Simon Braker: stepping over into a new position

Simon_Braker-147x150A week ago today, on 15th January, Simon Braker spent the morning with city leaders praying for Leicester and the nation. He reports on Facebook:

‘I felt the Lord speak – as we shift into this next season we have began (sic) to step over into a new position, no longer are we pushing for a move of his Spirit in the nation we are now on the other side as the trickle has began, there is the beginnings of a fresh awakening in the nation with increasing numbers coming to Christ and an increasing number of healings and demonstrations of his power invading earth, we must now shift in our thinking we are no longer seeking a move we are in the move, Gods call to us now is to keep our eyes fixed on him and seek wisdom in the stewardship of the new season, do not get distracted from the face of God by the works of God, do not worship his works or even his presence, stay fixed on him and worship his person!

‘The supernatural will continue to increase, as we move forward we must not become fascinated by this instead of him, signs are never an end in themselves they point to a destination in this case the destination is God himself.’

Visit School of the Prophetic Leicester to read about Simon’s subsequent intercessory meetings.

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