Monday newsmix #3: Ulster & Eire prophecy update #4

“Here is some glorious progress!” announces Roger in South Africa in alerting me to this in yesterday’s Belfast Telegraph (re Emma Stark prophetic word on Backstop & Brexit):

‘DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has told the Fine Gael party conference he would like to see Ireland join the Commonwealth. Sir Jeffrey received a round of applause when he mentioned the idea in Co Wexford on March 23.’ (Republic of Ireland should join the Commonwealth, DUP MP says)

2 thoughts on “Monday newsmix #3: Ulster & Eire prophecy update #4

  1. Fascinating! Don’t suppose the EU have seen that one coming. Reminded of Emma Stark reference to a ‘relational solution’ as a model for other nations to follow.

    See the Southern perspective:

    Written August last year so Varadkar must be well acquainted by now – and it’s potential for him as a bargaining chip.


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