Mighty visions and words granted to Veronika West bring blessing

Further to our testimony of a direct revelation confirming a demonic battle and confirming word, here’s that word in full followed by other pertinent prophecies Veronika brought in that contest’s time-frame. 

First, Tuesday’s confirmation as published in His Kingdom Prophecy (click title for link):


“For the rebellious and the stiff-necked have eaten their full and become fat in the fields of My Grace… but watch…!”

So, yesterday I was shown two powerful visions as I was sitting before The LORD.

Since then, both visions have not left my spirit, but have caused a deep stirring within me, even though they seemed almost fleeting in the natural.

The Spirit of The Fear of The LORD burned strongly over both of them and the Anointing was so heavy upon them I even felt a tangible change in the Atmosphere as I was sitting with The LORD at the time of both visions.

Here I will share just one, as I am still sitting before The LORD with the second.

The first vision I saw was of a field where many Donkeys were grazing. The field looked lush and green and the Donkeys looked happy and content with their surroundings, eating till their bellies were full.

But as I looked at the Donkeys, suddenly I heard these Words, ”For the rebellious and the stiff-necked have eaten their full and become fat in the fields of My Grace, but watch, for I shall not be mocked.

But the stiff-necked and rebellious shall be driven out from the fields of My Grace and they shall become like the scavengers of the desert and they shall die with sand in their eyes and dust in their mouths….”

Wow! As I heard those Words, I literally felt the ground beneath my feet tremble. But as I heard those Words, suddenly I saw a Rainbow appearing over the lush green field where the Donkeys were grazing, and as I looked at the Rainbow I knew by The Spirit that I was looking at the manifest Power of The Seven Spirits of God.

I was looking at the manifest Power of God’s Covenant Promises over the Nations.

But then suddenly the skies above the field turned dark and what looked like heavy rain clouds began to form over the green field.

I felt a tangible shift in The Spirit Realm, and as I looked and looked again, I saw that the Rainbow had gone. But then my eyes caught a glimpse of something on the horizon, a powerful tornadic Waterspout/ Whirlwind began to form in the midst of the heavy black rain clouds.

I watched as the mighty Whirlwind moved in the direction of the field of grazing Donkeys. The Donkeys looked unaware and unperturbed. They had their heads down and remained eating, totally oblivious to the mighty Whirlwind that was headed their way.

Now as I stayed watching, I saw the mighty Whirlwind gaining more and more power as it moved with great momentum towards the field.

Suddenly then, I saw almost as if in the twinkling of an eye, the mighty Whirlwind came upon the green field and suddenly the grazing Donkeys became aware of the great danger, as the mighty winds of the Whirlwind began to blow hard across the field.

I watched as the Donkeys began to scatter, running frantically to and fro across the field, trying desperately to hide from the powerful winds of the mighty Whirlwind — but it was too late.

As the great power and strength of the mighty Whirlwind took hold of the field, and like a rag doll, I watched as the lush green field was lifted up into the air.

As the mighty winds tore violently across the open field, as I watched, I saw that everything was completely uprooted and torn down.

And as I looked and looked again, I saw the Whirlwind disappear as quickly as it had appeared, and nothing but dry barren ground was left behind, nothing but desert and sand remained!

Then suddenly I heard these Words. ”Do you see it? Do you feel it? The Spiritual Temperature is rising as the hot winds of My Seven-Spirit Whirlwind begins to blow forth across the Nations of the Earth.

Ha! But watch! For the wicked are like chaff in My Hands! Who can stand against My searing Hot Winds of My Seven-Spirit Winds and live?

Listen! Pay close attention! Incline your ears to My Instruction, for there is a sound rising, a sound of Divine Intervention, Deliverance and Victory for My Righteous Remnant.

As My Seven-Spirit Whirlwind draws near, so I say to the stiff-necked and to the house of the rebellious, I shall scatter you like the birds of the air!

Do not think that battening down the hatches will save you, but like snakes and moles you shall be driven out of the holes where you have taken cover, and your heads shall be crushed under My Heel of My Warrior Bride.

I say to the lukewarm and to the compromising, do you think that My Eyes are blind to your hypocrisy and to your double standards?

I say Repent and Return Quickly to your First Love and be fully Restored, or your Light shall go out and shall never to be seen again.

So watch and pray! For the manifest Power of My Seven-Spirit Whirlwind will not come silently and gently, but it will move with great Acceleration, Power and Divine Purpose to disrupt, demolish and dismantle every demonic stronghold.

My Hot Searing Winds shall come to uproot and tear down, and to uncover the deep cracks in the foundations of the Nations, to reveal the rot in the roots, and to fully expose the corruption and perversion that is cloaked in counterfeit light.

For now My Seven-Spirit Whirlwind comes to sweep clean, to Purify and to Purge the Nations of the Earth!

Watch! As all of creation is groaning. The mountains will shake and quake, and the waters of the seas will be violently stirred up.

Therefore, do not resist the great shaking, but welcome The Hot Searing Winds of My Whirlwind and watch as the Power of My Glory goes forth to overturn and overthrow every throne of wickedness and witchcraft.

For behold, the birthing of a New Kingdom Era and a great Harvest is now at hand!”

After this powerful Vision, and after hearing those Words, The Spirit of Revelation spoke to me saying, ”The rebellious and the stiff-necked shall be hung from the branch of The Tree of Truth and Righteousness, and I shall make a public spectacle of them. For their works of wickedness will be fully revealed and out of their fat bellies shall come the stored up wealth for My Righteous Remnant.

Watch, for the out of the eater will come something sweet to eat!”

As I heard those Words I was reminded of a powerful dream: America: The Curse Will Be Reversed”

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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