Monday newsmix #4: exposure and deception (fulfilled prophecy #10 cont’d)

Although news is now ‘fast and furious’ over Brexit and the PM’s future, here’s a point from yesterday morning that brings yet another fulfilling of my prophetical musing about the Lord exposing rotten politics, plus a further prophetic insight a contributor to this blog received last night.

Once again, Remain-backing Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond who’s been termed a ‘rogue element’, features in the frame:

‘Philip Hammond said a second referendum is a “perfectly coherent proposition” which “deserves to be considered”, while Theresa May gathers Brexiteers at an emergency meeting in Chequers.

‘The Chancellor said a coup in Cabinet against Mrs May would be “self indulgent” and  warned that “the stakes are very high for our nation and for us as a government.”

‘Asked which Brexit options he would consider if they were put to Parliament in a series of “indicative votes”, the Chancellor said no deal and revoking Article 50 should be off the table. However, he did not rule out supporting a second referendum.’ (Philip Hammond says second referendum ‘deserves to be considered’)

Erica replied to Sarah’s comment of this morning upon Fulfilled Prophecy #13 cont’d… as follows;

‘These words continue to be my prayer – Let my people go – there are 10 plagues each building on the last.
‘The Lord’s will will not be thwarted.
“Wait in wonder.”


Also, Erica expands upon this in an email. As it’s directly relevant to the prophesied exposure I take the liberty to publish, for she writes,

‘As I have prayed this evening – placing all in His care all my concerns and the curious situation we are living through I had a deep sense that His will will not be thwarted;
this I wrote to you some time ago.

‘This time along with that the words I heard:

“There is one more deception to be revealed”.

‘So as we wait in what seems contrary to His will – I had to write to share with you, to use in your prayers.’

I wonder if this deception may relate to Prime Minster May’s private discussions with German Chancellor Angela Merkel? (Post-Chequers Mayhem and Madness cont’d – Fulfilled Prophecy #33)

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