“Keep your eyes on Britain” – is the time now?

Flying puzzles - Nokhoog BuchachonThe Spirit has been stirring deeply in me since our spectacular Resurrection Sunday.

Its more than a reminder to blog a couple of transcripts of prophetic words from visitors – it involves a timing sequence, a process of unfolding as though with a revelatory purpose.  As previously, pieces are falling into place!

For the past week this prompting has become pronounced. A large picture displayed somewhere, maybe hanging on a wall at one of Dr Stone’s meetings, persists in my mind as though hanging right in front of me. How I wish I could find it and insert here for you to see…but try using your mind’s eye as you read on..:

This picture is a map of mainland Britain but, most unusually, all land is coloured sky blue. No doubt its designer is symbolising spiritual or heavenly things. It’s the exact colour I see through the window behind my monitor – this fresh, sunny morning’s wall-to-wall blue sky. That is, the picture’s blue Britain may mean the heavens are now open.

And all over this map, at locations of cities, towns and elsewhere are symbols of fire. Each fire is depicted by three flames coloured bright crimson red.

This image has been coming to me from about a week last Tuesday when I prepared to republish my transcript of Bobby Conner’s ‘firestorm’ word and scheduled it to appear automatically. It’s most unusual for me to work in advance, especially as I was catching up on the remarkable events on Charlie Shamp’s visit. And on his website I’d spotted his wife’s personal testimony, Baptism Of Fire, which I knew was important to re-post.

Then along came his recommended video about fire angels, or ‘burning ones’, being photographed after a time of worship.

Both blog posts led straight into the 6th anniversary of the prophetic word for the UK of a “Holy, unstoppable firestorm”.

Also connected is the unscheduled consideration at yesterday’s house group of older, well-known prophetic visions for the UK given to Smith-Wigglesworth and Jean Darnall. Our elders and another had met her and I’d been with SW’s prayer partner Norman James when he received the same awesome vision about our time of visitation. Our pastor then asked us to bring these before the church to consider our role in this.

So, this morning I intend featuring the prophetic song Julie Meyer brought in October 2012 about “Keep your eyes on Britain”.  Also, I tried searching the net for that picture and was ‘led’ to check out a site, Prophetic Anointing UK, and quickly espied this on ‘Britain, England, London‘ as part of a longer word for Europe dated April 2010 :

…The nation was Great Britain, and the portal was over England, and the light was targeted at London, then spreading through the nations of Great Britain and the Isles (Habakkuk 2:14). I then heard the voice of the Lord say; “Now!” This time the Lord was answering to a question that had not as yet formed in my heart. He knew I would ask that question before I knew, and to save on time He answered me (Isaiah 65:24). Again the Lord answered to the angel saying; “Now!” and finally, with a smile as of One who knew the end of a matter from its beginning, the Lord answered; “Month of May”.

That dating caught my eye and so I’ve emphasised it. Maybe it’s this May 2014? This would line up with the later word about God’s glory being on display this Spring?

So, let’s carefully consider the words Julie brought and listen to her song:

Julie Meyer; courtesy Voice of the Apostles

“Even today…I can see the Bridegroom Jesus –

And He’s got His eyes on Europe – He’s got His eyes on Europe, Europe, Europe.

Even this morning – I can see the Bridegroom – dancing, dancing –

He’s making His plans, He’s making His plans, He’s making His plans –

His eyes are on Europe – His eyes are on Europe –

He’s going to dance all over the land –

He’s going to set the captives free – He’s going to set the captives free – He’s going to set the captives free…free.

And it’s going to start in Britain –

The Lord says, “Keep your eyes on Britain – 

Keep your eyes on Britain – Britain – Britain – Britain.”

There’s something greater – there’s something greater coming to Great Britain,

There’s something greater…than John Wesley – there’s something greater.

God, God, God’s the bridegroom – He’s going to dance all over the land –

He’s going to start in Britain –  and that’s where John Wesley started.

Oh, you’re part of the great, great storyline – Britain –

And it’s not over – it’s getting bigger – it’s bigger, it’s bigger, it’s bigger.”

“You’re NOT left out Europe – you’re not left out Europe –

I’ll make you a sign – and a wonder – a wonder – and a sign

For the nations are Mine – for Europe is Mine – for the nations are Mine, are Mine –

But keep your eyes on Britain – keep your eyes on Britain –

It’s going to start…in Britain – like a wildfire! –

like a wildfire! – like a wildfire! – like a wildfire! –

It’s unstoppable! – it’s unstoppable! –

because I’m God – and I choose you!”


A short piccolo solo follows and we return to Julie, “We just declare that over you this morning, Britain and Europe, we prophesy…” and vocalists also pick up the refrain:

“BEHOLD! The Bridegroom COMETH”

We prophesy over you Europe, we prophesy:

“Behold – The Bridegroom cometh!”

We prophesy over Europe:

“Behold – The Bridegroom cometh!

I’m arising – I’m arising – I’m arising!

Behold – The Bridegroom cometh!”

It’s not just a song – it’s a prophecy – it’s going out, it’s going out this morning:

“Behold – The Bridegroom cometh!

Britain, I’m coming!

Europe, I’m coming!

Behold – The Bridegroom cometh!…” 


[Image of Flying Puzzles by Nokhoog Buchachons: credit Freedigitalphotos.net]


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