Cyber Symposium on Nov 2020 US election fraud

Nationally syndicated radio show host Dr Laurie Roth is cited in Cesare Sacchetti’s reports as having a reliable military source, and she now reports upon the concluded Symposium in this link >

‘Mike Lindell found evidence of swing state leadership, Governors, Attorney Generals and other high-end officials who knew the crimes and lies of the election. They planned them. There are communications, recorded and emails discovered where these leaders are talking about keeping the known illegal votes in place. These were illegal votes the officials already knew about.

‘These known votes included many thousands of under age kids voting, dead people voting, people from other states voting, a ton of illegal alien votes and criminals being allowed to vote. Then there were the created ballots, the duplicated ballots, the perfect and impossibly unfolded ballots…on and on. The crimes from high to low were like an illegal, multi-level marketing scheme that was connected by many endless layers of crimes. This was all done to steal the landslide win from President Trump.

‘Trump could not be controlled by China and the Cabal. He had to go. Trump was a real Christian, not a poser. He had to go. Trump wants to give the power and resources back to the people. He had to go. Trump supported Israel. He had to go. Trump put America first. He had to go. Trump served and restored America’s economy, power, military and Judeo-Christian values. He had to go….’

Chris Moyler posts on his Facebook:

Dear Friends,
Now that Mike Lindell’s 3 day Cyber Symposium has concluded, what has become very clear is that Government and Media are working closely together, on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, to create and maintain a system that enriches and empowers the few, while impoverishment and disempowering the people.
The extent and the depth of the Stolen US Election is truly shocking. And why does this matter to us, here in the UK?
The simple answer is that the US is the No 1 beacon of freedom for the entire world. Her influence is vast. And if the US can be stolen, then any country, including the UK, can also be stolen!
In the link is 35 minutes of the most biting, the most shocking example, of Government and Media working closely together to destroy a US Senate candidate. Link in the comments.

Chris x

>He adds this video, upon which a reader remarks ‘Astounding!” and Chris replies “t really was. Packed with solid proof about why the US Election System really stinks at this time.”  – Click image to run video (overwrites current screen):

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