Farcebook blocks British prophet, proving she hears from God! Testimony against demonic.

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I first noticed this happening to our sister when Farcebuk added CCP members to its team in the lead-up to the November election when they started blocking THE President – hence in my humble opinion, seditious treason – because she offered prayers for him!

Doubtless, they don’t want anyone thinking for themselves contrary to the New World Order’s dictats and programme of Global Reset and tyrannical control. 

ALSO, being under the influence of the prince of the air, aka, father of lies, Farcebuk may have taken exception to Veronika’s most informative discussion on that thread, the beginning of which she covered in her Postscript in my previous post. NB: if you’ve yet to read therein about demonic action please do so first as her following very personal testimony continues those opening points (copied from Fbk without reformatting):

Veronika West to Chris M (emphases mine: RB)

ABSOLUTELY! Being born and raised in Africa my first encounter with a powerful demonic entity was over a region in Africa where Satanic sacrifices had been made,…the church in that area had become compromised by mixture false teaching which was Satan’s entry point,..the Church/Restrainer was strategically targeted by the enemy with a goal to gain a foothold and an opportunity to build his throne. Witch doctors in the area who once walked in the fear of God that operated through the local Pastors were now taking over and becoming bolder and bolder in their own agenda,.. Soon the people in that region had become fully deceived by the reports of the witch doctors and even a counterfeit demonic spirit moved with demonstration of signs and wonders; this only fortified the Satanic hold over the lives of many. Weather patterns in that area soon began to change famine soon took hold over a region known for the best rainfall and wheat harvests,…people began to suffer,…but hence the Government’s soon moved in with a NEW INITIATIVE which would take the little money the people had but with a PROMISE OF A RETURN TO PROSPERITY. Of course many bought into the scheme and Satan certainly took over that area. I was part of a team that went into this area to PRAYER MAP,…Through much prayer and fasting THE LORD SHOWED US THE GATEWAYS AND THE ENTRY POINTS AND WE WERE ABLE TO REINSTATE THE LOCAL CHURCH LEADERS AND THE HEALING OF THE LAND BEGAN,…WE SPENT MONTHS PRAYER WALKING BINDING AND LOOSING CLEANSING THE LAND THROUGH WATER, OIL AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS AND SOON THE POWER OF THE KINGDOM OF LIGHT BEGAN TO ARISE WITHIN THE CHURCH AND WE SAW A PUSHING BACK OF THE DARKNESS AND A SHUTTING DOWN THE DEMONIC ENTRY POINTS. PRAYERS OF REPENTANCE WERE THE CATALYST FOR THE TRANSFORMATION AND RADICAL CHANGE. THE DEMONIC ALTARS WERE PULLED DOWN AND AN ALTAR OF REPENTANCE AND SURRENDER WAS ERECTED AND MADE WAY FOR CHANGE.

So having shared just one of my experiences I can tell you without reservation that Satan will take whatever he can get as long as he can get the Church to become is compromised and ineffective.
To Nancie M –  thank you for your great question,…but unfortunately the answer would be too long to share over this platform. I encourage you to do some research on Prayer Mapping and certainly spiritual warfare. Taking a Warfare stand over territories requires great wisdom, revelation and indeed prophetic and prayerful strategy. Make no mistake these types of assignments are weighty and carry great risk if not done in the correct way. I have come across many casualties in Warfare that have steamed ahead in great zeal and passion only to be taken out by the enemy for a lack of knowledge and revelation. Satan is very real and he does not give over these strongholds in these areas with ease. While we of course have been given the fire -power which is greater than the devil’s, one must know how to use that fire-power with great care. So beloved, not wanting to put you off but rather encourage you to get understanding and wisdom concerning these things and then formulate a strategic plan in which you can go out as a small team and take ground and reclaim what has been stolen. Xxx

RB: Although based upon Africa, Veronika’s account is not exceptional for the Lord showed me this book when fairly ‘new-born’ into the Kingdom 

in 1993 John Widdas and Peter Mockford wrote  about learning how to deal with demonic attacks against church congregations. One of the hardest comments they heard whilst writing their book was made by, ‘…someone coming out of satanism: “The Church is powerless, because they do not live in their inheritance”! (at page 170)

Immediately I recognised its truth from decades spent in the enemy’s camp of the New Age/occult (as told herein).

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