Prophecy Progress Update 40 – latest on November 2020 US presidential election

Today we have this posted by US 2020 Election Fraud At A Glance:

Also this from renowned election statistician and retired soldier who’s performed considerable in-depth examinations of voting data in all US counties over several years…(readers at ease with maths can click here for his Telegram)

PS. AND (re Mid-term 2022 election)…

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Click for main prophetic visions of the election, from Veronika West wherein she saw Biden cheating in a stadium race with Trump and others brought by Abel Praise.


My early posts on the November 2020 US presidential election covered not only some prophecies but also news and developments, of which the 40-part series ‘US Election’s NOT Over’ began by providing an overview of the main issues opening it up to fraud.

Issue #1 posted on 8th Nov cited Willam Koenig, a Christian journalist accredited with The White House, as follows (extracts and emphases mine) wherein he asks:

‘Does President Trump have a plan to expose voter fraud through electronic manipulation and mail ballots?

‘I know the experts advising the White House on how electronic manipulation works. I spent an hour with one of the top national experts in August. They know the names of the companies, how it is done and who is behind it. It is complicated. If anybody would expose this, it would be President Trump.

President Trump may be letting everything play out with the final vote count while putting things in place to challenge the results and then let it rip. He also could be allowing the media and others to set themselves up.’

Electronic Vote Count Manipulation Continue reading

Two Porcelain Dolls Prophecy Update: Biden for the bin, Trump in God’s ‘Repair Shop’ (PPU #33)

The Repair Shop is one of the very few programmes we regularly watch on bbc tv  and we love how the team of crafts-people enjoy restoring all  kinds of cherished belongings and blessing many people with obvious joy!

This time last week, news began to emerge about Biden as Obama’s Vice-President having illegally removed and stored classified documents in insecure places.

Veronika West shared that news with a reminder of the prophetic vision of the White House made of glass, all of which was being broken during a hailstorm.

Moreover, Press headlines mirrored that vision and I followed up with a couple of updates!  However, there is another prophecy I was also keen to find as it relates to recent news on Donald Trump’s influence in changing the Speaker of the House. This prophecy also very appropriately foretells the latest news and developments about Biden… Continue reading

MORE prophesied ‘hailstones’ – worse than Watergate?

I’d intended prepping and posting other items but maybe the coming storm is about to hit….remember my several posts on “Worse Than Watergate”??   Although disliking  The Gateway Pundit being riddled with adverts, it’s relatively easy to avoid them by selecting Share button’s Print-Friendly. It’s good that their journalists do dig deep – and keep digging.

Here’s latest relating to the prophesied exposure of political corruption:

WOAH there…done and just look at the time to publish > double-Q >> 17:17

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America, the Hour of Testing: is Kari ‘Lake’ a sign? – Veronika West

Whilst I was being blessed early in Christmas morning I regret to learn our dear sister was very hard-pressed, and yet the Lord broke in to bring a deep insight. Therefore, in view of her difficult situation what He brought must be most important!  Also, I note reference to ‘testing’ as in a word I was impelled to bring in early November about prophecy in Britain and for which I had to withstand an attack:


Fear not!  For this sudden storm on The Lake will become the catalyst for great Awakening, Reformation and greater Restoration!

So I wanted to share what I believe is significant in this hour for the nation of America.

Over a number of weeks, I have been led by The Holy Spirit at different times to pray specifically for a lady called, Kari Lake*, a woman whom I believe has the spotlight of Heaven upon her in this hour.

God is never random or haphazard.  He is purposeful and redemptive in all His Works, even in the midst of seeming great injustice.

God is always speaking, and His Governing Hand of Justice and Judgment is moving, and His Kingdom Purposes are ever advancing.  Satan never wins!

So, on Christmas morning I was up very early, having had absolutely no sleep, as I was dealing with a very sick family member and desperately trying to break a high fever with cold compresses, when The Holy Spirit suddenly spoke these Words to me, “Kari ‘Lake’ is a sign.”

The word ‘Lake’ was heavily impressed upon my heart, to which I immediately replied, ”A sign?  A sign of what LORD?”

To which The Holy Spirit suddenly quickened to me, Mark 4:35-41, the storm on Lake Galilee.

