Fulfilled prophecy (and answered prayers) #6 – families

Hand with News icon - WatcharakunMore news of answers to prayers and prophesied fulfillment.:

First, and most dramatic, is news that Christian foster parents whose adopted sons were removed by social workers will have their case re-opened. They’re supported by Christian Legal Centre, extracts of whose report Court of Appeal: Boy’s removal from Christian parents to be scrutinised, read as follows:

‘When their case was heard last January (2015), the ‘Browns’ said the opinions of social workers were taken as truth by the judge (and they) exhibited no clear understanding of Christianity, and the Browns’ parenting methods were criticised. The primary reason the judge gave for refusing to return the children to their adoptive parents was that a psychologist’s report didn’t recommend the children’s return. (Christian Legal Centre’s CEO) Andrea Williams said:

“We have been unable to expose the gross injustice in this case because of the secrecy surrounding the family courts. This case is the tip of the iceberg. These wonderful parents have been greatly disrespected. The state seemed not to treat them as parents because they were adoptive parents.

“The objective evidence of the boys’ progress over years seems to have been dismissed. Such a flimsy rationale for the removal of children from a loving home is appalling.”

The foster-father commented that we’re not in Soviet Russia or North Korea and yet, “Objective evidence is not required in these courts. And this is Britain…The net effect is that, in this place we consider home…our boys can be taken…by the British state.” (See accompanying video.)

‘In May 2015 the Court of Appeal’s Lady Justice Black ruled there should be a review as to whether the judge at the Family Court had taken the right factors into account in deciding the boys’ future, and whether he had failed to give proper weight to the good parenting that had been given to the children for three years prior to their forced removal.

‘The parents’ appeal was heard on Tuesday morning at the Royal Courts of Justice and Lady Justice King and Lord Justice Simon have allowed the appeal and have ordered a retrial of the case.’

Read the full report here and readers may wish to consider supporting the CLC’s work – see Christian Concern.

This promising outcome and the timing of this legal appeal is not only directly related to prophetic words brought by Dr Sharon Stone for 2016 on appealing to the Sovereign Court of Heaven for our families (as at 2 herein) and by Jane Hamon at the close of Awakening, but also to an appropriately encouraging daily word from Glasgow Prophetic Centre.

Tuesday morning I received Christian Concern’s Prayer Alert on the appeal case and an hour later that day’s Lion Bite arrived from Glasgow – Now is the time! – which reads:

The Lord hears your prayers: “So long you have waited to see a change in your circumstances”. And He declares over your life that, “Now is the time!”

“As you have come to the end of your own strength and abilities, you have been tempted to think negatively. But know this, you are in exactly the place I desire for you to be so that you can experience the power which comes from my Spirit.”

Allow the Holy Spirit to take over and, by faith, place your trust in God and He will bring the miraculous into your situation. (Emphasis added)


Secondly, at that Tuesday morning’s weekly service for healing at the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation we heard a lady tell of her unbelieving husband’s sudden, surprising wish to attend some church meetings with her!

Nina also testified to the return of our ‘prodigal daughter’, whose whereabouts were totally unknown, after 12 years (as recounted in Fulfilled prophecies 5).

Thirdly, during one of the now regular calls our daughter reported a wonderful change in her own daughter and restoration in their relationship as a result of getting back in touch with us. Our 23 years old grand-daughter’s so happy that all three generations are now in a proper family relationship.

Fourthly, one of our local friends reports that her sister and mother have at long last been reconciled.

Fifthly, after reading Fullfilled prophecies 5 Julie Barton commented about her sister and brother getting back in touch with their mother…

I recall reading of another a few months ago in Bristol area via Prophetic Releasers for UK Revival.

How many others?? MORE LORD!


Many prayers and words we hear from the Lord bring comfort during troubles and so often we also need to ask for patient faith over many years. SO it’s heart-warming and highly encouraging that recent prophetic words from several sources (eg. Sharon Stone, Patrick Schatzline, Lana Vawser and within John Kilpatrick’s 20 words – and last August from Val Williams & Aliss Cresswell) about the Lord taking widespread action to restore families are actually being fulfilled for believers in Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord…

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