Cleansing Wind – Winds of Change

Thank you to ‘Tucson Tony’ for reminding me of a dream of his featuring a tornado and about which we’d corresponded. Along with another dream, we think they’re relevant to my post on Weighing waves, tsunami & tornado… and which are as follows (NB.dates US-style):

CLEANSING WIND – posted February 8th 2013

‘I had a dream 02/07/2013 where I saw what looked like a tornado except it didn’t come down from the sky. It didn’t move haphazardly but had purpose and direction. I called it a tornado as I mentioned above, however, in the dream I heard it get called a cleansing wind. I saw the cleansing wind enter a church and I saw books and other things being blown out the window of the church. I believe the books to be man-made doctrines. The wind did not miss anything inside of the church. It was truly cleansing the church of things that didn’t belong in the church. As for the papers in my dream, they could be indicative of such things as church bylaws which make the church an organization and not a body which is a living organism.’

I remarked on this post: “Tony, could this be connected to the Lord’s perspective on Hurricane Sandy, as given to Sharon Stone? (see”. He said he’d check it and responded by reminding me of this dream which pre-dated Hurricane Sandy’s emergence by exactly two of months (Wikipedia):

WINDS OF CHANGE – posted August 27th 2012

‘On Friday August 24, I started hearing the phrase, “winds of change”. As I began praying about this, I saw a woman holding onto a flagpole and she was perpendicular to the flagpole because the wind was so powerful and she was hanging on for dear life. I then began to be reminded of a dream that I had 2 years prior that I am re-posting below.

‘I had a dream 9/8/2010 about a large storm that was out in the  Atlantic ocean and it was just sitting there, not moving at all. Then I saw a man standing on the state of Florida and he was holding in his hands a pair of the red tipped flash lights that the guys on the tarmac use to guide the jets in and he was signalling to the storm to come towards him.

‘These 2 things are related, I believe, to one another. There is a  political convention happening in Florida from which it is hoped that a new leader will be chosen and subsequently elected representing a change in regime. This storm is both physical and spiritual in nature.

‘Neither party can be the change that is needed here in America which will be brought about by  repentance and turning back to the God of our Fathers.

‘Something to definitely take to the Lord in prayer.’

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