We all know this story well, a story which tells us of how Jesus stilled the storm that broke suddenly on Lake Galilee, as the disciples were crossing over to the other side.  (To be honest, in that moment, I personally felt like I was in the midst of a storm.)

However, I believe, given my own storm at that moment, this was precisely why The Holy Spirit would choose to speak this Word to me concerning ‘Kari Lake’.

As I said, the name “Lake” was highlighted to me, and as I began to stop and listen to what The Holy Spirit was saying in that moment, I knew why He had me praying and paying attention to what was unfolding politically, concerning this particular lady.

(Ha!  There are times when we can’t see the wood for the trees, until The Spirit of Revelation begins to spell it out for us!)

Suddenly, it was made clear to me, that the ‘Prophetic Sign’ was indeed in her name, (this is just how God often speaks to me) and as I felt such a weight of the Anointing on the word ‘Lake’, I began to pray in The Spirit for more Understanding and Revelation.

Now as I prayed, I heard these Words,  ”Watch and Pray!  For a Nation now in Divine Transition to the other side, will be tested. 

Watch!  For a sudden and fierce Storm, sent to derail a Nation’s Destiny, will become the catalyst for a Great Awakening, Reformation and greater Restoration.

I say to the Nation caught in-between, ‘Peace!  Be still!’ 

I say, ‘Fear not!  Awake and Rise in the Power and Authority as Kings and High Priests, and you will overcome in great victory’!”

On hearing those Words, suddenly it was quickened to me by The Spirit of Revelation, a powerful Vision God gave me concerning The Nation of America.

Please see the link; “America, Set as a Signet Ring Nation.

God is calling a battle-worn Nation to nail their colours to the mast.  A battle-cry of: “No surrender! No Retreat!”

As The Holy Spirit brought this Vision back to memory, I immediately began to see a number of powerful Prophetic Parallels unfolding — but then The Holy Spirit began to highlight particular verses to me in Mark 4, and how they speak to this hour and season,

“Let us cross over to the other side,”  Mark 4:35b.

A Nation now in the midst of a Divine Transition! — a Nation in the midst of Birthing — a Nation caught in between, while crossing over to the other side, suddenly encounters a raging and violent storm, “a demonic storm, sent to derail and sink a Nation’s Promise of great Purpose and Kingdom Destiny!”

But God!….

In the midst of the raging and violent storm on the lake, ”Jesus is in the boat” vs 40, then Jesus said to the disciples,

“Why are you so fearful?  How is it that you have no Faith?”  Mark 4:40.

“To the Ecclesia — do not be afraid!  I have anointed you, as Kings and High Priests!  I have given you the keys of the House of David.”

”And I will place on his shoulder The Key of The House of David.  He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open,”   Isaiah 22:22.

Jesus immediately calmed the storm, and the waves of Lake Galilee with three words:  “Peace! Be still!” 

And though the violent winds and waves threatened to sink the boat, Divine Intervention by a Divine Power, suddenly steps in, and stills the winds and calms the waves!

Prophetically, I see, believe and submit, that this is the hour of great testing for The Nation of America.

This “Lake crossing,” will become the catalyst for the greatest Awakening!

I see a mighty Remnant of Kings and High Priests rising in this hour, a Remnant of Radical Reformers that will stand in the gap in the midst of the sudden storm, to take Authority over the violent winds and fierce waves that seek to steal its Birthright and Kingdom Destiny — a Remnant of Glory Carriers that will go forth to “Recover all that has been lost and stolen!”

Storm on the Lake of Galilee
“On that day, when evening came, He said to his disciples, ‘Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake’. So they left the crowds and took Jesus away in the boat just as he was.  Other little boats were also with him.  A stormy wind arose, and waves drove into the boat . It was filling up. Jesus was in the stern where he had gone to sleep on a pillow.  The disciples woke him and cried, ‘Teacher!  We are perishing!  Don’t you care?’”   Mark 4:35-38.

“Jesus got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, ‘Peace, be still!’  The wind stopped.  There was complete calm.  Then Jesus said to the disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid?  Why have you got no Faith?’  But they were extremely scared.  They said to one another, ‘who can he be that even the wind and waves obey him?’”   Mark 4:39-41.

”Watch and Pray — for a Nation in Divine Transition to the other side will be tested! 

