Brexit Party God-incidence via ‘Bridge o’er the Pond’ (GPS #33)

At long, long last another instance of the spiritual bridge over ‘the Pond’ ! (An imaginary supra-natural bridge linking Britain with North America used by Holy Spirit for delivering the same, or similar, teaching, messages or prophetic words on opposite sides of the North Atlantic ocean on the same, or next, day – see earlier posts.)

As told last Thursday in the previous post, it was the day of the EU elections when I emailed Dave Chapman about an intercessor at his church having contacted Nigel Farage. We didn’t proceed further in view of the Bank Holiday weekend and awaiting results of the election. However, on the holiday Monday, Canadian intercessor Maxine Phyllis left this notable comment to the dream about the next Prime Minister, and which warrants separate publication (note; a ‘gremlin’ treated it as ‘spam’!):

Symbolic of Holy Spirit's active power across the Atlantic

Endless Bridge by Evgeni Denev (credit

‘From Atlantic Canada: This brings me to an experience I had with the Lord in which I was given a free air ticket in 2008, to travel to England where I spent two weeks based in Somerset County. I flew out of Halifax, Nova Scotia on October 31, 2008 and spent the Remembrance Day season in Britain. As a descendant of Canadian war veterans it was a huge deal to me, but the LORD – the Holy One of Israel – had something to show me about where the political realms came to an end and the Kingdom of God begins. I saw in the Spirit a great dark veil spread over all of North America and I heard the Lord say “The entire western hemisphere needs to learn the way of the cross for what comes next.”

‘From this perspective, as I read through the text of this spiritual dream above, it speaks volumes to me about what’s to come next for the Judeo-Christian world. From a Kingdom perspective the BREXIT campaign is NOT just about upholding democracy for Britain, but it’s about preserving freedom for Kingdom sons to become all they were created to be for such a time as this. All of creation is waiting to see it, as the fullness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit takes up residence on earth as He is in heaven (Romans 8:17-21). Therefore, any political leader who promises Brexit in order to support democracy only will not be able to complete the task because, in the fullness of the Kingdom, there comes an end to freedom for individuals to continue promoting the sinful human nature. Whether he knows it or not, a governing authority put in place as a Prime Minister responsible for carrying Brexit to its completion, is one put in place by God to facilitate the separation of goats and sheep (Romans 13, Matthew 25). Unless he understands how God is using him he will be thrown into utter confusion by thinking his highest goal is to ensure financial freedom for a Judeo-Christian nation; even if it means ensuring those who practice rebellion towards God are free to continue doing so.

‘Since I returned to Atlantic Canada I’ve had powerful visions from heaven about the New Jerusalem coming down from God through the UK and over to North America, for the sole purpose of bringing forth the fulfillment of His promises about Israel and the Jewish people. On the day of the Brexit referendum – June 23, 2016 – the Lord led me to go prayer walking on behalf of the UK and I saw in the Spirit an open heaven between Atlantic Canada and the heavenly realms over England. I saw the LORD stand up from His throne and applaud. I asked Him how to pray and He revealed to me that His plans lined up with another 23rd day described in the book of Esther (Esther 8 – 23rd day of Sivan). He led me to pray for the Hamans to be hung on their own gallows. Then He showed me it was a time for the Church to write new decrees, however we see fit. The goal is the same now as it was then: to defend His sovereign purposes for Israel and the Jewish people. The nations are redeemed, or not, through their willingness to line up with His plans accordingly. We need to pray for all our governing authorities to be used as facilitators for this cause: to bring forth new wine and oil related to His coming Kingdom and His will to be done on earth as He is in heaven.

‘In the face of all that, the key word that hits my spirit from this dream described above, is the word ‘SCROLL’. It speaks to me of the Great Scroll of Isaiah which was preserved as one of the most important Dead Sea scrolls and which, when translated into English, proves the veracity of the original King James Bible. The text of Isaiah in the original King James is almost word-for-word identical to the Great Scroll of Isaiah translated directly from Hebrew to English. Also, the word SCROLL in this dream speaks to me of Revelation 10:10. I’ve had literal experiences here in Atlantic Canada with this, hearing the voice of the seven thunders speaking from up over the UK to the free Judeo-Christian world. I’ve had visitations from the Lord as a result of having met Him in a powerful way at the Morning Room of Wesley’s Chapel, Bristol, UK. It’s like an open heaven from there to Atlantic Canada follows me around and I often hear the word “SCROLL”; as if this scroll described in Revelation 10:10 is originating from the ministry begun by the Wesleys in Bristol and London. There is something decidedly English about it all, as the English language was spread far and wide along with the distribution of the King James Bible, and English is now the world’s ‘lingua franca’ – the ‘go-to’ language for people of other tongues to have one common language in order to communicate.

‘I’ve made it a personal mission to pray for Nigel Farage to be transformed into a Kingdom son, so that Brexit will be used to point people to the coming Kingdom of God. Then the freedom that is so desperately being sought will be used to exalt above all else the Name of the Lord and His Word. That the Prime Minister in this dream above placed his head on the author’s shoulder, speaks of him resting his understanding on the Presence of the Kingdom of God in the life of the author, and on the truth that ‘the government will be on His shoulders’. (Isaiah 9:6). The Prime Minister in this dream is asking for understanding and support from the Kingdom of God to sustain our God-given freedom for the Judeo-Christian nations. He needs to be transformed into a Kingdom son to make it happen. He needs to learn what it means to take up the cross and follow Christ – first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. This is an anointing and mantle the Lord has given me to teach to the ‘entire western hemisphere’ but it currently appears that the darkness will get darker still before even Spirit-led, mature believers will agree to meet the Lord at the cross in a personal way.

