Simon Braker: a season of new mantles

Simon_Braker-147x150School of the Prophetic Leicester’s Facebook page dated 23 October has the following by Simon Braker.  My thanks go to Suzanne Payne for notifying me on Friday but which I didn’t read until today. This is such an appropriately encouraging follow-up to the last  post, Shut That Door! (to which a couple of readers have already responded). Please see my footnotes too:

Simon writes:

I felt the Lord say:

My body has entered into a season of new mantles. Many have served faithfully like Joseph in this last decade they have served and refused to be offended, they have took rejection misrepresentation and even personal attack yet they have stayed true, some have suffered great personal loss yet in all the testing they have stayed true to me and have refused to become bitter.

In this next season I’m releasing new mantles of authority and Anointing,

Many who have lived many years with a distant dream and longing shall now step into the manifestation of the promise, I am releasing new mantles of Anointing for this next move of my Spirit, I have a new breed of prophets and apostles who will help build for the new wine of my presence,

This will not be a time of great ministers but of great teams and great churches, the days of the corporate blessing are upon you,

I’m raising up diplomats who will know how to function across streams, nations and networks and I’m birthing in this time a global unity across my body the likes of which has never been seen before, this unity will become the foundation from which the promise of discipling nations shall begin to come to pass.


  1. Read also A Word to the Church of 2016 on gifts from the Cross and next entry of 7 October about plans for apostolic-prophetic gatherings next year – similar to?…
  2. Revd Dr Sharon Stone’s Apostolic Pioneering for Church Planters on December 5th in Wembley.

5 thoughts on “Simon Braker: a season of new mantles

  1. Richard this sounds terrible (and this is purely personal – please everybody don’t misunderstand me, each to their own) when I saw mantles I nearly didn’t read it – but did and its a good job I did as I saw it was an anointing for something specific (sorry folks). When I got to corporate I was Oh and open mouthed. This is exactly what is starting to happen (really only just started) and it what Father showed me whilst on holiday a few weeks ago. I had forgotten I had been in marketing many years ago but with the opening of the new premises for the food bank, it was as though He brought it all back and how we Christians should be the most sort after people on the planet to do business and what we do should be excellent and work with each other.

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