Watch!  A sudden and fierce storm, sent to derail a Nation’s Destiny will become the catalyst for a Great Awakening, Reformation and greater restoration!

I say to The Nation caught in-between, ‘Peace!   Be still!’  I say, ‘Fear not! Awake and Arise in the Power and the Authority, as Kings and High Priests and you will overcome in great Victory!”

*Kari Lake — see December 23, 2022 News Article here.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

28th December 2022

LATEST 2nd January (click here for print-friendly to read advert-free):

JUST IN: Kari Lake Files Petition to Transfer Historic Election Challenge Directly to Arizona Supreme Court – FILING INCLUDED

[Extract] ‘…The filing cites “evidence put forward in this case, including the changing and conflicting testimony of Maricopa officials, and sworn testimony by whistle-blowers employed by Maricopa,” to show that Maricopa County failed to verify mail-in ballot signatures, failed to keep chain of custody for 300,000 ballots, and caused massive “chaos” on election day causing tabulators to reject tens of thousands of ballots, disproportionally targeting Republican voters…’

Prophecy Progress Update 28: 2020 election referral to SCOTUS and Deut 19:15 witnesses

Further to Progress Update 22 on filing US 2020 election fraud with the Supreme Court of the United States there’s two items I must draw to your attention (emphases mine):


In TGP’s printer friendly version of Will SCOTUS Take This On? by Alicia Powe I note in particular:

‘…State and federal judges have previously dismissed more than 50 previous lawsuits  waged by former President Donald J. Trump’s campaign challenging the election outcome, but the Brunson brothers are pushing on with their case. (They) are now appealing the case to the Supreme Court. On November 30, the nine Justices set a date to examine the complaint.

SCOTUS is slated to convene on January 6, 2023 to examine the complaint and vote on whether to move forward to a hearing, during which they would officially adjudicate whether the defendants should be removed from office.

The Brunsons contend the defendants not only failed to investigate whether the election was rigged amid charges of election fraud leveled by 100 members of Congress but voted against conducting an investigation

[NB: Deuteronomy 19:15 requirement for minimum of two witnesses in legal issues.]

If you go to a police department after seeing a crime and report a crime, they are obligated to investigate that crime. If two of you show up, they are even more obligated. Two witnesses can convict in a court of treasonto have 100 members of Congress witnessing that there needs to be an investigation, and then the others go against it is pretty serious.

He filed a lawsuit with six causes of action including treason, breaking the oath of office, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, civil conspiracy. For each cause of action, he’s asking for a monetary amount…’


In TGP’s guest post December 11, America’s Other Day of Infamy…  ‘Erasmus’ writes,

The State of Texas, along with 17 other states and 126 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, called out the four states that had violated the Constitution and challenged their election results as being unlawful. They filed their case with the U.S. Supreme Court. In other words, about 20% of the states and about 30% of the House of Representatives joined together with Texas and went to the Supreme Court to say that this was wrong, and that these four states broke federal law and changed the election.

…The kind of case that Texas was bringing, along with several other states and over a hundred congressmen, was a case in which the Supreme Court had original jurisdiction. In other words, the Constitution tells us that this is the kind of case that the Supreme Court was designed to hear, and also that there is no other court in the entire world that has the authority to hear and decide this kind of case.

The Supreme Court refused to hear and try this case. The most likely reason is that the nation was severely divided and in turmoil, and the Court was too timid, too reluctant to risk the fallout and do its rightful duty. The U.S. Constitution was clearly violated —any average middle schooler could see and understand that. The results of the national election were affected by these violations. 

…At the same time, hundreds of data scientists and mathematicians, including over 300 individuals who had formerly worked for one of our national security agencies, came out publicly, in unison, and stated that the results of the election were statistically and scientifically impossible apart from widespread fraud. Mathematics is the language of science. Where were those who are always saying, “follow the science”?’


In my coverage of the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and its evolution from King Alfred The Great’s adoption of Bible principles into Anglo Saxon laws, I remarked upon its becoming foundational in the laws of the USA and its Constitution, both of which are now under serious threat from Deep-state extremist politicians – as in the days of the lawless Wild West!


Twitter Files fulfill scripture and prophecies of exposures, election theft, injustice, censorship, CV-19, etc. – treason?

