Dr Jane Hamon: puzzle pieces & prophetic words

Puzzle Globe and Book by ThanunkornDr Jane Hamon introduces a prophetic word and teaching on “A Year Heaven Partners with Earth in a New Way”,

“This word is a bit lengthy, however, it has been interesting how God has shown me several different things like puzzle pieces and fit them together for the fullness of what He is saying for this exciting and challenging season”,

Fascinating to read this sister in the Lord recognises the revelatory mode that I often blog about: ‘Invisible Jigsaw’.

The detailed words Jane brings refer to the Lord as saying,

“If you show up, I will show up – if I did it then (as in the Bible), I will do it again!.”

Jane_Tom_Hamon_2016_500pxJane also refers to the Lord bringing us into a time of spiritual climate change because we’re in ‘A Jubilee Year of Release’, as well as a ‘Year of Divine Reversals’.  Carefully read and weigh for yourself after Steve Shultz introduces Jane to his Elijah List readers here.

[Puzzle Globe and Book by Thanunkorn, courtesy of Freedigitalphotos.net]

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