Not many people know – 2

COPY of pre-blog email (as in ‘About’) – to read it better click upon and enlarge image. The main points covered therein are.:

> EU Recommendation 666 (Herb Peters’ book) and explanation of Revelation 13:18

> UN Human Rights Council’s agenda to introduce Shria law globally

> final para refers to the Herb Peters’ full, historical summary at EU ‘Overview’ , which includes a very useful explanation of the 10-nation West European Union relating to the terrifying, 10-horned fourth beast in Daniel chapter 7.

Note: Holly Peters has maintained her father’s site at Fullfilled Prophecy, and lawyer-researcher Constance Cumbrey continues to investigate and report upon the new world order’s ‘Global Governance’ in My Perspective – What Constance Thinks (update 2018).

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