Newsmix 3: Facebook’s Fact-checker stupidly slanders ‘stolen election’ article

Time for a long laugh at Facebook’s expense…

Regular readers are aware of my objections to Facebook’s unwarranted censorship, especially during and after the recent US election and reports of fraudulent voting. Let me show you photo-proof of it moving towards slanderous stupidity. The suppression of free, non-offensive and non-inflammatory factual data and opinion is contrary to the principles of democracy. It is a curse upon society and should be soundly condemned.

Therefore, I’m going to draw attention to Facebook’s moronic practice. Its algorithms suppress this excellent paper by Soeren Kern, a Senior Fellow of New York-based Gatestone Institute on two different grounds.

First, here’s the 16-page erudite article and I’d encourage your reading it at the earliest opportunity (tap/click image):

Now, here’s its censored link on the page of a widely-based, informative compiler of British and international political news:

I intend quoting from this source soon in connection with the fulfillment of prophecy, but in the meantime decided to share it on my blog’s Facebook. Now look what happens:

Has Facebook moved into slandering those its machinery disagrees with?  Not quite, but this shows the rank stupidity of its operations – and of its management!  I wasn’t  able to ‘uncover photo’, because of Fb’s rubbishy software, but here’s the photo in question…


This is the MOST significant news blog I have ever written, says Mario Murillo…

My (Richard) special focus upon the critical events in USA continues; for the purpose of not only watching the Lord’s will at work but also as they’re 18th example of a prophecy of exposure of political rot being fulfilled! (More of that soon)   Read also Mario’s We Believe (ie. in honest lawyers not lying mainstream media).

CIA Director John Brennan sent an email to Barack Obama informing him that the Russian collusion story was made up by Hillary Clinton. Dwell on that for a moment. The evidence that would have killed the stupid Mueller investigation and spared the nation two years of torture, was always there. They had known with certainty, […]

Continue reading at > THIS IS THE MOST SIGNIFICANT NEWS BLOG I HAVE EVER WRITTEN. — Mario Murillo Ministries

LIVE at 17.10 BST (THURS) President Trump’s legal team announce lawsuits being issued






VERY VERY interesting and am looking forward to a full transcript in due course!


US Election’s NOT over: 12 – media panics on rumours of ‘big win’ for Trump!!

Just found (PS. inserted as about to log-off for evening, so not checked):

Thank you to Elaine Venning and Robert Woollard for these screen-shots & links:

Links to Daily Signal ‘6 Takeaway’s as FB, Twitter CEOs testify…’

US Election’s NOT over: 11 – Facebook blocks info on fraud

NB: This is a long-read!
Whilst preparing yesterday’s blogs on the US Elections prophecies received by Abel Praise followed by screen-shots for Updates 9 and 10, I was corresponding with my dear friend Chris Moyler on background information. BUT then I got BLOCKED once again by social media’s thought policing, as shown below [other examples here].

Mario Murillo’s article featured in my Update 10 but click may be read here. After my making a comment with link to source information, these screens appeared as I hit the relevant buttons:

NOW here’s the Natural News piece published on Friday 13th I’m referring to which FB deliberately suppressed (because it targets them):

It’s absolutely no wonder that my remark got blocked because of Mike Adam’s in-depth, utterly damning report. It opens (with additional emphases mine),

Continue reading

US Election’s NOT over: 10 – explosive exposure of fraud coming!

In part 8 I displayed Koenig’s Eye View from the White House issued evening of Friday 13th November. For clarity’s sake and connection to the latest news of evidence exposing details of the most fraudulent election in North American history, it reads:

‘Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Jay Sekulow and Sidney Powell are fighters. That is greatly needed. And certainly, the president is too…

‘I spent a few hours reviewing the Dominion Voting System. They were directly involved in many states in question. They handled Maricopa County in Arizona (the Phoenix area), most of Nevada, and Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. They handled the votes in 28 states.

‘Keet Lewis in Dallas is an expert on vote machine manipulation and paper ballot manipulation. He and Kevin Freeman, who has the Economic War Room program on Glen Beck’s platform, have established the Every Legal Vote website that tracks a lot of this fraud. I know Keet and Kevin and have stayed in touch with them.

‘Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch led a voting fraud panel in August that I attended. Cleta Mitchell, an attorney who understands voter laws, was part of that panel. She was on Fox News on Saturday and said they have a plan to fight the election fraud and would release more details this week when asked about the plan.

‘Sidney Powell (General Flynn’s attorney) and Keet Lewis were in the audience. Keet Lewis gave Bill Federer of American Minute and me a one-hour explanation of voter fraud by cyber and ballot and the names of the companies involved.

‘Wilson Powell, Sidney’s son, is an algorithm expert. A friend in Dallas says he is working on the forensic details on how the algos were manipulated to give large vote amounts to Biden. Wilson is in contact with the White House.

Algorithmic strategies

‘Algorithmic strategies involve making decisions on the basis of pre-set rules that are programmed into a computer.

‘A programmer writes code that executes actions when certain conditions are met. Or breaks the existing algorithms, which may have happened in the Dominion Voting Systems programs used in the six states mentioned below.

‘Explanation of the use of a broken or risky cryptographic algorithm by Mitre: “The use of a non-standard algorithm is dangerous because a determined attacker may be able to break the algorithm and compromise whatever data has been protected. Well-known techniques may exist to break the algorithm.”

‘When the vote distribution hits a point—let’s say Biden drops behind Trump by 2 percent—the algorithms kick in and add votes in the Biden column to put him back ahead of Trump.

‘There were some strange vote dumps in the early hours that mostly went to Biden in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan. A forensic algorithm study is being done to prove or disprove this happened.

‘The following is Wilson Powell’s tweet.


