Fulfilled Prophecy #25.1 – worse than Watergate scandal surfacing

Maybe like me you’ve been ‘watching’ world events unfold since the start of this Second Millennium?

As in my ‘Bio‘, it all began for me as a non-Christian in the mid-80’s with reading The Invisible Hand and then noting events, especially after an astonishing dream in ’92 about the fall of Islam.

After hearing “This is ALL about to be fulfilled!”, and as that was in 2008 when Barack Obama was running for election as president, I paid closer attention to what was going on in the USA. Within months I started writing on End-times and Christian prophecy and had objections to his Cairo Speech and later asked, Is Obama’s Impeachment Now On The Cards? (2013).


In ‘going where the evidence leads’ Melanie Philips, one of Britain’s leading columnists, writes in the last week of January 2018 (emphases mine),

‘If you are in Britain and relying on the BBC and mainstream media for your information, you probably won’t know that a political scandal has been developing in the Washington swamp which has the potential to make Watergate look positively puny by comparison. You probably won’t know that what passes for the accepted wisdom about President Trump may be in the process of being turned on its head.

‘The reason there’s been no news coverage is that it suggests Trump has been not the instigator but the target of collusion – between the FBI, the Justice Department, the Democratic party and the Russians, first to prevent him from being elected US President and then to lever him out of office…’

Melanie concludes,

‘If all this is true, it is one of the greatest political scandals in American history: the corruption by a sitting president of the top tiers of the security and justice establishment to pervert the course of justice to exonerate the Democratic presidential candidate of any crimes while simultaneously trying to frame her opponent; and then a further conspiracy between the Democratic party and administration officials to remove the duly elected President from office through an administrative coup based on a further criminal abuse of process.

‘Whether or not this turns out to be the case remains to be seen. But given what’s going on, the silence or muted disdain of most of the mainstream media in the US and their echo-chamber in Britain is remarkable. It is the most graphic evidence of a collective hysteria about Donald Trump which has effaced not just the tattered fragments of media objectivity but reason itself.’

Whatever’s she writing about? Read the in-between bits of Melanie’s post by clicking on A scandal maybe SO enormous it has produced..silence and muted disdain.


In his Introduction to Our Finest Hour issue 2:2 (March 2017) Neville Johnson writes, ‘The cup of iniquity is filling up and the fullness of God’s purposes for the church is now upon us.’ That issue closes with a special, extra item ‘The Official War Against Trump’. Barack Obama’s official post-presidential website features and describes ‘Organizing For Action’, and I understand it involves the billionaire George Soros. My Warning Re USA briefly covers this matter.


As a result of a mix of events and visions, plus ‘gremlins’ when trying to email, in late May 2015 I mused upon ‘Is the Lord Exposing Rotten Politics? UK, USA – Next EU??’

Sure enough, all sorts of rot started creeping out from the gutters over the next year, as told in Fulfilled Prophecy #10; and confirmed by what Revd John Kilpatrick heard from the Lord on ‘An Eruption of Corruption’. Then came news (here), followed by a vision received by Stuart Wentworth as Exposure of Sin, Corruption, Darkness as Sign of God’s Coming Glory.

“There’s going to be an eruption of corruption. There’s going to be an eruption of corruption.” (He said) “The nation will see it”. (John Kilpatrick 6 Nov 2016)

Thus began an avalanche of public exposure of deep-rooted sinfulness. EG. greed and corruption rife across world football, Russian doping in sports, injustices in criminal inquiries and convictions (eg Hillsborough, Ted Heath inquiry) and Hollywood’s sex scandals etc etc. Hardly a week now goes by without such news in the headlines, thus fulfilling contemporary prophecies.

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11 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #25.1 – worse than Watergate scandal surfacing

    • Many thanks for reminding me Tony and am copying below: Exposing Corruption, 9th Nov 2016

      ‘I have had this vision for the past 3 days but I did not feel led to post it until after the election. In the vision I saw metal garbage cans with their lids on. I was shown the contents of the cans and they did not contain garbage but rather files. Many many files and documents. I remember seeing people sort of guarding the cans. The reason I used the phrase, “sort of”, is because I gathered that they did not wish to arouse any suspicion. In the next part of the vision, I saw the individual can lids blow off and the contents be jettisoned out like one would see a volcano spew lava when it erupts. I saw paper and files everywhere. Those who were guarding the cans were frantically trying to put what was not exposed back into the garbage cans from whence they came, however, one can after another blew its lid so there was no way that what was released could be contained.

      ‘It is my belief that there is corruption that has been kept very hidden, hence the use of garbage cans, that has yet to be exposed, however, once it starts there will be not stopping it and those trying to do so will weary themselves in the process.

      ‘In real life, garbage doesn’t really smell terribly bad when the lid is on. When the lid comes off the stench can be unbearable. I believe that it is not a coincidence that in this vision I was shown garbage cans and not filing cabinets. We will have to wait and see what the days and weeks ahead reveal.’

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  1. Here’s one equally as pertinent from June of 2017 https://wp.me/pMOeB-19M

    I had this dream in the early morning hours of 12/13/2016. In the dream I saw, from above, people hiding under the American flag. I then saw an eagle, I was seeing from his vantage point and not from the ground, swoop down out of the sky with his talons out stretched the way one would see it if he were catching prey. Prey, however , was not what it was after as I saw it swoop down and snatched the American flag and uncover the people hiding under it. How ironic , 2 symbols of America the American Flag and the Eagle. The Eagle is also one of the 4 faces of God as is described in the Word of God. I also find that this is no coincidence that an Eagle exposed those under the cover of the American flag . With all the accusations of Russian hacking of the presidential election out there I would have expected to see the Russian flag being removed by the Eagle but that was not the case hence the title, “false flag”
    In the second dream I had 06/18/2017 i again saw the flag covering people but this time a saw the flag being ripped off but did not see anything or anyone doing it.

    My take is that those hiding under the flag are going to be exposed with no place to take cover. In other words, the accusers will become the accused. Being that this is the 2nd time I’ve had this dream it’s my opinion that it will be brought to pass.

    As with any dream/vision I post I encourage you to take this to the Lord in prayer and see what the Lord speaks to your heart.

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  2. A 3rd dream https://wp.me/pMOeB-19Z – Eagles on the White House, 31st July 2017

    I had a dream where I saw eagles perched on top of the White House. I did not get a count but knew there were many in the dream. I then saw people prowling around the White House with a cover over them trying to camouflage themselves to keep from being discovered. It was then that I would see an eagle swoop down, remove the covering , and expose the individuals who were hiding.

    Eagles perch on high places and their eyesight is amazing. I remember hearing the words, “the eagle has landed”, I remember that being from the Apollo moon missions.

    Eagles, from my understanding, are indicative of the prophetic. So in this dream that which was/is done under cover is going to be uncovered. Not only did the eagles see the people under cover but they removed their cover thus exposing those hiding underneath for all to see.

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  4. Richard: Here is an interesting detail about Watergate that I found recently:

    “The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.”

    –Detective James Rothstein (NYPD, Retired)

    [from Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnett, Chapter 1, “Watergate was Pedogate”]

    Eyes Wide Open

    Click to access 5d5d48bfbbbfb93959214b6a_eyes-wide-open-_fiona-barnett_first-edition_august-2019%20(1).pdf

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  5. Kia Ora Richard,
    I never realised there was an official organization against Trump.by Obama and Soros.
    Fireworks for July 4 definately.
    I have had the word announcement from the Lord.
    Praise the I Am.


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