2,000th post cont’d – this website’s cyber-library

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy http://www.propheticartists.com

Continuing from my startling dream of rebuilding the public library of my childhood:

Visitors to Richard’s Watch are warmly invited to wander around its online library of over 80 sections of static pages beyond the ‘foyer’, or home page with sequence of 2,000 posts, latest on top with older post occasionally featured here too, like newspapers and periodicals displayed in a public library.

Topics to which those ‘rolling’ posts are directly relevant appear at the foot of each post according to their ‘Category’ and ‘Tag’, as respectively listed or shown ‘cloud-style’ on the home page’s side-bar. (Access items under that topic by clicking the category/tag link.)

Below, you will see a listing of this reference library’s variety of sections, or hubs. Visit each by clicking/tapping on the hub’s header. Other content, if available, is accessible via the site’s drop-down menu for that header. (New sections/items are asterisked **). :

  • Biographical Info – codes and ‘The Invisible Hand’
  • Contact details – with guide to my online schedule
  • I’m FREE! – personal testimony of rescue/deliverance
  • NEW HERE? – some informative links for newbies
  • Why Eschatology? – Dr Chuck Missler’s excitement
  • Why Write/blog? – prophetic vision and word given me
ABOUT COMMENTS – guidance on submitting contributions **
  • A New Era For The Church
  • An Introduction to Prophecy
  • Beware, a Warning Word **
  • Decrees and Declarations **
  • The Importance of Prophecy
  • UK Nationwide Prophetic Circuit Messages
  • Key To Foretelling The Future
  • Not On The 10 o’clock News
  • Join Me On The Lookout
  • Not Many People Know
BIBLE UPDATES ** – under construction with link to previous entries
BREXIT PROPHECIES – two dozen post-2000 predictions of the Referendum result
  • Triple Prophetic Word From Switzerland for Great Britain
BREXIT versus EU
  • A Biblical Basis for Brexit (by The Emmaus Group)
  • Brexit Vote an ‘Act of God’ that Challenges Churches
  • Brexit: The Present Impasse **
  • EU Membership Referendum – Stay or Leave?
  • Our Christian Heritage in Church and State
  • The EU’s Background and An Alternative
  • What Does Scripture Say on Alliances?
  • What’s Wrong With UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement **
  • Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of Great Britain
DO YOU KNOW JESUS? – a short, personal introduction
FULFILLED PROPHECIES – 50 fulfilled, or about-to-be, prophetic words/visions
HISTORICAL ** new section as follows
  • Reading Abbey – a Historical Perspective
  • Maps of Alfred’s Kingdom and Churches in Saxon South England
  • King Alfred, a ‘Spiritual Magna Carta’ for Britain – and for the World!
  • Magna Carta’s 8th Centenary: a Better Perspective
  • On 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta – or should it be 1400th?
  • What have PK Davis’ Video and Mary Magdalene in Common?
  • A Short Critique of ‘The Messianic Legacy’ by Laurence Gardner
  • Dutch Sheets on Colonial America’s ‘Appeal To Heaven’
  • Crushing Satan Underfoot
  • A Devilish Plot to Avoid the Lake of Fire – thesis develops in:
  • An Insight into Global Satanic Strategy: Part 1 (the Crusades)
  • An Insight into Global Satanic Strategy: Part 2, continues in:
  • 1 of 3 – ‘The End-game’ Gets Ramped Up Another Level:
  • 2 of 3 – Devilish Plot to Pre-empt The Bible’s ‘End-game’
  • 3 of 3 – US Presidents’ Actions Relate to Daniel’s Visions
INVISIBLE JIGSAW – (blog’s original title) some pieces God is putting into place
  • God-incidents – the scriptural warrant for ‘divine appointments’
  • God’s ‘GPS’ (Global Prophecy Signals)** – almost simultaneous prophecies
  • From ‘Disabled’ to Enabled – Jesus Heals Nina’s Spine
  • God Heals Today!
  • Healing vs Human Right
  • HOTS in Bath vs the ASA
  • HOTS Reports & Stories
  • Videos – Healing of Surgically Implanted Materials
  • Videos of Testimonies
PROPHECY LIBRARY (1909-2017) – over 100 prophetic words and visions, plus
  • 1980 & 2008 Prophecies of Netanyahu as PM of Israel
  • 1996 – On Jerusalem
  • 2001 – New Millennium Battle for Britain’s Destiny
  • 2003 – Jerusalem – Wars/Peace
  • 2005 – 40 days Prayer and London Bombings
  • 2005 – Big Ben Inexplicably Stops!
  • 2005 – Post-Bombs ‘Battle’ Report
  • 2005 – Vision for Great Britain
  • 2007 – Where East Meets West
  • 2008 – ‘Firestorm’ for the UK
  • 2008 – Angelic Army Encamped at Latimer
  • 2008 – Economic Crisis
  • 2009 – Report from England
  • 2010 – Prophetic Word for Revival Alliance (UK)
  • 2011 – Father Your Kingdom Come (“They’re setting up the Kingdom!”)
  • 2011 – Nathan Morris: An “Epic Generation”
  • 2012 – A New Season,  A New Message
  • 2017 – Donald Trump and Isaiah 45
  • 2018 – 40 Crucial Days for London
  • Revivals Prophesied for the USA
SCRIPTURE & SCIENCE – many examples of where the gap is closing between them
TIME: A PRIMER – my enduring, prophecy-related fascination
  1. Eternity & Prophecy
  2. The Nature of Time
  3. Cycles & the Bible
  4. The Natural Year
  5. Historic Significance of April

[Publ 5 Feb; updated 19 Feb 2019]

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