Morning coffee chat and talk-talk

Keen for coffee after a quick walk to our town-centre I’m making an instant one and the phone rings. Usually it’s for Nina but as she’s out I expect to be only a moment taking a message.

But no! It’s from ‘Sam’ out in Durban, South Africa asking for me to talk about an email I’d sent to my phone/internet provider. Our chat ends leaving me amazed with its timing and I conclude the Lord was helping to bring a good resolution to an issue.

In view of TalkTalk’s low reputation for customer service, my readers in the UK may like to know how the company resolved my communication problem with them. If so, click to

In view of a 17% increase in our broadband and evening/weekend call package I’d been shopping around and considered projected costs of a competitor’s better rates. Only the time-limited £75 cash-back offer made their package better value. But then TT launched an attractive offer for new customers which I could take up. However, it included a more costly line rental but for which we’d paid in advance at a lower price.

So a week ago today I accepted the new offer but wanted to know if that advance would be taken into account.

That Wednesday I’d had a quick, informative conversation via TT’s chat-line (I rated 10/10) but this new matter couldn’t be handled that way. So I phoned the company but unfortunately the agent in India didn’t seem to grasp my query and so I closed the call. Next, I tried a brief email and had a reply within a couple or so hours.

But there was a problem in their tracing the order I’d quoted. So I explained everything more fully – then communication ceased!!  Even after a chaser on Monday everything remained quiet.

Until coffee this morning, that is!

[In fact I was going to have checked a 2-page hardcopy of the latest phone bill raised only yesterday. In view of several changes it looked complicated yet it totalled only a couple of pounds. So it looked like TT’s accounting system had taken everything into account. I was now resting easy, and the Lord had given me a sense of peace after lack of reply to my chaser. I guessed it had probably been escalated.]

SO, just as I’m about to look at the fine detail over coffee, a man on the phone wants to talk about it all – WoW!  This consultant-advisor goes through my query and assures me my assumption that their accounts could make the appropriate adjustments was indeed correct.

It made his day to hear I was satisfied not only with his help but also with TT’s provision of a good, reliable broadband service that’s so necessary for my blogging

So, having been with TalkTalk for nine years I can recommend them and say they have good follow-up for resolving issues.  We’ve had only a few over the years and they too had satisfactory outcomes.

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