URGENT WARNING on climate change as false religion. Watch the Lord act – Veronika West

You will have noticed in yesterday’s Lions Bites on God’s Glory Coming Down my juxta-positioning it with Psalm 2 and Christopher Wickland’s deep concern over this week’s COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow. He begins, “Here comes the new religion and a fad that many Christians may take on board. Green Sabbaths, special worship in praise of the created, not the creator etc etc. Many key religious leaders are gathering on this subject and are proposing Green Sabbaths, eco song, climate change prayer meetings etc. This is a very dangerous season we are moving into….”

On  22nd January 2021, His Kingdom Prophecy published Warning: Climate Change, the New Religion by Veronika West, and which has been updated. Today, she brings a further word of warning and writes:


For a false Religion is rising that will seek to change Seed-time and Harvest on the earth!

While watching world leaders come together recently to discuss Climate Change, suddenly I was caught up in a powerful encounter with The Spirit of Revelation where I heard The Spirit say,

”Watch, as I release a special anointing upon the earth that will counteract the demonic agenda of the enemy concerning the lies of a false religion that is rising in the nations called Climate Change!

Watch! For in the days ahead, governments will come together in yet greater ways to create and manipulate the times and seasons upon the earth.

Watch! For they will even seek to harness the light of the sun, the power of the winds and the waters of the rain to change seed-time and harvest in the Nations.

Listen! For they will say to themselves and to those who have been caught up in their satanic trap, ”This is a good plan for it will bring an end to world poverty and a solution to the problem of food production and transportation in the Nations.”

Watch! For out of fear of famine and lack of finances, many will be drawn into their lies and their demonic agenda. Many will even give their last penny to try to avoid their predictions of doom and disaster.

Beloved, do not be fooled by this Globalist plan of destruction, but put your Trust in Me, for I laugh at the plans of men.

For who can stop the sun from rising or setting, or hold back the powers of the Wind and the Rain that falls upon the earth? Who does man think he is?

For I AM the God of Seed-time and Harvest and by My Word, all things are held together and have their place in the earth.

Now watch, as My Governmental Hand of Truth and Justice moves to bring their plans to nought and their demonic purposes to nothing, for The Light of Glory shall fully expose and uncover their lies, and the Winds of My Spirit shall uproot and tear down their lies of doom and destruction, and The Waters of My Spirit shall wash away their demonic predictions that herald a false peace and an end to world poverty!”

Now, as I heard those Words, the Spirit of Revelation took me back to a powerful Word I shared at the beginning of 2020 (RB: see above link to Warning…).

I believe aspects of this Word are now coming to pass. Let us remain sober and alert to the wiles of the enemy, who seeks to distract and draw you into his net of destruction!


In reply to a comment:

Can someone please explain to me how this Word works?

Yes, it is so obvious the Climate Change is a demonic agenda, since The LORD promised after the flood that He would maintain the earth’s seasons, its temperature, and its ability to provide food.

[Re Update by Abel Praise to January word] Opening a portal. Does this mean opening an entry point for demons to disturb the natural creation?

It’s very hard to know how to even begin to respond!


That’s exactly what it means.

Demonic portals of power that seek to manipulate and alter times and seasons.

Let us always remember God has given man power and dominion in the earth. The voice of The Church must get louder, for there to be a supernatural shift and for these demonic portals to be shut.

The Remnant must rise to bind and loose these demonic agendas. If The Church remains silent and will not stand in the gap, Satan has full permission to traffic in areas of darkness and to set up his demonic thrones from which to rule and reign.

This Climate Agenda is yet another satanic assignment of the enemy to distract derail and bring destruction upon the earth.

It is a demonic altar being built within Nations and many are already worshiping at these altars.

Many will bring their sacrifices of time, money and resources to these altars, but I tell you this, this false god they will call “mother earth” will surely seek to gain more and more power and control which will cause multitudes to be drawn into the New Age Movement and spiritual science and other false religions, that as its roots to mystical eastern religions going back as far as the Egyptians.

Saints, let us always remember, anything that seeks to take your eyes off Jesus and God, as The True Creator and Ruler of the Heaven and earth, is the work of witchcraft, which is the power behind the kingdom of darkness.

Blessings to you all.
~ by Veronika West

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1 thought on “URGENT WARNING on climate change as false religion. Watch the Lord act – Veronika West

  1. I somewhat struggle with this since from my understand climate change won’t in away change the seasons because the seasons are determined by the Earth’s angle, tilt and duration around the sun. That won’t change so there will always be Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. It might change in duration (i.e. earlier spring and less winter), but it will exist. I can appreciate though that mankind are worshipping the creation more than the creator.

    Is climate change a demonic agenda? I don’t know since the evidence suggests whatever we are doing is making changes to the climate. Bit like what we eat garbage in and you get garbage out. We are polluting the atmosphere with garbage so you have to expect there are consequences to our actions. I’ve tended to look at climate change as a consequence of man’s sinful nature.

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