Resurrection Sunday prophecy of a new season


Sunrise Over Montego Bay, Jamaica

An hour before sunrise last Sunday (had it been the previous day that would have been already happening!), Simon Braker writes in School of the Prophetic Leicester

The Lord spoke to me this morning and said –

It is no coincidence that resurrection Sunday falls on the same day as the clocks change in the UK for British summer time, for surely the long winter in my church in this land is over and a new season is upon you, the season of singing has come, the resurrection song of the lamb is over this land,

For even as the first signs of Spring are beginning to break forth in the natural, so the first signs of a new Spring has begun in my church and in this Land, for I say to you,

as the season has shifted in the natural so it has shifted in the spiritual,
The spring rains of my Spirit have started a fresh outpouring of my Spirit has begun,

Watch and see, this year is a land mark year a staging post a crossing over point out of the old and into the new,

I then saw drops of water falling upon blotting paper once these drops hit they spread across the paper until it was saturated, then I saw it was a map of the UK.

The Lord said – I have entrance points being built all over this land where my Spirit has already began to breakout these will multiply and grow,

It will not be contained by stream or denomination but every place that hungry and thirsty people gather I will come!
If you will make space and put down your plans I will come!
If you will humble your hearts I will come!
If you will simply gather I will come!
And if you will go I shall come!

This refreshing is not just for my church but for this whole land,
In this season there will be stories of my Spirit breaking out in work place, classroom, on streets and in churches in every place people are!

Amen, and thank you Lord. I note the reiteration that revival is “going to come as we go” – as brought by Heidi Baker on A New Move of God in the UK.

Also that same morning, over the Pond and beyond the great plains and into the depths of the Sonora desert in Tucson, a contributor to this blog had a profound dream of An Eagle and A Scroll and hence confirmed my re-blogging of Scroll of Destiny.

3 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday prophecy of a new season

  1. I also had a dream of me being in a yellow snow suit and was laying down under a tree and an Eagle came and stepped into my middle and spread his wings from my head to the bottom of my feet and completely covered me. The in a short time he flew up into the top of the tree and brought down a big chunk of his nest and stuffed it under me. I woke up. HE has not given me the full meaning yet. Be3

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    • Fantastic and praise the Lord, Beverley for such mighty encouragement.

      It strikes me this may be about not so much a prophetical gifting, as symbolised by the eagle, but more to do with the aspect of God represented by the eagle thus completely filling, overshadowing and leading you – especially to focus upon the Gospel according to John. The last part of your dream reminds me of one of my favourite verses about the Holy Trinity making a home in us – or ‘nest’ for you! (John 14:23)

      For some weeks I’ve been contemplating how Jesus revealed His Glory to His disciple (John 17:5 & 17:22-24) and enables him to bring believers into the same personal fellowship with the Trinity that John had – as 1 John 1:3 implies!

      Presumably you’re familiar with the eagle’s connection with my writing? (


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