Wave of revival heading for UK

At the School of the Prophetic held in Leicester on 25th January Simon Braker brought the following:

In a dream last night I saw a giant green wave approaching the entire borders of the UK. As it hit the beaches it swept through the whole of the UK touching every town village and city. Not one street was left untouched.

In its wake thousands of fires began to light up all over the UK, in houses, church buildings, office buildings everywhere!

aurora-uk_2192580k_Image credit Telegraph

I asked the Lord, “What is this Lord?”  He answered and said,

“A great prayer awakening is about to hit the UK, this new passion and burden for my presence in prayer will be the John the Baptist of this day, every place where this fresh voice of prayer is heard my presence shall flood into.

“This next move of my Spirit will show no regard for denominational lines and steams or styles of ministry. The only defining factor is hunger,

“In this season those who truly thirst shall be filled, some places that appear to be alive shall be shown to be dead and other places that appear to be dead shall break out into vibrant life,

“This is a season that many of my hidden ones shall be revealed, I have had many hidden who are called for such a time as this.”

Thank you Suzanne Payne for this transcript, the content of which reminds me of Rev. Norman James’ reaction upon receiving a similar ineffable vision to that of his prayer-partner Smith Wigglesworth of a holy visitation to Britain. (For details click here.) Also, the lighting of fires is similar to Jean Darnall’s vision in 1967.

Also, as Tony Puccio reminds me below, there’s a vision he received for England last May and which was re-blogged here and further commented upon here. I particularly  note the above reference to ‘hidden ones’, which may relate to the theme of dreams he has been having recently on the prophet Daniel’s ‘time of the end’ visions, as here.

See also, On a new revival of prayer in US and elsewhere posted 3rd March.

[Image credit : aurora-uk, published in Telegraph]

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