Walk in Light

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light (for the fruit of the  [b]Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth),   10 finding out what is acceptable to the Lord. 11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather [c]expose them. 12 For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things that are[d]exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light. 14 Therefore He says:

Awake, you who sleep, Arise from the dead, And Christ will give you Light.”  (Ephesians 5, NKJV

WOW – after having reconsidered the previous trilogy of posts on hearing the Lord about exposing political corruption on both sides of ‘the Pond’, which kick-started my monitoring news and blogging on Exposures (and related prophecies) as time permits, upon checking I find THREE HUNDRED & TWENTY such posts – AVERAGE 1 a week since I first noticed my musing coming to pass – not just once but more and more !


First, to grasp what’s really happening I strongly recommend the in-depth indictment of  the unseen 4th branch of US government – inter-departmental intelligence community (not to be confused with Space Force and ‘white hat’ military intel) – as re-blogged via:

A baseline understanding mostly missing behind the Twitter discussion – Govt influence over Social Media and the Surveillance State

There’s no way I’d possibly schedule a Twitter account into my blogging and sharing on Telegram and Facebook plus catching up on emails, but have occasionally covered this social media, as linked hereto, but here’s latest brief summation from The Epoch Times, as on Richard’s Watch Telegram (by the way, lots more news there):

You’re doubtless aware of much of this news but Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations has a tranche of items posted yesterday of fuller exposures, from which I extract these ‘Parts’ and a few pertinent points:

NOTE: I use The Gateway Pundit because its search facility (Home/More) is quick and image-filled rather than textual and covers their difficulties with Twitter. TIP: avoid all adverts on that site by hitting Share button and selecting Print Friendly – it works a treatI

PS: LATEST (12:25 GMT) – click image to read

Elon Musk Reacts After “America First Legal” Uncovers Damning Evidence Revealing a Secret Twitter’s “Partner Support Portal” Used by Government to Censor Dissenting COVID-19 Viewpoints

PPS. This is an ACE account full of insights into how Elon Musk planned his exposures:

OmniPresident – Part 3

Are the dominoes about to fall? — John Barber

Are the dominoes about to fall? I was reminded earlier today, by Facebook, that two years ago to the day I posted on my page a link to an article I wrote earlier that day titled: “Trumpwatch 41 – when the Dominos fall”. It was to do with the November 3rd 2020 US Presidential election, […]  Are the dominoes about to fall? — JRB Publications

After his having gone down ‘the rabbit hole’ I particularly like this paragraph of John’s in which he summarises my thoughts on the progress of Biblical and modern prophesied exposure of political evil and corruption:

“I try to check out from a variety of sources (I wrote “Where to go to for news?” nine months ago and am still finding new, often unexpected, sources) and I also consider what the political prophets have to say. The challenge is an impossible one, of course, but it seems that now, more than ever, we are seeing more deeply into what is really going on, revealing things are not what once they seemed to be and with the web of corruption untangling by the day.”

US Constitution and 2020 election theft – Brian Cates

..continuing with our consideration of the US Constitution please note that being a Brit I’m far from being an expert – but I note when the ‘New English’ began to rebel against we ‘Old English’ then the colonialists had to establish their military law first and foremost before any other form of self-governing!

Here’s investigative journalist Brian Cates on his Rise of the New Media Newsletter with noteworthy points, plus ensuing discussion:

Continue reading

Censorship by Surrogate: Why Musk’s document dump could be a game-changer — Prof. Jonathan Turley

Below is my column in The Hill on the recent disclosures in the “Twitter Files” on the coordination of censorship between the company and both Biden and Democratic party operatives. Beyond personally attacking Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi, many have resorted to the same old saw of censorship apologists: it is not censorship if the…

Censorship by Surrogate: Why Musk’s Document Dump Could be a Game Changer — JONATHAN TURLEY


Another excellent analysis from professor of law Jonathan Turley. He concludes in his article in The Hill.:

‘..The implications of these documents becomes more serious once the Biden campaign became the Biden administration. These documents show a back channel existed with President Biden’s campaign officials, but those same back channels appear to have continued to be used by Biden administration officials. If so, that would be when Twitter may have gone from a campaign ally to a surrogate for state censorship. As I have previously written, the administration cannot censor critics and cannot use agents for that purpose under the First Amendment.

