On a new revival of prayer in US and elsewhere!

In view of its significance, the prophetic declaration accompanying yesterday’s Lion Bites: Watchmen Arise! merits this separate posting, with a couple of additions.

Endless Bridge by Evgeni DenevBoth words were published together to draw attention to their concord, but now I’d draw your attention to their appearing on opposite sides of the Atlantic within hours of one another. Hence, my tagging both posts as ‘Bridge Over The Pond’.

Lion Bites is published 6am weekdays in Glasgow. Yesterday’s (Monday) closely harmonises with a declaration delivered way beyond the other side of ‘the Pond’ 12 hours earlier in the Sunday morning service at Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama. (Time difference of 6 hours.)

JohnK 214_logoHalfway into the usual half-hour or so of opening praise, Rev John Kilpatrick interrupted to introduce prayers for ALL Christians being slaughtered around the world, as well as to bless, per Gen 12:3, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit today to address the US Congress on the danger of Iran.

As a result of the congregation’s ardent prayers, the Holy Spirit’s presence came upon them and the pastor ditched his well-prepared sermon. Also, a spirit of generosity came upon them, as witnessed by the congregation giving offerings without any direction from John.

Over a hour later, intercessor Lila Terhune made the following declaration:

“Not only over Church of His Presence but over all nations that are watching right now; that the coming revival will be a revival of prayer – that will be the face of the new revival; is the revival of prayer.

“And so Lord, we declare according to Your word, according to Your purposes Oh God,

“That You would awaken the Church,

“Awaken the Church to her Calling,

“Awaken the Church to her Purpose,

“Lord, and we declare – Alleluia! – that it will begin not only in the United States but all around – every nation that we’re engaged with today – let the spirit of prayer begin to surface – Oh Lord, and out of the prayer will come The Presence,  out of the Presence will come souls and deliverance and healing: in the name of Yeshua, in the name of Jesus! Amen!”

Watch this pastor and congregation yield to Holy Spirit’s presence and allow Him to have His way in this archive of Service March 1st. (The declaration is at 1hr 33min.) Note the Lord has used this pastor to host two revivals; one of repentance and one of healing – Brownsville (Pensacola) and The Bay of the Holy Spirit (Daphne/Mobile).

CHP’s services are watched live by thousands across North America and the world.

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8 thoughts on “On a new revival of prayer in US and elsewhere!

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  3. The Aglow from across the world, had a prayer phone hook up and they have so far counted 700 women and men praying for 1hr. That was just the ones that were live and the rest of us were on to hear but we could not speak but we prayed in Tongues and agreed. BB


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