Monday newsmix #5: politician refers to same scripture prophets use for Brexit!!

Thank you Sarah for drawing my attention to Sky News’ reference to Boris Johnson’s remarks closing his op-ed column in today’s Telegraph, as on today’s front page:

Non-Christian Boris’ reference to the means of PM Theresa May’s becoming inspired is  faulty in its inaccurate grasp of scriptural dynamics in Exodus chapters 5 to 10.  Instead of referring to ‘channeling’, which is forbidden because it enables discarnate and any unclean spirits too gain access to the human soul, he’d be better writing that the PM should be inspired by Moses’ obedience to God in demanding “Let my people go!”

Nevertheless, his conclusion echoes the prophetic prayers and declarations many have found applicable to our national situation, and thus quote for Britain leaving the EU.

3 thoughts on “Monday newsmix #5: politician refers to same scripture prophets use for Brexit!!

  1. Hello! I’ve been looking for an image of this issue of The Guardian to use in a book I’m writing on religious language. Would you be willing for me to use it, with full attribution of course? The title of my book will likely be ‘An Introduction to Religious Language in Contemporary Contexts,’ the publisher is Bloomsbury, the purpose is academic, and the permission I require is non-exclusive world rights for all media, all languages and all editions.

    I’d be grateful for your help! I can be contacted at (RB deleted/retained for confidentiality purposes)
    Thanks for your time.


    • Hello Valerie and I thank you for the courtesy of your request – and the opportunity to revisit and tighten up my prose!
      I think you mean ‘Telegraph’ but am content for your using my material/s posted on this site in the manner you describe.
      Perhaps the more accurate prophetic references that the Press has unwittingly used of ‘Bulldozer Boris’ would be of interest too? (Am about to publish latest on this fulfilled prophecy.)
      Kindly keep me posted on your progress and other material you may wish to use.


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