That is precisely what Musk is now alleging. As the documents were being released, he tweeted, “Twitter acting by itself to suppress free-speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free-speech, with no judicial review, is.” [Emphasis RB]

The incoming Republican House majority has pledged to investigate — and Musk has made that process far easier by making good on his pledge of full transparency.

Washington has fully mobilized in its all-out war against Musk. Yet, with a record number of users signing up with Twitter, it seems clear the public is not buying censorship. They want more, not less, free speech.

That may be why political figures such as Hillary Clinton have enlisted foreign governments to compel the censoring of fellow citizens: If Twitter can’t be counted on to censor, perhaps the European Union will be the ideal surrogate to rid social media of these meddlesome posters.

The release of these documents has produced a level of exposure rarely seen in Washington, where such matters usually are simply “handled.” The political and media establishments generally are unstoppable forces — but they may have met their first immovable object in Musk.’

Reprise of The Alamo prophetic reminder – an apology

Whilst I was writing about the Kim Clement 2008 Two Presidents Prophecy possibly relating to Derek Johnson’s highly detailed observations on Continuity of Government arrangements by President Trump, Veronika West revisited a word she’d heard almost seven weeks previously “America: remember the Alamo”.

Being almost the close-of-play before the weekend I published it with a quick remark: “I’m sure Derek Johnson in Episode 42 of Prophets & Patriots refers to the line drawn at The Alamo:”

It was a busy day and having been able to listen again (and absorb more details) I admit to being mistaken. I recall hearing somewhere last week and noting especially about a line being drawn in the sand regarding the battle at the Alamo but cannot locate it. In posting an apology on Farcebuk one of my readers suggested another interview, but as I’m pressed for time don’t recall scheduling it in.

However, I did catch up with fast scrolling through several Telegram channels, one of which from a renowned statistician reads:


Double-pronged attack across ‘the Pond’ – 2: on my blogging re USA

I thank and praise the Lord over the last 3 weeks I’ve received so many confirmations of events, prophetic words and blessings about what had ‘dropped’ into mind without any cogitation on my part about testing prophets as a ‘pointman’ (shockingly ME not Trump, as assumed) to draw fire from and thus exposing the enemy. This made me ‘dangerous’ to the devil but safe in God.  It also confirms what I’d sensed some time ago about going up a level.

NB: I say this NOT out of any pride but to get an insight into how WE let satan attack and divide the church movement within the UK!

Before setting off for Holy Spirit away-day with Alpha on Saturday 5th November I saw an email from my Vineyard church leader extremely concerned about my well-being as a result of his reading TWO emails sent Friday evening 4th November to me, copied to him. That is, exactly the same period as when William Koenig was getting attacked in finishing his weekly report on election fraud. (Prong 1)

It was very disappointing because the author of the defamatory email is a local person  whose also been involved in prophetic movement for many years. However, he never took up my repeated offer to meet and chat over coffee,

He claims I’m a ‘dangerous and deluded’ follower of Christ, with flaky theology and deal  in the ‘witchcraft’ of failed prophecies of American prophets and conspiracy theories – including claims about supposed election fraud.  Thus, he’s most condemnatory.

I never knew he’s so antagonistic to my blogging and, therefore, have since had to alert and correct his ‘mistakes’ to his leaders and, hopefully, bring to a good resolution in the Lord, whom we must honour.  His prophecy leader has confirmed he’s said nothing negative about me.

As I wasn’t attending the day’s men’s breakfast bible study, I messaged them and the Alpha team for prayer back-up. During the latter, the leader’s own teaching about Holy Spirit cited exactly the right scripture to quench that condemnation…as in next post >>

Double-pronged attack across ‘the Pond’ – 1: on Bill Koenig re. election fraud

[Prepped last Thursday but didn’t post this ‘coincidence’ of the previous weekend in view of busy events:]

The previous Friday evening’s Koenig’s Eye-View From The White House had not been published as usual. Early the next day, before heading off to assist at our church’s Alpha Holy Spirit away-day, I quickly checked and this headed my unread emails list:

Upon returning home later I read he’s been in Brazil for the elections and his report includes the following. So I grasped why it was a battle from what I know (as previous post and his conference on manipulation of electronic and mail-in voting in August 2020). Take especial note and hope it’s legible enough when magnified:

