Monday newsmix #2: a dream about the next Prime Minister

Houses of Parliament: courtesy

In Windsor on 9th March, I was pleased to meet up with Jane and Andrew. Jane told me about a dream of hers, is content with publication and would welcome trusted prophetic people to offer any revelation about it.

In her email of Friday, Jane notes “There seems to be some urgent relevance to it considering the fact that there are more MPs seemingly wanting the PM to resign.”

‘In the dream my husband and I were in the Houses of Parliament. I just knew this to be true, although I didn’t recognise the room we were in to begin with. It was a small room about 20ft by 12ft or so, rectangular. There was a beautiful, old, black fireplace in the middle of the wall opposite the door.

‘Andrew and I were positioned behind a settee that was placed at 90 degrees to the fireplace towards the centre of the room. There was a man sat on the settee. We could see the back of his head which was partly balding with some fair/light brown/slightly reddish hair lower on his head.

‘Mrs May was standing at the fireplace looking towards him. She then turned to him and handed him what I believe was a scroll and said, “You are the next Prime Minister”. It is really good to note that the room was exceedingly English in its decor and furnishings, but it was NEW, old but new no fusty smell, nothing worn out just beautifully English.

‘The scene changed and we were walking down the corridor that is also a balcony which I remember being depicted in the recent film ‘The Darkest Hour’. I was walking beside the man who the PM had just told was to be the next Prime Minister. I had the sense that my husband was walking ahead with others. The man walking with me suddenly rested his head on my shoulder and said, “You are with me aren’t you? You will support me as Prime Minister?”

‘I remember feeling uncomfortable as though he’s manipulating me for an answer in his favour. With strength I was surprised at I turned around facing him squarely and said, “Only if you give us a full, clean Brexit!”  As I said that he seemed to vanish/melt away and a woman who I had seen on Politics Live and recognised as a strong Brexiteer stood before me. It was then that the dream ended. It is, I think, interesting to note that at no time did I see the facial features of the man who’s to be PM. His face was just blank.

‘I have been praying and as we learnt from Jennifer (Le Claire, the guest teacher) two weeks ago, the fact that Andrew and I were observing means it’s about watchmen and intercessory stuff. I would love though to know if anyone can see it clearly through the Holy Spirit.’

10 thoughts on “Monday newsmix #2: a dream about the next Prime Minister

  1. I cannot give an interpretation or confirmation of the dream’s veracity as such, but I think it may be worth reminding ourselves about a few points in the process to pray over.

    1) Leadership election within the Conservative Party:

    A) This could work as it did with the election of Theresa May: only senior figures within the party vote on the matter. This should be prayed against: had the rank-and-file members of the party been given a vote, the leadership contest may have turned out very differently. It is the rank-and-file who love and support Brexit, not most of the “big wigs”.

    B) In general this is not a particularly democratic process, and as a nation we should not tolerate it anymore, no matter how “traditional” it is. The Prime Minister ought to be an elected office in the way that the President is in the USA, and primaries for selection of party backing ought to be carefully considered.

    2) A general election:

    A) If there is to be a general election and the Conservative Party fields yet another biblically unacceptable candidate, we will again be forced to vote Conservative in order to prevent a Corbyn victory. This is unacceptable and reveals the sickness of our current democratic system. To that end, it is submitted that the party system should be reformed or – better still – abolished.

    B) Whatever happens, we must pray that the general election, if one is called, produces the right result: a reforming government with the power to achieve a wide platform of measures.

    3) A Kingdom government:

    A) It might be time to start praying for a new kind of Assembly to receive power, authority, and influence in this land. This Kingdom Assembly of Christians ought to have delegates who represent a variety of denominational backgrounds. It ought to be open, public, discursive, and declarative, and not a stooge to the CofE, RCC, or any other institution that interposes man or spiritual entities between the Church and her living Head, viz. Christus Rex.

    B) The Kingdom government’s pronouncements ought to be very concrete in their diagnoses and proposals, avoiding much of the vague language that we as Christians are often prone to. It would be good to see solid Christian pronouncements on issues like tax reform coming from people who have been anointed by God but who do not belong to the “elite” which is so despised now for its ties to the globalisation/NWO agenda.

    Just my thoughts – I hope they are helpful as prayer points / discussion points for prayer meetings and bible studies. See my posts and comments at AATW for specific discussions about English law and business sense and land issues.


  2. II would draw attention to the aspect in the dream of the PM the passing on the scroll to a possible successor. I would interpret this as the passing on of a pre-written script or of a predetermined mandate with the intention that it be followed. Perhaps, this would not be unlike the present Withdrawal Agreement, if it is not actually the same thing. I think the present PM was herself once handed the same scroll.

    The Biblical pattern for a godly succession is for the prophet to anoint an individual to be king, and one who would not normally be chosen by the people. This choice – under the grace of God – would rest on the foresight that the anointed successor would materially do the will of God, although, naturally, not being without the human propensity to sin. Thus, I would see this dream as a pointer to continue in prayer, both for the succession and for the successor. Ultimately, of course, we are meant to look forward to the coming of the KING and not of a king.

    Concerning prayer, I note that Scripture does not say that Daniel prayed for the arrival of the prophesied Cyrus, but rather emphasises that he prayed a prayer of repentance for the sins of his nation. This then established the basis for God mercifully to provide a human deliver.

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  3. Thanks Jane. I think this is a very significant dream. And with other words on this site i feel it’s time to pray for a new PM. I think from within the Conservative party. It seems to me that theresa will announce her successor who will not be the right one and we need to pray against that man getting in.
    I for one will start praying for God’s anointed successor. A David. Not a Saul. Not necessarily a Christian. But someone who is clear about getting out; who loves this nation; and who others will follow because they see his/her anointing.

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  4. When I read the dream on Monday immediately Sir Winston came to mind. He had ginger hair and no Conservative MP fit the description. I also felt the similarity to the ‘Darkest Hour’, especially a scene when he said Good-Bye to his wife leaving for No 10 in the morning. I felt an inward lightening (for lack of a better word). I always thought Great Britain needs someone like Sir Winston to lead you through all that is coming and I have been praying someone like him will come after Theresa May ever since I was led to do some deeper research into Sir Winston Churchill.

    I scrutinized the Conservative MPs while watching life debate in the Commons, but no one seemed to fit the bill. Perhaps we are all thinking about the same person now. It needs a strong character to stand up to Brussels.

    This is the first time I make a contribution here although I have been following you for almost a year.I find confirmation here of what I am given. I have lived in the UK for almost 30 years and we are praying for our return. Thank you very much for your help and support. Elisabeth


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