Time to catch up on Media-Mirrored Prophecies!

Pace of Acceleration is becoming so fast it’s getting harder to have time updating the prophecies I know that are moving into fulfillment.

You are probably unaware of the static reference page Media-Mirrored Prophecies started in 2016 but with so many prophecies moving towards fulfillment I had to stop logging them four years later, but tagged each under Prophecies-Fulfilled (467 posts on this topic so far!).

Also, with the advent of Telegram message board it became easier to post prophecy-related news along with my regular postings in Richard’s Watch Telegram Channel.

Now to catch up on news validating specific prophecies (eg exposures of evil, election integrity, demise of Democrat party, China’s ‘subtle war, maSks/maRk’) then go to my

Richard’s Watch Prophecy Validations

Your comments are warmly welcome (NB: Comments Caveat & Prophecy Protocol on homepage sidebar).

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