2,000th post – a great big thank you to all my readers

Only after publishing the previous post did I notice it’s listed on my admin screen of published posts as number ‘1,999’!

Therefore, I want to mark the occasion of this 2,000th post and thank the Lord for prompting me to serve this way 10 years ago, and for providing ‘God-incidental’ material now and then, as well as to thank my dear Nina for her long sacrifice of my daytime absences in our study.

Also and just as importantly, thank you my reader for dropping by and deciding to stay and read, and maybe becoming a regular follower to these postings or else dipping in whenever convenient.  If it’s your FIRST TIME here, you’re especially welcome too!

A huge thank you goes especially to several contributors and many commentators who live here, overseas and in the antipodes.


For those unfamiliar with this site’s beginnings ten years ago, I started emailing friends and church leaders about end-times because I’d been stunned upon opening my Bible and hearing,“This is all about to be fulfilled!” – as recounted here. Later, in the course of 60-odd emails I kept being inwardly urged to go public. After ‘coincidentally’ dreaming  “They’re setting up the Kingdom!”, I launched this blog on 21.11.2011.

Originally I’d thought of naming the blog ‘Invisible Jigsaw’ but couldn’t find a suitable image. Naturally, my email recipients were familiar with scripture and so I didn’t go to town quoting verses they’d already know. But on venturing into the general public it was important to refer to the importance of watching out for fulfillment of Biblically prophetic events. Hence, the emphasis upon ‘watching’.

‘Born to Blog’ Librarian

My first activity last Thursday was to reply to a regular commentator’s reaction to recent posts in asking about the scriptural basis to making decrees and declarations.  I thought a quick answer may lie at hand and replied jokingly by donning my ‘Chief Librarian’ hat and directing him towards the appropriate section of this site’s reference library. (If you, too, are interested in the referred details then visit this new page.)

Now, my inadvertent joke awoke childhood memories and I recalled what I’d blogged two years ago about them and their destined outcome many decades later. In fact, at last October’s ‘Heaven Is My Throne and Earth My Footstool’ conference in Matlock, I was mightily blessed to receive confirmation – even numerical (UK Circuit Prophecy #1 for 2018-19 refers) – of some events in my pre-Christian life as being ‘pre-destined’ – even sanctified by the Lord’s grace! – as significant in my personal destiny.

Even now in writing about this, whilst following a netflix drama series featuring a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman, both events in tandem plug directly into a short story I wrote (and sketched) which my class-teacher commended before the headmistress of my primary school. (Inspired by the motto “The Mountie always gets his man”, my hero received a medal from the young Queen Elizabeth for his bravery.)

Edgeley Library, Stockport, by ‘Jonny Q’ (Google Maps)

Some years ago I dreamed of returning to the streets surrounding that school and its adjacent public park in Edgeley, Stockport.  I found myself taking a flight from the park to the nearby football stadium, from there to the high-street and then heading towards my childhood home just over half a mile away. En-route was the front of the tree-lined Alexandra Park with its small but popular public library, which I loved to explore after school.

Edgeley Library, Stockport, by Andy Savage (Google Maps)

The amusing part of the dream was my flying about 20 foot above ground and looking straight at upstairs windows on houses – rather like visiting remotely by Google Maps but close to ground-level.  So, I was just above any traffic…but then I was horrified on spotting what should have been the public library – it wasn’t there! It was demolished…

Instead, I saw an immense, deep rectangular hole in the ground extending beyond what was the building’s boundaries and into where large tress should have been. Even so, it is fascinating because although demolished and excavated out, there’s a freshly-laid concrete raft awaiting new foundations. What’s more, I see many trucks and a team of builders there to erect a brand-new, much larger library!

I wondered what that dream means. It shows a spiritual dimension and replacement of the old intellectual self with its associated false psychic interests, by that of being born-again into sonship with the Living Lord through His Son Jesus Christ and led by Holy Spirit. Moreover, this only happened through His rescuing me and then shattering the shackles of enslavement to satan.  Free indeed – hallelujah!

The original library still exists but my dream is personal and doesn’t express only a psychological and spiritual dimension, but fore-tells the creation of a vast cyber-library that anyone can visit without touching the ground, as though flying invisibly via internet!

So why not fly in and visit my Library, ie. Richard’s Watch website, by clicking/tapping on the above image? (NB, this doesn’t open a new window.)

Alternatively, if you prefer going into a new window then jump into > > next post…

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