Watch, as My Gold Signet-Ring Nation rises from the place of rebellion and ruin – Veronika West

Just got online to play new posting of Encore Choirs and then look at our Ulster friend’s  Ignite Ireland Minisitries Facebook (I like hint at my birthday: 9-47)…

For previous click images for originals posted on His Kingdom Prophecy on 9 June and 13 September 2021 respectively:

God’s justice moves within the sands of Time – Veronika West

America: set as a Signet-Ring Nation, God now moving globally – Veronika West

America: Set as Signet-Ring Nation cont’d

10 thoughts on “Watch, as My Gold Signet-Ring Nation rises from the place of rebellion and ruin – Veronika West

  1. How we need prophetic voices or Jonathan Cahn types in the U.K. Delighted as I am that God has His hand on the USA, we here are in desperate need of raised Godly voices Richard. Are there any? Shalom, Daphne Brett

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  2. In 2008 I received a ring in the mail sent to me by a sister in Christ in USA (I’m in Canada). It was 14k gold with a large diamond. The Lord spoke to me to think of it as His signet ring for both nations. Then He opened the way for me to travel to the UK after leading in me in prayer to ask for the ancient paths. Ask where the good way is and walk in it (Jeremiah 6:16). In the UK I visited various places where the gospel first came to Britain from Israel in 1st century AD. I heard the Lord say ‘the entire western hemisphere needs to learn the way of the cross for what comes next.’ I had many other spiritual experiences there related to the birthing of Kingdom sons for whom all of creation awaits.

    Fast forward to January 20, 2017 and the ring simply disappeared. When I inquired of the Lord I heard Him remind me that when Esther and Mordecai received the king’s signet ring it was not for keeps, but only for an appointed time to fight back against their enemies and win. That was the date of the U.S. President’s inaugural speech. I’ve since felt led by God to ‘hold back’ my enthusiasm because the backlash would be huge and it remained to be seen if the President could withstand such an onslaught. He’d have to be tested to see if he’d remain true to the Lord’s purposes or use the opportunity to advance his own interests even more.

    I’ve seen ever since, that in both Canada and USA one of the greatest challenges for the Kingdom of God is the adverse influence of money, aka the deceitfulness of wealth (Matthew 13:22). It causes untold delusion and distortion of the things of God by enabling the faithful to avoid any kind of hardship or suffering necessary to move in divine power and authority from God. Instead something of the masquerader comes in to take its place and we end up dealing with idolatry. Still, with this particular president and a few other world leaders I’m led to pray for God to keep them in place to hold back the power of lawlessness so the body of Christ can be the head and not the tail of what comes next. Canada also depends on ‘the signet ring’ becoming all God created it to be.

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