‘God-incidents’ validate three prophetic visions

Today’s Keep Praying & Bless focus upon Edinburgh brings a decree and blessing so appropriate to the points I wish to convey on three visions I’ve posted this week:

‘We declare that our God is a powerful God who is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh in the last days according to His Word – We bless these islands with a fresh outpouring and awakening of God, for the Holy Spirit of Truth to come and revive the church, bringing repentance and transformation in our land. – Come Holy Spirit and move over our Nation with conviction and power.’

My favorite truth from Jesus is His explanation in John 3 to His secret disciple Nicodemus of how He and we follow Holy Spirit’s leading: “The wind blows wherever it pleases…So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” 

He blew strongly last Monday morning!

Once again showered with several pieces of an Invisible Jigsaw, my eyes opened to see so many of these ‘God-incidents’ – it’s been some time since I was so blessed.

Blogging ideas got blown away! After the long weekend I intended continuing on the USA-Jerusalem theme under title, ‘World’s woes caused by its leaders’ opening with Genesis 12:1 (blessing/cursing of Israel).

After noting William Koenig’s weekend update ‘Jerusalem Countdown’, as well as Gavin Ashenden’s demand that Archbishop Welby must apologise or resign because of his latest appalling nonsense, I was set to steam away – and planning to comment once again but more fully on a series of dubious articles run in Prophecy Today UK.

So after Monday’s usual domestic tasks, I was primed and pumped along those lines.

But it all got blown out of the window – and I’d spotted a hole caused by hailstone in the conservatory’s glazed roof that needed urgent attention!  Yet first to catch up and deal with email on return to my pc – but then I saw the first jigsaw piece and another, and in between fixing the hole in the roof, I got another as I perceived the ‘God-incidents’ of divinely directed data!!  I offer them for your consideration and weighing in sequence of my ‘perceptions’:


This is the vision of Holy Spirit at heaven’s door in The Revelation of The Christ and His Kingdom, as revealed to Simon Braker and which I quickly reposted on Monday. I was struck by his description of those who don’t follow His directions or would argue with others, and especially of those in the pigpen with mud on their eyes – it perfectly describes the blindness and mud-slinging displayed in parts of that series of debatable articles. (They denigrate leadership at Toronto Airport Church Fellowship for events known as the ‘Toronto Blessing’ and attempts to connect it, if not lay the blame upon it, for many churches moving away from the authority of scripture.)

Only when re-posting did I note this ‘Revelation’ is dated Thursday 14th December, a week ago today.

2nd PIECE 

A week earlier (Wed 6th Dec), I’d seen ‘Blessing the Church? VI’, about the ‘Toronto Blessing’ (better known as an outpouring of Father’s Love) featured on Prophecy Today UK. That move of God  perplexed many because of its unusual manifestations of holy and unclean spirits, as is well-known in power encounters (eg. Mark 1:21-27 – Jesus’ first visit to a synagogue after His baptism in the Holy Spirit).

In my opinion and experience, this regurgitated missive (1995 ‘updated’ 2017) decrying Toronto utterly misrepresents what the Lord has been doing. So, in view of a busy blogging week I left a very brief comment :

‘…had you investigated the FRUIT you’d find Toronto REALLY does bless believers: eg. hundreds of thousands miraculous healings and rescues from bondage in Mozambique (mosques becoming churches and Muslim provinces turning to Christ) as well as the underground crusades in Pakistan, the repentance revival at Pensacola/Brownsville that brought masses to Christ – not to mention having been a 24/7 carer for my wife for only 6 months (instead of the subsequent 10 years!!) because she was dramatically healed after having been officially registered as permanently disabled, plus 5 improvements after subsequent recurrence!…’


My remarks generated a couple of queries, including a rebuttal from someone who,  like me, had been active in satan’s camp,  some of which I responded to in more depth the following week and to the latter person on Thursday 14th December.

As the article’s author didn’t get his facts right on the beginning of the ‘Blessing’, I recommended the balanced investigation with interviews in The Story of Toronto by our Bibliophile friend John Peters, who’d been in the groups we’d been to Toronto with 10-15 years ago. He’s biographer of The Great Revivalists.

