, in days ahead.

He tells Joshua this, and Joshua knows that this is the beginning. There has to be a time of meditation. And during that time, you’ll get some pieces you didn’t have. Then He says to Joshua, you have to have your entry point in, in every way and in every place. You can’t go in, the normal way that you would think. Notice that they found a woman called Rahab…

I see what’s over you (Betty?). The Lord says, “You have had a past…you have had a gift that could move in ways no other gift could move, but you’ve had a past where the enemy has tried to capture you.” The Lord says, “The days of your past are now over. You will be watching for those that are coming and opening up new doors for people, and forbidding others to come in. You will be protecting those that are moving forward, like a new intercessor. You are becoming a gateway to the move of God in this city.”

The Lord says, “Get ready; I am making you a gateway and because of that I will protect what you’ve done in the last 26 years here, and I will cause it to come into a 100-fold anointing.”  And you’re going to have to look for some unusual entryways in…certain people in the government, that you wouldn’t think would do it, certain leaders that you wouldn’t think would do it, certain businesses you wouldn’t think would do
it…but you’re going to find your way in. Rahab led them in. Rahab protected them.

Another thing is this: the Lord required them to set aside three days and it wasn’t just to move into the promise. This is for any time a movement begins. (Emergency response sirens passing the building) You can hear those alarms going off. Any time a movement is beginning, you must set aside three days. Remember what He said when Cyrus was sending back people to rebuild the temple. He said, stop at the River Ahava and pray and fast for three days because the enemy’s on the road ahead of you, and I’ll set the ambushments against them. That is the definition of God being good. When you respond, He moves. When you respond, He moves.

Basically, He said to Joshua and the Israelites, “I said that because I’m raising up new leaders that I’ll put together and I’m changing the way My Spirit has moved in the past. I’m removing the cloud; I’m removing the fire. I’m going to set a box down there, with the Word in it and I will put leaders carrying that Word and when they move, you move. But back off from them and give them some space, until they find out what’s going on.” Hear what I’m saying: back off from the present leadership and let them hear God in the next 40 days over how they’re going to all start moving in a new way, in this city…how they are going to review their covenant with the Lord, how they’re going to realign what they’re doing, to work into the mission-call over this entire city.

God has to have an army that moves like this.

And then, He says, once you get moving I’m going to realign the atmosphere. He is the One that realigns the atmosphere. You cry out, you move, and He realigns Heaven and Earth. He causes a divine realignment. London is not too hard for Him to realign the atmosphere. You’ll be able to see what’s in the atmosphere. Wherever you’re listening to this message, the same applies to you and your situation. You’ll be able to recognize what’s trying to press you down.

In the midst of it, I will suddenly realign it and I will send the host of Heaven in, to help you. Remember, when it was time for them to go in, He sent an angel. When the angel showed up, Joshua said, are you on ours or the enemy’s side?
The angel said, I’m not on anyone’s side. I AM.

You have to understand this: 40 years prior, He had promised this people that the angel would go in with them (Exodus 23) if they would obey and keep moving. When they didn’t go in then, the angel had no reason to be with them. Now that it’s time for them to move forward, He sends the angel.

Here’s my word to you: angels are above you, aligning, around this city, to move in ways they have not moved. It’s been years since I’ve felt this, about this city, in 2005. It’s been 13 years [as here, here and here], and God’s eye is on this city. He’s watching His people, in this city. He’s moving, in this city.

The angel shows up, ready to go with them. I am here to announce to you that there will be an alignment of angelic hosts with you to help, after the next 40 days. When you listen to this, you’ll get in the time-sequence…

Then He says, let’s overturn last season’s old cycles. Let’s roll away the reproach. Remember, He had them go through circumcision again because He didn’t want anything from the past being used by the enemy, to manifest, moving forward this time.

Lord, I decree that in the next 40 days, there will be a rolling-away. I felt it when I walked in here. It’s clean in here. It’s right in here. Things have been rolled away. You are starting new and fresh.

When you go to war, you have to know who’s warring with you. You can fellowship with some, but that’s not who you go to war with.

Dutch Sheets and I have warred together since the last ‘80s, but we’ve never just sat down and chatted. He likes to go to the woods and stay for weeks and pray, and I like to go to the center of the city and be a part of it.

Remember, Achan wasn’t one of them. He had a heart for ambition, a heart for Babylon, riches and garments. (You let God put the garment you’re to have, on you. Don’t try to put it on yourself.) He also had a desire for money, and it caused a demise in their next war (battle). The Lord says, “I don’t want any casualties of war in the next move of God
that’s coming into London. I want My people to be filled with joy, and from their joy I want them to be filled with strength. I want them marching, I want them dancing, singing, rejoicing, prophesying and looking at each other and saying, ‘We’ll move this way,’ and lose the enemy. I want you to learn to move together in new ways. It is important. “

I’m not here just to give a message. Any time I do this, I am in intercession with you. I am not just a prophet and apostle that runs and goes all over the world and speaks to nations. I am an intercessor. Intercessors know they must stand in the gap, once they deliver. A true Shamar prophet stands in the gap with who they’re calling to move forward.

Remember, the Lord had prophesied 476 years prior that they would overthrow all of the “ites.” Once God sets the boundaries, the enemies are already within the boundaries. They’re yours. All the enemies that are after your blessings, they already belong to you.

When God made a covenant with Abraham, He gave him all the enemies in this promise. When they finally go in, He tells them to overthrow them.

