Simon Braker: A new season and restoration of the Apostolic Church

The Church has Entered into a New Season and Fulfilment of the Vision of the Restoration of the Apostolic Church

In the year 2000 the Lord took me into a vision:

I saw a group of men and women building a structure out of wood; it looked about the size and shape of a football pitch and what was being built looked like a greenhouse without the glass.

Periodically the people would all gather in the middle to cry out to God for him to come but there was no answer.

This resulted in them getting more wood to be added to the structure, but still when they called on God there was no answer.

I then began to hear a sound coming from a large crowd of people; as they got closer I could hear that they were shouting, ‘there is a new season!’

As they shouted this they smashed through the structure the others were building. Some of the builders began to fight with the new crowd; others just sank to the floor in despair.

Another group grabbed some of the old structure and started to try to rebuild it in another location.

Then one last group got up and joined the new group.

I then was taken into a second vision:

I saw a hand with its thumb missing, suddenly the thumb was added and I heard the Lord say When the thumb is restored the function of the other fingers and hand is redefined and restored.”

I understood the two visions were one vision as they both reflected the promise of the restoration of the Apostolic church.

Over the last few weeks I have found the Lord reminding me of this vision and had the sense that we have entered into the fulfilment of the vision in these days.

The vision is more than simply the restoration of the role of apostle to the church; it is the restoration of the full fivefold ministry and the raising up of a church of mobilised saints, who know their call and have broken free from the four walls of temple based religion and shifted into a mission focused movement.

Simon Braker, School of the Spirit, Leicester 6th April 2017

RB Notes:
  • Upon hearing teaching a few years after the Millennium on Jesus’ Ascension gifts for leaders’ five-fold ministry, I likened them immediately to the under-shepherd’s hand being properly able to grasp his crook in order to lead the Lord’s flock.
  • Republished with the kind permission of UK Prophetic Words.

8 thoughts on “Simon Braker: A new season and restoration of the Apostolic Church

  1. I saw a hand with its thumb missing, suddenly the thumb was added and I heard the Lord say “When the thumb is restored the function of the other fingers and hand is redefined and restored.”
    I re-quote this part of your post Richard because there is a dream I had that I have never posted to my blog that I will post below because I believe it fits in with what you’ve posted.

    I had a dream in October of 2010 and in the dream I was in a different house than the one I currently live in now, in fact, it looked a lot like the house that my family and I lived in when we were living in North Carolina except that it was in a neighborhood and had a huge back yard. As I was saying when I woke up I felt very weak and noticed that my right thumb, I write with my wright hand, had been slit lengthways and that blood had drained out of it. When my wife, Debbie, awoke, she too had the same slit in her thumb and blood drained out and she too was very weak.

    Here is an interpretation I was given back then.

    I feel the house represents a different spiritual place in your life, such as you being the house and the neighborhood and back yard represented your ministry.

    The neighborhood is the area you will be reaching for God and the huge back yard represents the place they will come. It has no walls and no structure because this is the Church (with no walls) God is trying to build. Your right hand is your strong hand and the thumb is the most important part of the hand, therefore, your thumb was slit representing you have no strength and ability to do anything in this ministry any longer. You will have to be completely dependent upon Christ to do this ministry because without Him you can do NOTHING (John 15:5). The blood you lost does represent your life for the life is in the blood (Lev. 17:11), which you will have to lose it for Christ (Matt. 10:39), but the reason you lose it won’t be to write this book of dreams and vision, it will be to fulfill His call on you and your wife.

    The dreams and visions you had tell about the calling on your life, which is the ministry (house) God will build. Take this to the Lord and let Him guide you to the true meaning. He gives it to us in part.
    1 Cor. 13:9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part.
    10 But when that which is perfect has come, then that which is in part will be done away.

    The following was my wife’s take after reading your post and linking it to my dream of 2010

    Hmmm almost 7 years from time of dream about thumb till today/

    -Decided to share dreams and visions and following night had a dream about the bloodied thumb. I think the 2 are very related –Deciding to share the dreams and visions ONE night, then the NEXT night -the thumb (representing the Apostolic gifts INCLUDING the prophetic and dreams and visions) ARE bloodied i.e., the church not allowing them!

    Until the walls or the old way of doing church are torn down!

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