That was Friday evening 4th November over ‘the Pond’ in Washington D.C. and being

Here’s my post of 8th Nov 2020 on what Bill had learned about election malfeasance, as linked above, months earlier (click image title to open):

US election’s NOT over: 1 – Koenig’s weekly ‘Eye-view’

The 2nd ‘prong’ of the attack includes claims of election fraud: see next post >

Calls GROW for hand-counting Maricopa Co. disastrous 2022 Election ballots — Clever Journeys

The real “election deniers” are mainstream media and leftist propagandists. Citizens far and wide in Maricopa County, Arizona and throughout the nation are calling for an election “do over” or at least an honest and transparent handcount of the ballots cast before and during the November 8, 2022. Many leaders and their constituents warned county […] Calls For Handcounting Maricopa County’s Disastrous 2022 Election Ballots Grow — Clever Journeys

Reminds me of the calendars my cousin in Tucson, Arizona, used to send my mother  here in UK fifty years ago.

Prophecy Progress Update 26: Mid-term election VINDICATES prophets and this blogger!

In case you may have missed one of the points covered in quoted article in previous post NOTE top entry in this screenshot :

I don’t have time to follow US political events closely so I trust the above investigative ‘digital warrior’ – like many others – has got his finger on the pulse > IT BEARS REPEATING:..

“OVER 200 CANDIDATES” elected to Congress are “VOCAL ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD”!!!

Check out my coverage of original published by His Kingdom Prophecy on 8.11.22

US 2020 Election prophecies of cheating fulfilled – Veronika West & Abel Praise

  • Veronika was reminded of a recent dream of a stadium running race — like one of Trump’s rallies — with a heavy sense of anticipation.
  • When Biden took to the field there was silence — but then Trump walked out and the crowd erupted.
  • Moments before the starter fires the starter’s pistol, Biden takes off and starts to run the race. Trump then starts to run after the pistol is fired.
  • While the crowd shout “Foul! Foul”, the media shout “Run! Run!”
  • The race marshal is oblivious to what is happening.
  • Biden crosses the finish line three steps before Trump and wins the race.
  • Biden then runs to a table of 9 race officials expecting to be announced the winner (reminds her of number of Supreme Court justices).
  • One official says to him “You may have run the race, but you have been disqualified.”
  • God showed her that Donald Trump had won the race.


Checking the balance of God’s ‘SEE-SAW’ in USA



Veronika’s West’s remarks in the previous post

“..Apart from the obvious it speaks also to two Political parties that are going head to head,…The Elephants and Donkeys,…again the obvious is two political parties,.. however as the Sea-Saw was shown as a ‘T.R.U.M.P.’ See-Saw…TRUTH. RIGHTEOUSNESS. UNITY. MERCY and PEACE….it speaks to the WEIGHT OF GOD’S TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc OUTWEIGHING THE SATANIC LIES etc,…The Weight of the Elephants’ TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc outweighs the Donkeys’ Rebellion, ..Corruption etc


…This prophecy says that no matter how much the donkeys tried to outweigh the elephants it was not possible,…WHO CAN STAND AGAINST GOD AND WIN,…

.. The See-Saw speaks powerfully to the “Balance of Power”…and this is NOT just political but also spiritual…”



Click title image below to read full report (new window overwrites this one):


Simon replies and continues:

“Original and early prophecies about Trump likened him to Cyrus whom, according to Isaiah, God raised up to chastise the oppressors of God’s people. Cyrus was probably not a nIce man. Liberal Christians of my acquaintance have baulked against such designations because they draw the erroneous conclusion that the prophets are asserting that Trump is nice and/or perfect. Some evangelicals of my acquaintance have drawn the opposite and equally erroneous conclusion that, because Trump is God’s chosen, he can therefore do no wrong. Trump is imperfect, as are all our political leaders in some way or another. The sad fact is that the msm and liberal establishment have tried to paint Trump as irredeemably evil when he is no worse than many other leaders. And, when it comes to the more fundamental issues about the erosion of Judeao-Christian values, the impending consequent collapse of western civilisations, and our need to turn back, he is infinitely better and more in tune with the travailing direction of the Holy Spirit. And remarkably for such a rich and successful businessman, more in tune with what ordinary people long for.”


