“It was one of the most profound words I’ve ever been given” – the USA in heaven’s court

RJBThe above quotation is Simon Braker’s on Facebook to me about that most remarkable dream of judgement and the Lord’s decision to send a great revival.

Last night I sensed the Lord wants me to re-emphasis the dream’s significance just in case any American reader or visitor to this blog may not yet have had opportunity to read and consider it.

Hence, this short note in case you may wish to read and be blessed by it; in which case please click here.

I was particularly interested that its publication followed close on the heels of hearing revivalist Pat Schatzline. I’d reported upon the main part of his message in my 3-part post on boasting over Jesus, in which I quoted his rejection of all ‘doom and gloom’  prophecies but left out his own on revival for another blog.

Therefore, I’d encourage everyone now reading Simon’s dream to follow that up with what Pat brought, as in Revival in the USA. In my humble opinion they’re directly connected. You may also like to note in the comments to that post a poetic prophecy brought a year earlier by Jerry Savelle.

May you be mightily blessed…

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