Yesterday, Mario Murillo Ministries published this coverage of these developments, click sub-head for link:

US Election’s NOT over: 9 – dreams, prophecies start coming to pass

Further to the just-published 4-part series of Prophetic Watch insights from Abel Praise, especially his 5th dream, and earlier prophecies by Veronika West, Charlie Shamp and a myriad others on the likelihood of President Trump being installed for a second term of office, here’s some news indicating they may soon come to pass. These items started appearing last night over here and I was able to pop onto my Facebook, so they’ll be familiar to who’ve seen them there. Click images to read associated report:

US Election’s NOT over: 8 – Fri 13th update on investigations

To read more clearly Bill’s introduction to and meeting with Attorney Sydney Powell go to part 10, which goes on to show and link to Mario Murillo’s post on her announcement.

New prophetic vision of Philadelphia and US election

Thank you to those readers and Facebook friends who drew my attention to another pertinent Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural. Christine Bambrick remarks,

“For very interesting confirmation of both this word (where Veronika heard the Lord say “And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder, so he shall open and none shall shut …”) and Charlie Shamp’s word on October 23rd (Pennsylvania is Key, It’s Time To Pray), go to Sid Roth interview with Chris Reed (Title:I Just Saw Jesus Doing THIS About the Election.) Listen at the beginning re Pennsylvania and 11 minutes in to hear confirmation re what Veronika heard.”

Tony Puccio in Arizona writes why Charlie Shamp called Pennsylvania ‘Keystone State’:

“Pennsylvania’s essential role in the founding of the United States earned it the nickname, the “Keystone State.” The term “keystone” comes from architecture and refers to the central, wedge-shaped stone in an arch, which holds all the other stones in place. During the early days of our nation, Pennsylvania held a key position geographically, economically, and politically.
“Today the keystone is a popular symbol of Pennsylvania — it’s even used as an official symbol of Pennsylvania state government. Each Pennsylvania state agency has its own variation of the keystone as its logo.”

First thing this morning, Chris Moyler tagged this onto my personal Facebook:

So now let’s watch as Sid says “Philadelphia is center-stage” and Chris Reed tells of vision he received on 20th August…

US Election’s NOT over: 7 – Tues-Wed news, evidence of voting fraud surfaces…

We continue with news related to Tony Puccio’s dream of coming exposures, thereby keeping abreast of events relating to the future for good or ill of the USA. In view of the several hours time difference between here and America and various publication times, these items are in approximate reverse chronological order (links not available at present).

US Election’s NOT over: 6 – Mon-Tues news, Philadelphia recount!

Thank you Jane B for alerting me to this news around midnight UK time (click/tap first and last images to play videos):

Koenig’s site with last night’s headlines, first of which opens to video shown below:

PS. Thank you Phil V in New Zealand for attaching this to your comment on previous post, note reference to Breaking News, as copied below (click image to read in full):

‘BREAKING NEWS: likely as a consequence of the suits filed in Federal Court in Pennsylvania today by the Trump campaign, Real Clear Politics, the respected news and poll aggregation site, has WITHDRAWN its call for Pennsylvania in favour of Biden and placed it back into the Undecided category. This drops Biden below the 270 mark needed to claim victory. [EDIT] Since writing, CNN has withdrawn Arizona and Georgia from Biden into Undecided so now he has only 279 ECVs – they are keeping their call for Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign allege widespread voter fraud in six key states: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada and they are challenging the preliminary results in various courts and Trump himself is refusing to concede. It needs to be pointed out that network projections of a winner is not in any way an official result. These are certified by key officials in each state and usually not until some time in December.

US Election’s NOT over: 5 – prophetic insights from Veronika West

Many well-known prophets have foretold President Trump having two terms in office. One could easily think they’ve jumped on the bandwagon by repeating one another.

Yet it’s unwise to impugn their integrity because they know they’re directly accountable to the Lord as a prophet. If the recent election clearly shows them to have been wrong then it’s all to easy to claim they’re false prophets in lying about the Lord’s intent. Yet, what the Lord says of their regard for reputation is stressed by Veronika West, as below.

Moreover, we must consider an alternative explanation!  Mere mortals’ ambitions and schemes are attempting to thwart God’s plans and purposes – perhaps unwittingly acting as satan’s stooges in their devising to steal the election from its proper winner by rigging votes!  The Democrats under Obama have a history of falsifying votes cast –  even electronically – read Bill Koenig’s Eye-view from the White House of last Friday.


Click/tap to play video (note: over-rides this window)

Chris Moyler provides this helpful summary:
‘Dear Friends
‘Please do not doubt that President Trump will be reelected. He will, but the Supreme Court will have to give their ruling first.
‘And if any have doubts that the LORD is raising up prophets who are trustworthy and reliable, then I recommend that the record of prophets like dear Veronika West is carefully examined
‘Here, once again, she shares vivid imagery from the LORD, which will greatly settle any doubts, and which will enable us all to continue to stand firm for President Trump’s reelection, in order that JUSTICE might return to the USA, and from there to the world.
‘THE BIRTHRIGHT of the USA is being warned over at this time. And the American people need our loving prayers and declarations.
‘In this post (at minutes)
06:00. A poker game
11.30 A race in a Stadium
17:30 “You may have run the race, but you are disqualified!
26:45 “Veronika, are you worried about your credibility as a prophet?”
27:10. “My prophets should be of NO REPUTATION”
‘A half hour, very passionate and profoundly insightful video
‘WELL WORTH your time!
‘Please, please, do not miss this!!
Chris xx
‘ps please also be sure to reread Veronika’s very powerful word about
and also her word about
‘Both are v insightful indeed, and they quickly calm any doubts in our hearts that the LORD is v firmly in the driving seat in the midst of this turbulence. God bless you all.’