Did you read that??

OVER 200 CANDIDATES” elected to Congress  are “VOCAL ABOUT ELECTION FRAUD”!!!

Sadly some dear folk are completely clueless and pig-headed in ridiculing the MASSIVE states-wide investigations and reports on US election fraud that continue to emerge – I’m even get slandered by self-styled ‘Christians’ on this!.

And remember my reporting on a White House conference on the issues three months before the presidential election! See US Election’s NOT Over #1 – Koenig’s Eye-View from the White House (of 40)

SO, were it the secure election claimed by Dems then the issue would have gone away, BUT NOW PROOF OF MALPRACTICE AND LIKELY FRAUD CAN BE CAPTURED – so maybe CyberComs have got it all and will expose it ? More on that another time…

FOR MORE extensive linked reports visit my second Telegram channel Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations.

FYI: US Mid-term election corruption – fuller meaning of prophecy

This quick posting by way of update for my readers of quick posts on my Telegram and discussion on my Facebook time-line:

CORRUPTION IN THE MID-TERMS [ElectionFraud20 posted 15:54 today]
A brief list of some key issues being reported:

Election machines failed miserably across numerous states ( the machines were all “down” in Mercer County, New Jersey ( They were full of “mishaps” in Harris County, Texas ( and in Chesterfield County, Virginia ( and in Bell County, Texas and in Suffolk County, New York ( At least 20% of all the machines were “not working” throughout Maricopa County, Arizona (, causing long delays, and possibly the loss of people’s votes if they weren’t able to stay in line (the judge refused an emergency extension of voting hours). This was also after the state elections office threatened to sue Coconino County if they hand-counted their ballots.

Voting centers ran out of ballots (, including 19 locations in one county: Harris County, Texas. They “ran out of paper” in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. In fact, “officials say that roughly 44 polling locations in Luzerne County ran out of paper to print ballots.”

• Voters in Michigan told they had already voted ( Same in Pennsylvania (

• Vote totals in Ohio fluctuating up and down multiple times. Why would a vote total go down?

• Georgia vote total also went down (

• NM Governor also had vote count massively increase before falling back down (

• Massive vote dump ( in Michigan that flipped the race. Also Matt De Perno was winning for a period before a massive vote dump ( flipped his race.

• Similar dubious flip in Virginia HR 7 (

• Many issues in Pennsylvania ( including illegal electioneering (

• Colorado’s elections have been massively corrupt for some time, and it’s showing again in the current results

• The chart for Minnesota Governor looks very dubious. Why so many blue votes at the beginning? (

• A New York election worker for the Republican Party was secretly a Democrat (

Apparently Michigan ( passed a law that says only the Secretary of State (currently corrupt Jocelyn Benson) can audit elections

• Tucker Carlson calling for the end of voting machines ( (finally)

• CNN saying “stay off social media people (… trust your election officials, and trust us [here at CNN]” 🤣

• While Republicans are seeing some good wins, it doesn’t appear to be quite the “red wave” that was predicted in some of the polls. Is this because the fraudulent actors and black box machines are still running the same as they were in 2018 and 2020?

• But even so, the counting is not yet over. With many Republicans voting on election day, these late counts may swing more heavily Republican.

Updates or corrections to any of the above are welcome — let us know in the comments.

There’s more to come. Much prayer 🙏🏼 and action 💪🏼 is needed.


Early today I posted on Facebook in connection with one of Veronika West’s prophecies (LOL just look at my own number as ‘likes’ – so a ‘God-incidental’ confirmation – HA even the time-stamp!):


Veronika subsequently comments upon the middle Facebook item above:

“My heart cry is that folk learn how to not only weigh,..test and discern Prophecy but also to have the understanding that prophecy is multi-layered,…and has different depths of meaning and symbolism,..

..Prophecy is not one dimensional but multi-dimensional and can speak to many different things,…

..This prophetic word is a good example,..let’s look at just one aspect,…which is really the central focus of this dream “the See-Saw” which I believe speaks to many things,..but for the sake of time let’s take just two symbolic meanings,..”SEE-SAW,..can speak to the “Scales of Justice”…a Nation being weighed in the balance,…it can speak to a Nation in a time and season of Deliberation,..”A Nation in The Valley of Decision-Choose this day who you will serve??…A Nation at a divine tipping point…THESE ASPECTS ALL SPEAK POWERFULLY TO THE NEED TO FERVENT PRAYER….

