Lord, turn the tide in the UK

Seven Bore

In closing the previous post I referred to a meeting convened for local churches that would be praying for this week’s General Election. That was last Wednesday evening, the day in which I’d been re-wording a reference page on the nature of Time to include a little something on the mathematics of tides. I was reminded of that in the meeting and was prompted to pray for the Lord to “Turn the tide”.

It was, in fact, the first of two evenings’ meetings which contrasted interestingly. Both were informal and capably led by Anglican ministers with the first being based upon the scriptural account of Samuel and Saul. We compared their lives and anointing, as well as obedience, and considered the lessons applicable to today’s events and prayed accordingly.

The next evening was one of worshiping the Lord and this centre’s director led on guitar as we waited on the Lord. Styled as community worship with prayer for healing, it was open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, inspiration and ministry. Therefore, I’ve increasingly sensed the presence of the Lord and other impressions at these times. Later in the free, unstructured gathering we were invited to pray for politicians.

Having ‘closed down’ from blogging for the Bank Holiday weekend, I was startled to be reminded of that for I sensed, going across the room, a tidal bore like that of the River Severn. Its back-white tone was similar to the above photo of the bore. (The tidal range is second highest in the world – learn more by clicking photo.)  As attendees were well disposed towards Holy Spirit’s activity I shared the vision and prayed, “Lord turn the tide in Britain”.

Afterwards, I recalled having blogged something about torrents of water flowing in the land after having referred to a vision of a river flowing through Britain (here and here). Moreover, I’d since had an email on that subject but not had opportunity to assimilate it.

The content is noteworthy, as is its reference to Chuck Pierce on a river that will reverse direction! (underlined). This is similar to what ‘Chabod’ reported when commenting upon Dale Mast, but which had occurred many years before Chuck’s time in Liverpool. And of course he wasn’t speaking about the Mersey!  Chabod’s comment is appended in full to this post.

This is what Suzanne sent [NB: we were unaware of revival events reported 7 May]:

The River of God

Monica White (Wells) – 10 April 2015
“Today I walked up a hill in Weston Super Mare and interceded again for England. Again we saw a flood, tidal wave, coming over the land from the Bristol channel.It was a physical wave we saw in the Spirit.”

Gaynor Lewis (Bristol) – 31 March 2015
“As we were praying I saw the oceans around the coast of Great Britain become turbulent to the extent that waters swept up the estuaries of our country. The cities along these estuaries were engulfed by a wave of the spirit. Cities such as Liverpool, Hull, London, Bristol, Cardiff were touched by the spirit of God.

“Places set aside for the youth were affected, nightclubs saw many lives touched by the spirit of God. I saw a campus established in a nightclub and hundreds of young people flocking into the church. The demographic profile of the church changed. New birth, new life, new purpose.”

Ruth Johnson (Bristol) – 11 September 2014

Wave Coming into Bristol

“I just sense that there’s a wave coming into Bristol in the Spirit. And that Lord You want us to get in the water and You want us to be on our boards, and You want us to be standing on those boards, and riding that wave. And as that wave comes in, to be shouting out the Name of Jesus, there is no other Name, there is no other power, but the Name of Jesus. And that Lord God, we need, as we ride that wave, as it comes in, to be able to see from a different perspective.”

Word for Liverpool from Chuck Pierce – 22nd January 2014

Mantle presented to Toronto via Barbara Yoder and Chuck Pierce sent a mantle to Liverpool – A river mantle for the days ahead.

“It is being sent all the way to Liverpool and we are going to decree that the river of God for Liverpool will start flowing. It will align I hear the Lord saying there is a divine alignment of my glory that is going on in this nation at this time which has never gone on before. This night is the beginning of a divine alignment of my glory.

“Father we send a new mantle to the Liverpool area. We say the mantle, the river of God will flow from Liverpool, it will move through Manchester, it cannot be stopped. It will begin to align with others rivers that are forming, the one in Dudley. It will cause London eventually to come alive. I say to you, you must go all the way to the south of this nation for I will create a strange thing: I will cause a river to flow north and I will be flowing from north to south, south to north. The alignment of God’s glory is beginning tonight here at Burton-on-Trent. This begins a new movement in this land.”

Song – Yes we will flow with the river, move in the river, live in the river with you x 2

“Just let it release and some will say it is causing destruction but I will say I am re-building that which is of ancient times. The Lord says I will bring your sons and your daughters back, back to the place of my plumb-line back to the place I have bought in the land.”

Comment by ‘Chabod’ 

This [ie. Dale Mast: There’s a river running through this nation] so reminds me of a word I received many years ago(13). In fact, I gave it to Sharon Stone while she was in County Durham, the Oriental Museum and the Roundhouse. This speaks something of the likes that Dale shared above but in picture form and has the connotation of Caleb and Joshua taking the land, going where the Spirit flows.

Part 5 – The River

At a prayer time about 13 years ago, I was given a vision of a river. This river stretched from the very north of Scotland, ran straight don the centre of the whole country, terminating somewhere, half way on the southern coast of England, near Southampton. But the river seemed to start from the very north in Scotland.

The river flowed from north to south and because of it the ENTIRE land became covered with trees.. There was not one piece of land, from north to south or east to west that was not covered by these trees, creating a green shade.. From the rivers main N to S stem, streams led off from it, coursing eastward and westward. This happened all the way down to the S. From these streams run smaller, flows of water, themselves in turn breaking off into little rivulets. These rivulets were almost ford like in their depth; literally one could walk over them with no more than ankle depth.

