Bringing the Glorious Word of the Lord to the Nation : One Voice, 8th February 2020

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Bringing the Word of the Lord, through the voice of the Ekklesia to the nation!

We believe that God is still speaking into the Nation and the church is responsible for bringing that prophetic word to the attention of leaders, people in power and those who carry responsibility for the care of the nation. It is important that the word of the Lord comes out of a united ekklesia and we come together from our different streams to speak as one voice. This is a space for influential voices from the church, business, education and other spheres of influence.

Date And Time

Saturday, 8 February 2020, 10:00 – 20:00 GMT Add to Calendar


Reading – The Globe, Portman Road, Reading View Map


I’m privileged to bring news of this event convened by the Vice-President of the Baptist Union, Revd Yinka Oyekan pastor of The Gate, Reading, because I was most surprised to be invited to join discussions in its preparation.

Formerly Reading Community Church, The Gate was formed in July 2005 when two existing churches, Tilehurst Free Church and Groveland’s Christian Fellowship, joined together under Yinka’s leadership. Before I married Nina and moved to her town, I’d regularly attended TFC (Baptist) because it was where the Lord put me after my night-time encounter in 1989, as told here.

Whilst talking to the folks in Reading a memory of an interior vision suddenly ‘flashed’ – the operative word! – into mind. So I’ve dug into my files to give you a hint of the likely significance of Yinka’s above announcement. As with all prophetic visions it should be weighed with the Lord.


If you’re of the age when video footage of exploding nuclear bombs was often televised (during the Cold War), then you’ll recognise the description in this extract from my letter of May 1998 to TFC’s pastor Barry Kirk about Reading’s inter-church meetings and the fire of the Lord.:

‘At a very early Pangbourne prayer morning on 27 June 1992 [27 = 3 x 3 x 3 years ago!] I saw “a waterfall of golden rain which became like a nuclear bomb but in reverse”. When I later explained this to David D [associate pastor] he expressed interest in view of the vision of liquid fire he’d previously seen over Tilehurst.

‘What particularly impress me about this picture was that the golden rain (was it flames?) suddenly condensed into a focal point and there followed a brilliant flash of light. In films of nuclear bombs I’ve seen the immense flash was followed by fire.

‘Regret I’ve not got any relevant scripture for this but believe it may relate to TFC. Like that widespread ‘rain’, we’ve reverted into a more compact unit, or operation. Perhaps the next phase is for the Lord to ignite us into a powerful instrument, such that His light will go off like a mighty bomb.’

Subsequent considerations connected that vision to many meetings being held along the Thames Valley and prayers for God’s glory to flow through them into London.

PS: Within a fortnight of writing above, I’m most delighted to receive a confirmation of that open vision from a prophetically gifted Baptist pastor whom I know, as recounted in ‘Jigsaw Pieces’ Portray 27th June’s Significance in Prophecy.

4 thoughts on “Bringing the Glorious Word of the Lord to the Nation : One Voice, 8th February 2020

  1. I pray that this meeting will be productive and, if appropriate, function as an assembly of God’s Council for the UK. A lot can happen between now and 2020. It is apparent from Labour’s latest moves to prevent a no-deal Brexit that the enemy is up to his tricks. May God put power over this country in the hands of His saints.

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  2. Hi Richard,

    Several years ago when praying on my own I asked God what he wanted to say, not expecting anything in particular. Suddenly I saw a picture in front of my eyes of a huge atom bomb mushroom cloud exploding (like in those grainy Cold War films but up close as if I was immediately there). I was struck by the immensity of power being released in front of me. I asked God what he was saying but didn’t get anything further so just shelved it.

    A couple of days later I stumbled upon this revival history webpage about the 1940s booklet ‘Atomic Power With God Through Prayer & Fasting’ by Franklin Hall. As you’ll see Hall argues that just at the moment when God allowed humanity to discover Atomic power so he was also releasing back to the church the lost power of fasting. What may be of particular interest to your picture is the connection to the LATTER RAIN movement. I won’t elaborate further as I’m sure you can connect the dots yourself when you read it but needless to say, at the time my response was “Ok God, thank you – NOW I know what you’re saying!



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    • Thank you ever so much Bronwyn for this ace confirmation because I was hesitant about including a personal prophecy for announcing the event. (I too was close-up to the flash.) I intend letting my fellow team have a copy on its 27th anniversary and will include yours too – as for scriptural warrant for that number I recalled the three realms where Jesus will be acknowledged as Lord (Phil 2:10); ie heaven and on and under the earth. Consequently, the Trinity rules over those three. In other words Three in One thrice.


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