Apart from the obvious it speaks also to two Political parties that are going head to head,…

…The Elephants and Donkeys,…again the obvious is two political parties,..however as the Sea-Saw was shown as a ‘T.R.U.M.P.’ See-Saw…TRUTH. RIGHTEOUSNESS. UNITY. MERCY AND PEACE….it speaks to the WEIGHT OF GOD’S TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc OUTWEIGHING THE SATANIC LIES etc,…The Weight of the Elephants TRUTH RIGHTEOUSNESS etc outweighs the Donkeys’ Rebellion, ..Corruption etc


…This prophecy says that no matter how much the donkeys tried to outweigh the elephants is was not possible,…WHO CAN STAND AGAINST GOD AND WIN,…

.. The See-Saw speaks powerfully to the “Balance of Power”…and this is NOT just political but also spiritual…

…The unfortunate thing is that many will only read prophecy through a political lens and equate everything to being about a particular individual or party,…yet we know that God is not on the side of any particular political party but He is only for Truth,-Righteousness, Unity, Mercy and Peace,…and btw the Unity not does not mean Uniformity,..nor does the Peace mean there is no War,…

We must Come up higher and move away from constantly looking at prophecy through a lens that is deeply prejudiced which only seeks to tick our own boxes,…

Prophetic Words must always always point us to JESUS,…and never towards any man or women or dare I say even a political party,…ONLY TRUE REPENTANCE HAS THE WEIGHT TO SHIFT THE SCALES,…

…Let’s stop and carefully and prayerfully weigh test and discern prophecy and ask Holy Spirit to help us cast aside our own political preferences in exchange for His Will and His Way and dare I say it, HIS TIMING!!!!


..See- Present Tense- GOD SEES

..Saw- Past Tense- GOD SAW


I reply: ‘Thank you for unfolding this dear Veronika – and this isn’t cognitive dissonance for there’s a possibility that the truth of a systematic manipulation of electronic records may emerge. After all, that’s why they don’t use single votes on 1 piece of paper but questionable markings on a sheet input into machines. This major issue was known well before 2020 election and recognised by Democrat leaders’.

To Richard Barker: ‘God’s Ways are not our Ways,…again and again I hear the Father say,..”DAUGHTER TELL THE NATIONS TO LOOK TO ME,…TELL THEM TO LOOK TO ME,..TELL THEM TO LOOK TO ME”….

Richard without going into details because it was a truly Holy and Sacred moment but the morning I received the word from the Lord,.. where He said,..”Tell them not to look to the Midterms”…I heard the Father weep,…I cannot put into words both the sight nor the sound of what I heard and saw as He Wept beseeching me to TELL THE NATION TO LOOK TO HIM ALONE FOR DELIVERANCE,…


Me to Veronika: ‘That reiterates the emphasis to avoid idolatry in political ardour..’

To Richard Barker ‘❤️ To lean on the arm of the flesh brings a curse.’


Prophecy Progress Update 25: MORE evidence from Arizona of illegality



Moreover, I’ve just been castigated and my integrity slandered for monitoring the situation to check if prophecies of cheating in Nov 2020 are true or false!!! 

Here’s the latest. As ever, it’s up to you to pray, weigh and make up your own mind; I  simply convey the news free from any manipulation (as an accuser claims):

WATCH LIVE: AZ Legislators Hold BOMBSHELL Presentation Revealing “Newly Discovered SOLID EVIDENCE That Laws And Procedures Of The 2020 Election Were Not Followed”

For ease of reading screenshots follow, or click above image to visit site and read in full: Continue reading

Jan6 committee serves subpoena on President 45

Whilst printing weekly report from William Koenig here’s 1 of 3 news screenshots – first as follow-on to previous on President Trump’s letter, click first image-link to read in full:


BREAKING: Corrupt Jan 6 Committee Subpoenas President Trump

Prophecy Progress Update 22: 2020 election fraud filed with SCOTUS

I have to make this topic as part 22 – my birthday number – of this series:



Here’s fuller text of first item as extract from The Gateway Pundit.