Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d – exposure of rotten politics (#10.4)

Nearly 3 years ago I mused and blogged, Is the Lord exposing rotten politics? and, sure enough, scandalous corruption of all sorts began to be exposed globally, of which the following blogs cover just a few:

The latest fulfilling of that prophetical musing is The Telegraph’s remarkable, exclusive scoop on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s betrayal of Brexit (oh wotta surprise!):


9 thoughts on “Fulfilled Prophecy #10 cont’d – exposure of rotten politics (#10.4)

  1. Personally, I was always in favour of a no-deal Brexit so that we could unilaterally set our own import tariffs and then, if we wanted, make deals on a more careful basis, rather than in a rush to meet a particular deadline. If we must have a deal with the EU, the Canada-style deal is the only one that will leave us truly independent. A Norway style deal is still a form of vassalage, albeit better than the Prime Minister’s deal that was rejected this week.

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    • Also, we both – and hopefully most readers – know ‘no deal’ doesn’t mean ‘nothing’, it’s the fulfillment of the Referendum to get out of EU free from ALL its debilitating rules and regulations. Free to roam the seas and airways to trade and make deals with whomsoever we like.

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      • Anyone listen to David Lammy MP’s speech on this? It’s a http://bit.ly/LammySpeech in which he describes No Deal as Thatcherism on steroids.

        Last time we were roaming the seas we were pillaging the world’s resources, encouraging the slave trade etc. Maybe it was an unintentional turn of phrase, but I rather like the worker’s rights, the environmental protection, the freedom from chlorinated chicken (for example) and a load of other benefits we’ve reaped being part of the EU.


        • In the need for brevity ‘free to roam’ is shorthand for regaining national sovereignty plus maritime identity. As stated in blog’s hub on Brexit vs EU, ‘being politically non-partisan my main motivation is to follow the Lord and assist in bringing His Kingdom on earth.’ Lammy has sound points but not got the clout of late Tony Benn, whom I disliked but am very pleased to learn was deeply critical of EU’s increasing totalitarian capitalist powers.

          Have no doubt EU has brought benefits but am concerned that well over 1500 EU regulations affect us before we can leave the house (per one of hub’s links). It’s annoying to find cost of servicing my car’s air conditioning (a medical necessity) doubled ‘cos of EU directive requiring new R1234YF refrigerant that’s flammable and leak-prone, whereas previous much cheaper R134a was far less risky!!


  2. Abba Father, thank you for exposing all hidden darkness in the UK and US government with Christ’s Light; we raise the standard of righteousness; we raise the banner of sacrificial pure Love of Christ; we raise the King of kings and Lord of lords to be Lord over the kings, priests, sons and brides of our Father and the Lamb of God, who live in the kingdom of the beloved Son on earth as it is in heaven; to multiply the seed of Christ that crushes the head of satan and places evil under our feet in Christ and Christ in us. Amen.

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