‘Feel free to connect for the purposes of interceding for the Kingdom’s plans for Brexit to prevail. I have a site – Through Fire and Water – which the Lord continues to prompt me to rename ‘’. He has done a very hidden work from a Canadian perspective related to the cross, for the purpose of standing in the gap for both UK and USA.’

Maxine Phyllis, 27th May.

Personal Footnote:

Norris Point, Newfoundland, April 2008

Maxine’s message evokes strong personal connections for several reasons.

First, I well recall my first sightings of the other end of the ‘bridge’ upon flying over Newfoundland and Nova Scotia en-route to Toronto, as well as down to Florida for the Caribbean and inland to Arizona.

Also, within 10 miles of our home in East Hampshire are three Canadian war memorial sites. Our associated church of St Mary’s in Bramshott has a cemetery of over 300 graves of our Canadian allies fallen in the Great War (Alison Avery’s photos include those of Canadian Memorial planting of maple trees).

My earliest memory, however, is told in my 2,000th post in connection with my writing as well as sketching a short story which my class-teacher commended to the headmistress of my primary school. (Inspired by the motto “The Mountie always gets his man”, the hero received a medal from the young Queen Elizabeth for his bravery.)  And what’s more, as I blogged about that we were following the Netflix drama ‘When Calls The Heart’, which features the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

10 thoughts on “Brexit Party God-incidence via ‘Bridge o’er the Pond’ (GPS #33)

  1. Richard, from Maxines comments she says “ the BREXIT campaign is NOT just about upholding democracy for Britain, but it’s about preserving freedom for Kingdom sons to become all they were created to be for such a time as this”.

    The vision is the same here. We prayed almost exactly those words at our House of Prayer this morning, knowing that Brexit itself is not the aim, but the freeing of the Land and people here to be able to sustain a real move of God, on soil once devoted to Him, and not be snuffed out by the spiritual powers that govern the EU, as would likely happen should we be prevented from Leaving.

    Praise God for her encouragements below.

    Greetings again, meantime, Dave.

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  2. This is extraordinary, dear Richard, absolutely extraordinary.
    Please make sure that it doesnt get buried in a list of prophetic posts.
    This is highly significant, and highly directional, and it fits precisely with the prophecies of Veronika West, Lana Vawser, and many other trusted servants.

    What I very clearly see here is prophetic convergence, and you are well placed to be a faithful steward of that convergence, dear Richard.

    What I would LOVE to see now is a far closer connection of the white prophetic community with the black prophetic community, most especially in the UK.

    When Chuck Pierce brought his prophetic word to the UK, he sought a prophetic Company in which to entrust it.

    As he looked around, he chose to give it to Betty King. That was, and it remains, authentic black/white spiritual synergy, both within the UK, and between the US and the UK.

    I would love to see Richard’s Watch at the centre of that synergy.

    God bless and keep you, dear Richard. A truly amazing post!

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    • Thank you so much for your strong encouragement Chris. In fact, that synergy has already started via Geoff of Prophetic Releasers, which ‘revive’ and confirm my first years as new believer and starting in the prophetic back in Reading. Expect details will emerge later this year…

      Btw, I was looking for your testimony re Jerusalem but perhaps you could let me have a link thereto please.


  3. From Maxine in Atlantic Canada: Thank you so much for making this contribution more available to the body of Christ; it’s a great healing for me to know other brothers and sisters in Christ are actually listening. Up to now I’ve been living in a place of complete obscurity, surrounded by nonbelievers, and having my pearl of great price (my relationship with the Father) being treated by most like a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

    I forgot to add the most important bit of all which is a tsunamis of love from the Father and the Son at the same time, pouring forth for the body of Christ. It literally saturates from head to toe and brings about such a transformation I continue to hear about cheating death itself as part of becoming a Kingdom son. It’s the love that does the work and I sense an overwhelming love from the Father for Nigel Farage (also for former Canadian PM Stephen Harper). It pours forth in different languages but mostly Hebrew and English.

    As well, all of creation speaks in unknown tongues except that the languages themselves come from what’s been created: the chirp of a bird, the rush of the water in a river, and more. Where I live in Nova Scotia we have a healthy population of bald eagles soaring overhead, literally crying out that Kingdom freedom is now here. The Lord shows me the bald eagle with its two colours – white and brown – symbolizes Himself as ‘Son of God, Son of Man.’ I awake every morning receiving the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Atlantic Canada which I believe is flowing from the New Jerusalem up over the UK and coming through an anointing I received at Wesley’s Chapel in Bristol. I woke one morning seeing Him in the Spirit and hearing Him say “I give myself to your family.” My family have been used to establish a Church in Atlantic Canada on the basis of Isaiah 54, which speaks of the Glory of Zion.

    I’d appreciate prayers from the saints to know what to do next other than spend each day absolutely in awe, speechless, and unable to do anything but simply rest in His Presence. I have a testimony of how to make the transition from the political realms to Kingdom sons, but no way to share it other than over the internet, as I live in a remote part of Nova Scotia. Also prayers please for my daughter who is currently in Scotland, for safe travels and for the Lord to pour out His anointing on her life while she’s in the UK. She felt led to purchase a ceremonial sword that she had specially made which bears the tartans of our Scottish ancestry. It’s double-sided to represent two families.

    I’m in awe of His regenerating covenant manifesting in this three-fold cord from heaven that won’t be broken: through UK, Canada, USA on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people. Meanwhile, here I am working a very menial job in Atlantic Canada to keep myself afloat and rather enjoying it. But it would be nice to have a hand in bringing in the harvests for the Kingdom as well. Please pray for me to find my right place in His Kingdom.

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