Lion Bites ‘God-incidents’: wall of water in church – revelatory levels

tsunami_edOn Sunday morning during worship a tall wall of bright blue water stood over on my right. Motionless, it was across the aisle near me, standing down the length of the hall we meet in outside Guildford and was as high as the hall’s ceiling.

The photo here (credit Scotland Ablaze) is not an exact representation because what I saw was flat-faced like a brick wall with a lattice-like pattern of foam right across it – and there wasn’t any water at the foot of it.

As the floor was dry and the fact I’d been musing upon Joshua taking the Israelites across the Jordan, then maybe it was the fruit of my imagination projecting it into my perception.  Or, maybe of Moses and the Red Sea?

If that were so then where’s the other wall of water?  I didn’t sense another to my left. And then I noted the stationary foam looked like that on Japanese artist Katsushika Hokushai’s painting of Mount Fuji Seen Below Wave at Kanagawa. – a huge tsunami!

Then it dawned on me – what I was seeing was symbolic of a spiritual tsunami from the Lord. And hadn’t someone reported having seen the same recently? (‘Torrents of living water about to flow’, in addition to what I’d ‘seen’ of something like the river Severn’s tidal bore in motion – as here and here respectively.)

Wave upon wave

Confirmation came  within minutes from our worship leader Danny. He’d been ‘motoring’ on his acoustic guitar and ‘pressing into’ heaven for about an hour and then sang about, Jesus’ love as “a raging sea” that will sweep over us. Not in our library of worship songs, he confirmed afterwards it was what he was inspired to sing about!

A couple of days later (Tuesday) a related daily Lion Bite from Glasgow Prophetic Centre dropped into my mailbox.:

A New Creative Wave

‘There is a new wave of creativity pouring out from the throne room of God into the earth realm at this moment. It is not that there isn’t already creativity on the earth – there certainly is – but this is a new level. With this new level will come new anointings, expressions, sounds, colours, movements, songs, writings, scripts, materials, products and more!

‘There are ways to create that have not yet been discovered that are being released by God and new levels that are coming into familiar creative expressions. There are dormant gifts in the people of God that are being awakened. Sounds that have yet to be discovered and colours that have not yet been seen before.

‘The Lord encourages you to explore with Him this new creative wave that He is pouring out. Find out who you are as a creative individual. To those who already move in the arts: press in for the new and cutting-edge, do not settle in the expression you have at this moment but seek for what is in you that you have yet to discover.’

1 Chronicles 22:15-16
Moreover, there are many workmen with you, stonecutters and masons of stone and carpenters, and all men who are skilful in every kind of work. “Of the gold, the silver and the bronze and the iron there is no limit. Arise and work, and may the LORD be with you.”

TODAY: Planning to finish yesterday’s draft on the recent general election I searched for a cartoon on the result, recalled a reader’s vision of bells ringing in Scotland and wanted to check out prophecies for that land. Immediately, I came across this photo and a dream from Isabel McKie in 2009 that relates even more closely to Sunday’s tsunami. Read her account in full here; she interprets the dream as follows

“I believe in these last days when the great wave of God’s Spirit comes there will be a greater movement than ever before and the dried-up churches will spring up into life. The dry land will be watered by the great tsunami that God has in mind to bring in, washing away all our concepts.  What a God of mystery we have, unpredictable, even the wind and the sea obey Him, and bow at His command! God help us to live in great expectation, for our God is an awesome God with secrets on His mind, and He is revealing them in these last days to His people!

“These people who sat on the shorelines were so certain of their safety for a set time. They were so sure the tide would roll in at it’s usual time. Spiritually we are the same but God has other ideas. His Holy Spirit will be poured out at His command, and our son’s and daughters will be pulled in by the power of the flood, which is going to flood the land, and pull them into the safety of Himself when we least expect it. He is the God of the unusual and He holds the key to mysteries!”


The following is today’s Lion Bite – and where did I read about ‘levels of revelation’ only yesterday?

Levels of Revelation

‘For many this past season has lacked revelation and direction. You have found yourself unable to hear the Father like you once could and your perception of what the Spirit has been saying has diminished. As one who once heard God with clarity and surety, you may have found this strange and unnerving.

‘I heard the Lord say,

“I am stopping this cycle in this moment and I am pulling you up through levels of revelation into a higher place of clarity and sight. In this place not only will you be able to hear me like you once did, but you will be sharper, quicker and more in tune with what I am saying and what I am doing than you once were. I am releasing to you such a grace and ability to perceive what I am saying in these days that you will be unable to live life as it is at this moment. Your perception of what you see before you will shift and as a result, your ability to overcome situations that you face will increase. You will find yourself unable to contain the words that I place in your spirit and the sharing of what I am saying will become so normal that you will often not even notice you are doing it.

This is a new day. This is a new time. I am marking it with an increase of revelation and an ability to hear me like never before. Allow me to break off you assignments of ‘blurry vision’ and of ‘spiritual deafness’ so that you might experience the fullness of this new grace that I am releasing. 

Revelation will become part of your armoury for battle and, for many, will become your most effective weapon. Tune your ear to me in these days. Allow me to speak to you in ways that will cause maximum transformation.”

Acts 2:17
“And it shall be in the last days,’ God says, ‘That I will pour forth of my spirit on all mankind; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams.”

YESTERDAY: It just so happened that I was researching the Biblical meaning of ’70’, as I’ve been doing since hearing Charlie Shamp speaking about the prophet Daniel at the start of his recent visit. (Have yet to share as promised, but am still ruminating upon insights on the ‘corkscrew’ nature of time and 40, 55 and 70 year cycles – and the latter relates directly to our recent general election!)

So I searched for ‘meaning of 70’ and found the following link and remark from 1982:

Seventy Years: A New Beginning The nature of Torah is such that even after 70 years of in-depth study, one can discover entirely new levels of insight.”

It proved to be a video about a renowned rabbinical leader (or Rebbe) of the Chabad Lubavitch, an orthodox Jewish religious philosophical movement that originated in the Russian ‘city of brotherly love’.

Click on this image for link to Glasgow Prophetic Centre and more Lion Bites.


9 thoughts on “Lion Bites ‘God-incidents’: wall of water in church – revelatory levels

  1. Hi Richard

    Good to speak to you today…Can you give me a bit of feed back on my comments below please.

    A few weeks ago I had a picture of huge upright wall of water which did look like a tsunami. It was heading towards built up areas but the words I thought I heard to explain it were ‘a tsunami of evil is heading our way’ which seems to be the opposite of what others are hearing according to your blog.

    So as not having anyone else to ask do you think I am way off course, maybe just got it half right or something else?..(omitted)..I know…areas are in a spiritual battle. Could it be that things are closing in?

    So there you have it. Any thoughts, impressions, feelings would be gratefully received, positive or negative.

    Thanks Richard


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