Prophetic word for USA: lost loved ones to return ‘home’ to the Lord

‘ On the third day…’

Jesus at Door – credit Del Parson

A triplet of ‘coincidental’ prophetic words occurred on three successive days last week – on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I regard such events as unquestionably clear-cut actions by the Lord (ie. ‘God-incidents’; learn more here).

It’s as though He’s standing at the door knocking with a with rapid knock-knock-knock to get our attention.

1st knock, Thursday 13th – I read an email of words brought by Val Williams and Aliss Creswell but as I intended blogging a two-part item, I acknowledged and popped them into ‘pending’. BUT when finishing for the day I decided to copy and paste content and schedule for publication the next day.

AND that evening I called my son about visiting him and his family for the first time this year. Also, I wanted to ask about taking my 11 years old grandson out for a day. I was amazed at my son’s suggestion that he join us and we three go together – nothing like that has ever happened – praise the Lord!

(My wife and I didn’t get to see the inspiring video by Aliss until the weekend – if you haven’t seen it I recommend your arranging 20 minutes to do so.)

2nd knock, Friday 14th – the morning saw the auto-publication of those words, which inspired a couple of readers, of whom Lynne at Father’s House of Prayer I thank for:

3rd knock, Saturday 15th – prophet-psalmist Kim Clement emailed this to FHP:

“During my search for God’s will in my prayer garden this morning, the story of the prodigal son came to me by the Spirit. These words were impressed on my heart,

“For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.”

“As I heard this, the Spirit of God showed me multiple things that He intends to do, starting this weekend.

America-Israel Restoration:

“Regarding the backslidden state of our leaders in Washington, DC, I was led by the Holy Spirit to immediately act this weekend and get our team in Israel and in the USA to position themselves with YOU as we prophesy, proclaim, pray, and bless together. God showed me that something would begin to shift and He would release us from a certain judgment for the way our leadership has treated Israel. However, it would require a mass of people who have faith and prophetic perception to stand together. He chose us.

You and Your House:

“A deep compassion rose from within me and I began weeping as I heard the heart of God towards you and me, and our loved ones. An anointing has been released as a result of this revelation for many of your ‘dead’ and lost loved ones to return ‘home’ to God.

Kim’s delivery of the last two paragraphs may be seen on this video link starting at 48 minutes of Prophetic Alert…August 15th 2015. Prior to sitting at the piano and after worship at his keyboard, he brought a word concerning Saudi Arabia’s new king, Iran and ‘spiritual leprosy’ coming out of America’s dealings, which only the Lord Jesus can change – and “He will…”!

2 thoughts on “Prophetic word for USA: lost loved ones to return ‘home’ to the Lord

  1. I am sure like others this has been like healing to our hearts. I have forward the last three to the many ladies who like me who all have family members we have been praying for for years and it has so encouraged and heartened us. Its so close. Thank you


    • Thank you Lord and to you Lynne for informing me. Yes there must be hundreds of thousands if not millions in this situation arising out of satan’s work. We don’t always use the term ‘prodigals’ as that means they once knew Father (and treat Him as though dead).

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