Cindy Jacobs: the election and word from the Lord for the UK

Thank you to Michael Marcel at UK Awakening for the following account. As previously, it is again noteworthy how visiting prophets are sensitive to changes in nations’ spiritual atmospheres.  With her husband Mike Jacobs, Cindy is co-founder of the intercessory Generals International.: WORD OF THE LORD FROM CINDY JACOBS (On) 13th May 2015 Cindy Jacobs came through Heathrow for a few hours and gave this word. The first part was at one point, then she prophesied over someone and then she gave the second word:

“For I am getting ready to break out in the UK, I am getting ready to display my awesome power; I am getting ready to display my awesome glory”, says the Lord.

And the Lord says, “There are some of you watching and you have been waiting for this moment; you have been like Gideon hiding out”, but the Lord says, “Come out of the shadows now and I am going to give you power; you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. I am getting ready to show that I am the Almighty, I am the Almighty, I am going to show it to England in a Biblical(?) way, I am going to manifest my Presence. In the past some of you had to just wait and believe that I would manifest who I am, but I am coming, the Almighty is coming to show who I am, a mighty God.”

Cindy then spoke about the previous week’s general election: Cindy Jacobs - FB page“I would like to give a little perspective on the election. First of all I am very excited. When I landed at Heathrow, for one of the first times in many, many years I felt an enormous peace come over me. I cannot tell you what has happened in this nation, but something mighty has happened. (Emphasis added) “The Lord has given you a window for a new season. It is a window of opportunity; it is a window for the Body of Christ to find her voice.

“If you will stand up now and be the voice to the nations”, says the Lord, “this awakening that you have prayed for is on its way; it is coming, it is coming like a mighty rushing wind”, says the Lord, and the Lord says, “if now there will be a coalescing”, and I know you coalesce, but even in a greater measure, to be a voice into the Government, the word of the Lord is that “this is the season where I am giving you a loud voice, Body of Christ, and if you will speak now I will amplify that voice and it is going to begin to tip the nation. If you miss your window you will not have the effect. Do not relax, even though there was a lot of prayer at the time of the election; this is not a time to relax this is a time to press in. Go and see your MPs, make appointments. This is the season where you are to speak and be that loud voice, and if you will do that”, says the Lord, “I am going to give this window of awakening; that the power of God is going to rush into the UK, not just England; the power of God is visiting the whole of the UK.”

The Lord says, “Watch and see, but do not wait, do not relax, press in(?) and establish a new season(?) shift.  If you make your voice heard I will tip the scale for the revival you have all been believing for.”


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1 thought on “Cindy Jacobs: the election and word from the Lord for the UK

  1. Email from David Robinson (Comments login fails), 22 May:

    “I especially resonated with Cindy’s word you posted on Friday (22nd). PTL that we are on the verge in the UK of a great move of the Lord. I have sensed for sometime doors opening and a new move of His Spirit.

    “What further excited me was two readings (God incidences?) that caught my attention today also. In today’s (Fri May 22) Elijahlist posting Jeff Janson spoke of a 4.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred near Kalamazoo and he spoke of Malachi 4.2 “The sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings” and the new roar of the Lion of Judah see And today BBC also reported a 4.2 earthquake in Kent – Coincidence?

    “I searched for Kent or Britain on Richards Watch and came across this word:

    “These events seem significant to me and I wonder if you have heard from others in the coming days? Pentecost is here and the Lion could road this May (2015!)

    “Many blessings and have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend.”


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