You find Caleb, who had been waiting for 40 years, makes great headway. He retakes the area where the giants live, but he doesn’t overthrow the Jebusites.

Let me say this about the enemies that operate within our territories: through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Spirit, they’ve already been dethroned. But we have to enforce that. It they haven’t been pressed out and knocked down, the Lord doesn’t forget that they’re there. He waits and He waits, until He has a worshipping group that will address this.

You’ve got to know that this is God’s time for intervention, to mobilize this incredible army all around xxxxx. You’ve got to know, on the outskirts, who’s there for you. You’ve got to call forth the watchman and the prophets and the remnant,to arise. Don’t be afraid. Just call it forth. They’ll start coming. David did this, in 1 Samuel. He found everybody that was distressed, discouraged, in debt, all saying, “Something’s got to give!” He found them and drew them together and that was the new movement.

You’ll be surprised when God suddenly says, “Betty King,” when we’ve never had a conversation. He knows where you’re at. He knows your name and where you’re from. I went into Ireland, and the Pierces are famous there. That name means what it means, and they had lots of issues, but we have redemption. I say that part of the inheritance that should be, is coming forth. You have to say, “Lord, give me my inheritance!” You can’t just passively say, “If God wants me to have it, I’ll get it.” Although He could, He doesn’t operate like that.

This is one of the things that rests over London. I don’t think you’re a Godless city, but you don’t understand the alignment we have to have with Him.

Remember, 800 (I think he meant another number) years prior He told Caleb to take the Jebusites. Somebody still has to take the Jebusites. Then, David is going through all these promises, and it’s been a 17 year process that has led to seven more years, and finally, what Samuel said about him is happening. His first assignment is to take the Jebusites, because he had to get the Glory positioned properly.

The Jebusites were holding the ground where the Glory needed to rest. In the midst of this you have to say, “Lord, anything that is stopping Your Glory has got to topple.” That was an incredible assignment given to him, when he finally came into his kingship. And that’s how he defined his new leadership…those that would go in against the strongholds. When God’s ready to do something new, He looks for those who He can count on to come into a finishing anointing, of what’s not been finished in a bloodline, corporately, in your territory.

On the ‘plane all the way over here, the Lord kept saying to me, even before I went to Poland and Belfast, “You’re going to have to see how I see. I see this city as the “mother bridle city” of the world. Because I see it that way, the giants have to be knocked out of place and the bridle has to be transferred.

David fought with the Philistines over and over and over, before and after becoming king. His first war with them was with Goliath. He fought with them when he became king over Benjamin and Judah, but he never fully overthrew them until he went into the mother bridle city and secured the Glory of God.

I believe the Lord is saying you are not just warring over the Glory of God in London, in England, but you’re warring over the Glory of God every place the “mother queen city” has affected. He’s giving one more key shot, over the next year, to secure His Glory in this city in a way that it’s not been secured. It has to come into the Muslim community It has to come into the Muslim community. It has to be a renewal in the Church, Afrikaans, and the African people MUST be renewed. It has to come across and affect America. We come from you. And we’re beginning to be more like you, than ever. God is saying, “It is time.” 2 Samuel 8:1. This is after the Jebusites were overthrown, and the Glory has come in to Jerusalem and the Lord says, the Glory of central and I’m going to give you the stronghold. (He reads the scripture.) In other words, there was a transfer of rulership.

I want to say that in the next three years, beginning now, you are in a process of watching the Glory come back, into London. You are in a process of aligning together, in a new way. You are in a process of affecting the world, based upon how He breaks in to people-groups that are in this city. You are in the process of seeing nations that England controlled, being released from captivity in the next year, and rising up with a move of God. “But My Kingdom must go first. And you must seek My Kingdom, first.”

“I say to you that the next 40 days is so critical, for the enemy is trying to pull you back and pull this city back, into a wrong alignment…a wrong, governmental alignment that will affect the next two generations. I say that you are holding keys now. You are holding keys to not only change a city, but to cause a world to shake. I say that I call you the mother bridle city of the world, and I say to you that over this next year, I am looking for a transference. I am looking for a shifting and a shaking. I’m looking for My people to come alive in faith, like they’ve never come alive before.”

(Passes out keys to individuals, including guests from Egypt, that “are meant to unlock anything”), “and to one that will be coming and going into key places…and doors will open that have never been opened before and this is the beginning of unlocking an inheritance that has been locked up and has affected the entire world. You will see the transference in the next year of this queen mother bridle city, into the hands of the future. The Lord says, “This is a key time; you are at a crisis moment. I have heard you and a new movement is now beginning. Get ready, move with Me and I will break
through in areas that you never thought breakthrough would come. Provision will be unlocked for My Kingdom (?) people. Ask for it, watch for it, and see it unlock. I will give one an idea and another, a plan. I will cause that which has been held up by a wall, a going-over of the walls.”

This is for you, wherever you’re listening from. If you’re from one of these nations that England has affected, get ready, in the next year, (because) the shaking has begun. Watch Egypt, for as Egypt unravels and comes in to its new place of authority, and you see the downfall of structures there, you will see the uprising of My Spirit…to save a nation there, and to use a nation, in days ahead. Get ready; this has now begun, in Jesus’ name.

Footnote: Chuck’s reference may have connection with equine-related prophetic words published on 27th and 30th November by Veronika West on Unbridling of Britain and Yvonne Combs on Shanballat Arising.