Prophetic word for UK: the Lord is gathering in the lost ones

Thank you to Suzanne Payne for this word brought by her friend Val Williams on 8th August and published with permission AND see Fulfilled prophecies (& answered prayers) 6: families/return of prodigals.:

I am moving across this land. I am gathering in as the shepherd of My sheep, and I’’m seeking those who’’ve been lost, I am seeking the sons, I am seeking the daughters, I am seeking the brothers, I am seeking the sisters.

I am seeking family, says the Lord, and I am gathering, I am bringing them back. Particularly those of My children, says the Lord. I am seeking them, I am searching them out, says the Lord.

I am gathering families, I am bringing unity and reconciliation across this nation into family. I am gathering the families back so that they can be one again.

It’’s not by might, it’’s not by power, it’’s by My Spirit, says the Lord. I will set an ambush for the enemies that have taken your loved ones captive. I am doing a deep work throughout this nation. I am bringing them, says the Lord, I will bring them in in ones and two’’s and threes and fives. I’’m bringing them in. This is the time of destinies to come forth.

I’’m gathering My children. I’’m gathering the lost ones. I’’m gathering them to Myself. I’’m bringing them through the cross. They come broken, crushed says the Lord. They’’ve had a hard time, satan is a hard taskmaster, but they’’re coming back, they’’re coming back. This is a time of celebration, says the Lord. Start to worship and celebrate over your lost ones because they are found. For I am the Good Shepherd and I seek for My lost sheep, the lost sheep are coming home. Worship with glorious joy in your hearts, for I am on the move, says the Lord. I am on the move. I have stood up, and I am on the move.

Amen. may it be so Lord.

Aliss Cresswell issued a similiar word on 7th August on her Facebook page, saying that week the Lord had been showing her that it’s time for our loved ones to know Him and be walking in all He has for them:

Aliss posts this covering comment:

“This week the Lord showed me that it’s time for our loved ones to know Him and be walking in all He has for them. I put out this video yesterday where I demonstrate how to release salvation, healing and deliverance for your family and show some recent video of family miracles and reconciliation that will really encourage you to keep contending. I also pray for your loved ones on the video too. “As for me and my family we will serve the Lord!” Joshua 24:15 Watch the video and let me know what happens!”

4 thoughts on “Prophetic word for UK: the Lord is gathering in the lost ones

  1. I think I am one of the lost ones coming back. I’ve lived abroad for over 3 years and will be returning to the UK next week. I returned to God earlier this year and he began speaking to me about it being a season of family. So these prophetic words are spot on, for my life especially 🙂

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  2. Richard, thank you, I listened to Aliss earlier last week. At the end of four days with JGLM UK words were spoken over me that the fences that had edged me in were down (and other words) and which could only come about with miraculous changes in…. I went on to my email when I came in and read this which further confirms what Aliss had the words I had earlier. Hope this makes sense


    • “God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform…”, as for you too. (When we managed to see the video it had run on to play that ‘golden oldie’ hymn!) Thanks Lynne and trust you don’t mind my modifying your comment for your privacy.


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