The articles’ antagonism and judgementalism suggests their author is operating in an ungodly spirit and isn’t an obedient disciple of the Lord (I wondered if he may be excluded from entrance to heaven). Therefore, over the weekend I revisited John’s book and prepared to submit more facts to that series of ‘teaching’ articles. Yet it may be wasted time; as Jesus warned us not to ‘cast pearls…’  But my action was quashed because my speculation was answered in that first jigsaw piece, and even more specifically in the…


This is another Monday morning email from UK Prophetic Words of a report issued Thursday 14th December entitled Those who take offence will not partake in the next move of God’s Spirit. I saw only that title and opening paragraphs. It’s an arrow hitting the bull’s eye of that partisan prophecy’ piece and so I emailed Suzanne Payne right away for information on its author Brett Dewey before my re-posting it. I didn’t have time to read until perusing a hard-copy over lunch, before which I had a reply from Sue as the…


For a mistaken reason Sue drew my attention to the penultimate paragraph of Brett’s piece and which I hadn’t yet read: 

‘Last of all I will record the vision I seen in the December One Voice prayer meeting in our Church – During worship I was focusing on the Lord and watching for his Spirit – I seen myself in what was the top floor of an office building – the building was like one of the office buildings I was working in during security work – but it wasn’t – the building also looked like the building I was at for Bible college but it wasn’t – I was sitting in a chair looking up with my eyes closed but could see all that was in the room.’


Those words in Sue’s reply sent me back six years to a very vivid visionary dream about the Kingdom of God and which confirmed what Bill Johnson, a close associate of the Toronto leaders, had prophesied that day during the first Revival Alliance Gathering in September 2011 being a turning point for the Kingdom of God in the UK (Father Let Your Kingdom Come and Update in previous post refers.) I replied that perhaps Brett should return to the vision and open his eyes to look outside the windows! 


But in fact he’d already done something similar! Over lunch I read his whole piece, which closes with the vision received this month. There, I found that what Sue quoted is followed by:

Suddenly the whole roof lifted up off the floor and there were just open heavens – I had the feeling the Lord was removing restrictions – possibly the restrictions of man – we have perhaps put limitations on God – He removed the roof: there was no limit now – all restrictions man made or otherwise being removed in Jesus name.’ !!  W-O-W!  DOUBLE WOW!!


Brett’s report opens with a dream in October featuring an incoming huge wave of God’s Holy Spirit but he notices someone attempting to prophesy by means of an unclean spirit – the Spirit of Offence. He hears the Lord instruct him on its meaning and realises the person prophesying wasn’t of God, yet presents herself as a prophet and who is a Christian. Unfortunately and sadly,  it speaks to me of the spirit behind those articles on a Christian prophecy website,  one I’d highly recommended to readers upon its launch!

Of particular importance serving as a lesson for me is what Brett learned at the Fire conference about the need to check ourselves and repent of any taking offence. I chose, therefore, to forget about taking that ‘Blessing’ issue any further.

Bringing prophetic pieces together

In closing, it’s worth reminding ourselves of Brett’s comments on such issues:

The Lord said that there would be many who would be offended because of Him. I felt a peace and a witness that what He was going to do in the next wave of glory would be offensive to many – especially people that had no room for GOD’S sovereignty in their mindsets…

‘I also believe the Lord encourages us not to be offended if other churches despise you or are offended, because you let God’s work be done and His Spirit manifest in all his Glory in the midst of your meetings. Hold fast to what is true. This is what the next wave will bring.’


Praise and thank you Lord for such blessing and to everyone in this ‘invisible jigsaw’ for blessing and teaching me so much more than I knew before the start of this week.

May everyone reading this account be thoroughly blessed with fresh insights into our relationship with Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father’s love.