It reminded me of the difference between main arteries and veins and between veins and capillaries in the blood circulation system. Each type has it own volume, but as it would reach into every part of the body, so to, did the river flows reach into EVERY part AND CORNER OF THE COUNTRY. Or if you like, as the patterns formed in the “veining of a leaf”. On close inspection one could see the whole surface covered with one size or length or another. Such was the rivers pervasiveness. … I will be your shade.

Everywhere the river went…THERE WAS A CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT. For at the moment, though the United Kingdom is a green and pleasant land, NOT ALL of it is wooded or forested. But here in the vision, as a result of the river, the WHOLE of the country became wooded and in shade, though still with the suns ability to filter down through the “leaf blanket”. A CHANGE OF ENVIRONMENT. For where the river went it brought life. All the little veins and capillaries flowed from the SAME SOURCE. All pumped from the same hearts source into the body of the country.

I have said that in many places the river broke down into small fords, where people could cross easily, the purpose of these was to bring a steady trickle into the most remote, hidden or isolated places. With the presence of the river, there were no more places in isolation… here even in the smallest of these places people were crossing over, as if entering new territory, occupying new space, creating new boundaries. Occupying the land on the OTHER SIDE.

The Lord seemed to zoom in to an area of the NE of England and this reminded me of when Elijah ran away from Jezebel, after his victory with the lord at Carmel. But God brought him food and water through the drought…and when even this ford had run dry …he moved him on. He survived through the food and water that the Lord gave to SUSTAIN him…how much more do we need to now, for we may be in a similar place to Elijah, now or in the future. I live in the NE of England.

The whole country was covered with trees and these trees seemed to be, beneath the shade canopy, equidistant from each other where ever they grew. This was the case wherever you went N or S, E or W. it seemed to me as if they had been placed wisely, to give enough protective shade and space for one another AND to enable YOUNG GROWTH in between them. All trees seemed to be created for the same purpose, to bring and even covering of shade right THROUGHOUT the land.

I looked at the river and I noticed that near the end of the river where it me country’s southern coast, perhaps for a distance of 30 – 50 miles…the river seemed to be flowing UPWARDS, flowing NORTHWARDS, as if it was covering these south stretches again! This would be against the natural laws of motion. I believed this to be that in later years, a sign to show how we begin to understand more the river (Spirits) movement. This happens as we learn to interpret more wisely revelations and yield more to His wisdom…that will result in the move(s) of god being replaced by a more righteous flow. I believe and hope we will learn from misjudgments and mistakes and obtain a clearer and purer means of moving with God.

In fact on a physical level, one in the past could walk from Southampton right through to the north without LEAVING the forest. There already existed a shaded walkway for mans journey.

Part of Gods answer to the NS Divide, which split(S) the country on a HORIZONTAL axis (E to W) is THE RIVER. Because this runs N to S, splitting the country as it were East to West, this on a VERTICAL axis. Except of course for the fact that the veins and capillaries reached every part and corner. But the main stems did not.

It almost seems, that apart from the PHYSICAL and GEOGRAPHICAL backbone of the Pennine Mountains, running centrally N to S down the spine of the country. That God is CREATING a SPIRITUAL MAP and RESOURCE. The river proceeds from the Father, the river flows FROM the Temple. Now what does it say about our body regarding the Temple!!!

I heard the Father saying… “I am changing the spiritual environment of this country” Spiritual changes lead to physical changes. So be it lord, according to what you have said.

In a later vision, I was shown an arm of this river from closer up, indeed I was called to imbibe, many were, many more will be. I saw the river from a distance of about 40 yards/meters and at ground level. On and along both banks of this river, I saw people kneeling down, almost bowed down and drinking from the river next to one another. I heard the call to come drink…nb…I had not involved myself in Toronto. As i moved forward I realised that the river and its banks, especially its length and gap between the two banks, reminded me of a DEEP WOUND, a wound that was not just long, but was wide and had parted , losing its tension with the skins surface considerably.

I realised that this wound from the Son had been opened up by the Father, through his Son and The Spirit was ministering the full benefits and blessing for those who drank. The river is there for all to drink from. I realised also that this was a wound that resembled Jesus Himself being opened up as a man. I saw it in 2 ways, like the way his wound was opened up under his heart with the Roman soldiers lance, like a puncturing of the pericardial sac, releasing blood and water…but also like a wound opened up, in the length of His arm, wrist side up, from elbow to just above the wrist…to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?

A wound from His very own body, a wound from his very own self. Here I sensed deeply that the flow of the rivers water was a FLOW of HIS MERCY to us, through the opened body of his Son. Come, come, come to the waters and drink, you who have no money, come without price or cost.

Just in these last few days – He has said, I am opening up the river again. Very much like a dolphin appears and then disappears, so to will his word regarding His river, which is HIM, appear and rise as a dolphin, to accompany the vessel, His church.

How much more, no matter who we are or how we believe, what creed we say or what leader we follow. How much more we need to drink the deep draughts of His mercy. Not only is mercy the ROOT of HIS BEING/PERSON, but also the SEAT of HIS POWER and the CHANNELL of HIS PRAISE. To those who say the stream is polluted; he says drink…its My Mercy to you. To those who though they know the flow, perhaps have not walked as they ought to have…come and drink. It is essential that we do not remain divided by the RIVER but that we become UNITED through His mercy towards us. We are all in need, as is this nation, as is He. As is our neighbour.

He has work for us all to do, work far wider reaching than our differences. Come and drink and be glad for what the Lord is doing/going to do for us. For we are a people with a purpose, we are a people who are CALLED to DRINK.

Psalm 46:4 [There IS] a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy [place] of the tabernacles of the most High.

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