Torrents of living water about to flow

Lion-Bites-logo-2012Thank you to Suzanne Payne for sending this second timely Lion Bite issued yesterday, together with a vision delivered in Bristol on Sunday that’s also timely for the reason given in closing below:


“I am releasing ‘waterfalls of my presence’ for those who are hungry and thirsty for me”, says the Lord. 

“I am not releasing a trickle or a drip. I am sending forth gushing, overwhelming, forceful waterfalls which will move in power to you, through you and from you.

“It is my desire to do this through you, my child. So position yourself to allow me to overtake you with my torrents of living water, for they are about to be released in great measure. I am about to overwhelm you in my power and force as you choose to position yourself in these days. My sons and daughters will be overcome as I release them in power!

“So let us be those who position ourselves with God in this day. Let us shake off all that hinders and set our faces towards Him. Let us be those who are completely drenched and immersed in Him.”

Let us pray: ‘God, I choose to position myself today for the outpouring of your Spirit like never before. Oh Lord would you release the waterfalls and torrents of your living water in and through me!’

Psalm 42:7
Deep calls to deep at the roar of your waterfalls; all your breakers and your waves have gone over me.

ARE WE GOING TO FLOW WITH GOD IN THE RIVER? THE RIVER WILL GO OUT TO THE COMMUNITY. (Sandra Sullivan, Sanctuary Church Bristol, 12 April 2015)

God gave me a picture and He’s opening up the floodgates of His Spirit. He’s making way. And the Holy Spirit represents the river, the river of God. And it’s about to flow. It’s about to flow in this place. Now God gives you the opportunity, are you going to get in the river, are you going to flow with Him, or are you going to be on the sideline, and not get in the river? It’s your choice. God’s giving you a choice. He wants us all to get in the river, the river of His Spirit. And who knows where He’s going to lead us. It’s our choice. He’s opening up the floodgates. The river’s going to flow in this place, and it’s going to go out to the community. It’s real, it’s going to go out to the community and it’s going to bring life. It’s going to bring healing; it’s going to bring restoration in people’s lives. It’s going to flow, and are we ready? Are we ready to step into the river? Are we ready to do our part? Are we ready? It’s up to us. The river of His Spirit. The river to flow wherever He calls us to flow. Whatever He’s calling us to do. Let’s get in that river, and let it flow in us and in this place.


This from Bristol reminds me of a vivid dream I had whilst in the city of Bath in 2006. I saw previously unknown large sluice gates open in the side of the river Avon to flood the region north of the river. Although I was on the raised towpath, the bank towards the lower now flooding area slowly gave way and I waded in the river.

However, what no-one knows, is that since last week I’ve been preparing a post that starts by referring to Dale Mast’s vision There’s a river running through this nation!!! Also, as that draft covers another ‘trio’ of God-incidents, as with Battle for Inheritance  regarding strongholds, I checked an earlier reference to such events and noticed it starts, 

“Just go with the flow” was an oft-used quip of my youth. Now I’d add, “And see where I go!” for it seems the Lord has dropped me into the river of life flowing from under His throne… (A trio of ‘God-incidental’ prophetic prompts).

Furthermore, a few months ago a friend remarked that things are opening up in the Bath and Bristol region in accordance with many promising prophecies.

Also, read the attached comments and this vision of Oct 2009 about Living Water as received by Tony Puccio,

….I saw water pouring from under the throne of God onto the earth. Some were catching the water in buckets and keeping it for themselves while others while others were cupping their hands and giving it to others. In order to satisfy their need and the needs of others , they needed to be constantly coming back to the source…continue reading

8 thoughts on “Torrents of living water about to flow

  1. Richard, when we were worshipping a few weeks ago, my Pastor saw a giant waterfall, have sent him a copy of the above. Early this morning we were praying for the outpouring and reminding Father about Smith’s 1947 prophecy and Tommy Hicks one too. This is so encouraging, thank you


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