IMAGES (courtesy Freedigitalphotos.net):
  • ‘Hand and Puzzle Pieces’ by Anusorn P. Nachol
  • ‘Flying Puzzles’ by Nokhoog Buchachons
  • ‘Puzzle in Sky’ by Idea Go
  • ‘Puzzle’ by Jannoon028
  • ‘Teamwork’ by Franky242

12 thoughts on “‘God-incidents’ validate three prophetic visions

    • Hi Jonathan – my approximation’s based on the 20-odd years Rolland & Heidi Baker and others have been active in Iris Ministries (now Iris Global) and includes more recent work of Nathan Morris in Shake the Nations in Africa, plus others. Baker’s ‘There Is Always Enough” tells their story.

      FYI, I replied to a query: ‘When I first went to Toronto (2003) I’d not heard of Iris Ministries in Mozambique but upon seeing Heidi Baker I had an open vision of Holy Spirit’s fire spreading from there up Africa to Egypt and Saudi Arabia. When I told her husband about it the next year, he said that was exactly what their local director had seen at the start of the work!

      Roland also told me someone had heard that council of leading imams at Al Ahzar in Cairo (the leading Muslim uni) in discussing their plans for converting the whole continent were very worried about Iris and its Muslim conversions to Christ!!

      SIgning off for Christmas – have a most blessed and revelatory one my friend

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    • I have also seen fantastic claims about Heidi Baker and Mozambique. I often read that she has planted 10,000 churches over there, and using the period of 20 years Richard mentioned, that’s approximately 3 churches every 2 days, non-stop for 20 years ! This seems totally implausible to me. Is there any independent confirmation?

      I have also seen videos of her behaving in an incredibly silly manner at large church meetings. She does not give the impression of spiritual maturity or someone who is to be taken seriously.

      Sorry to be a sceptic, but I’ve been around long enough to remember everything that never was, from John Wimber’s false prophecy of imminent revival in the UK, to Todd Bentley’s false claims of resurrections.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Peter and can well appreciate your scepticism but you’ve clearly not met and heard Heidi or been out to serve in Mozambique. I’ve done the first but not the latter and those I’ve known who’ve spent a missionary stint out there return full of the Spirit and with ‘fire in their belly’.
        The question of quantity may be one of definition because ‘Church’ is the whole body of believers and I expect there may be masses of home groups in many villages across those parts of Africa – and let’s not forget the ‘ripple effect’ as black folk are much more family/society-orientated than we whites.
        In view of what the Lord showed me about Islam and later about that continent then the claims of conversions as a result of miraculous healings give weight to the claims as far as I’m concerned.
        Finally, as the Bakers are close friends of two leaders of the Revival Alliance and through whom the Lord has brought healing to my wife – without any direct hands-on ministry!!! – then a wiser approach is to beware of judging and impugning their integrity. (I’ve encountered so-called disciples who actually serve the Accuser’s strategies in being self-appointed heresy hunters.)


      • Yes, I suppose it’s right to have some scepticism about celebrities in the church. I like the fact that, in a lot of prophecies I’ve been reading recently, a recurring theme seems to be that it will be all about the “little people” – and that seems to be the way things are starting to move in my area too.


  1. I absolutely concur with the vision of a roof lifting off. For too long we have put restrictions on what God can or should/should not do. The ancient saints had the most incredible experiences of, for instance, moving supernaturally from one location to another – and this is of course Biblical.

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  2. William Smith, author of ‘Feasting on the Father’ and ‘In Pursuit of Pleasure’, emails in response:

    “I’ve just finished reading today’s blog. I share your sentiments about the Prophecy Today UK comments on Toronto.When I first read them I was surprised and saddened. Then conflicted as I get great encouragement from many of their postings.

    “What they said did not marry with the “Toronto” I have experienced, as your response to them also indicated.

    “I was reading of Tim Keller speaking about the politicising of “evangelical” in the USA. It is taking on a similar negative label here.Someone commented on wanting to hear his take on “Evangelical Charismatic” seeking his definition. I replied thus : ” Definition of Evangelical Charismatic = ME!” I’m awaiting a reply.

    “I find it sad that the fruit of Holy Spirit’s work is so easily ignored as the superficial and theological daggers come out…” (continued in the introduction to Tony Puccio’s 3rd posting on’ England Ablaze’ – see next post).


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