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[Continuing from my startling dream of rebuilding the public library of my childhood:]

Visitors to Richard’s Watch are warmly invited to wander around its online library of over 80 sections, or pages, beyond the ‘foyer’, or Home-page, with its sequence of rolling posts. The latest blog appears at the top but occasionally an older post is featured there too; all like newspapers and periodicals displayed in a public library.

A full list of this reference library’s hubs appears below with linked headers. Brexit-related sub-sections have direct links in view of its ongoing national importance.

  • Biographical Info – codes and ‘The Invisible Hand’
  • Contact details – with guide to my online schedule
  • I’m FREE! – personal testimony of rescue/deliverance
  • NEW HERE? – some informative links for newbies
  • Why Eschatology? – Dr Chuck Missler’s excitement
  • Why Write/blog? – prophetic vision and word given me
ABOUT COMMENTS – guidance on submitting contributions
  • A New Era For The Church
  • An Introduction to Prophecy
  • Beware, a Warning Word
  • Decrees and Declarations
  • The Importance of Prophecy
  • UK Nationwide Prophetic Circuit Messages
  • Key To Foretelling The Future
  • Not On The 10 o’clock News
  • Join Me On The Lookout
  • Not Many People Know
BIBLE UPDATES – under construction with link to previous entries
BREXIT PROPHECIES – post-Millennium predictions of Leave result (over 2 dozen)
BREXIT versus E. U.
  • Mandate for the Prophetic Profiling of Great Britain
DO YOU KNOW JESUS? – a short, personal introduction
FULFILLED PROPHECIES – 90 fulfillments, or about-to-be, of prophetic words/visions
  • Reading Abbey – a Historical Perspective
  • Maps of Alfred’s Kingdom and Churches in Saxon South England
  • King Alfred, a ‘Spiritual Magna Carta’ for Britain – and for the World!
  • Magna Carta’s 8th Centenary: a Better Perspective
  • On 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta – or should it be 1400th?
  • What have PK Davis’ Video and Mary Magdalene in Common?
  • A Short Critique of ‘The Messianic Legacy’ by Laurence Gardner
  • Dutch Sheets on Colonial America’s ‘Appeal To Heaven’
  • Crushing Satan Underfoot
  • A Devilish Plot to Avoid the Lake of Fire – thesis develops in:
  • An Insight into Global Satanic Strategy: Part 1 (the Crusades)
  • An Insight into Global Satanic Strategy: Part 2, continues in:
  • 1 of 3 – ‘The End-game’ Gets Ramped Up Another Level:
  • 2 of 3 – Devilish Plot to Pre-empt The Bible’s ‘End-game’
  • 3 of 3 – US Presidents’ Actions Relate to Daniel’s Visions
INVISIBLE JIGSAW – (blog’s original title) some pieces God is putting into place
  • God-incidents – the scriptural warrant for ‘divine appointments’
  • God’s ‘GPS’ (Global Prophecy Signals)** – almost simultaneous prophecies
  • From ‘Disabled’ to Enabled – Jesus Heals Nina’s Spine
  • God Heals Today!
  • Healing vs Human Right
  • HOTS in Bath vs the ASA
  • HOTS Reports & Stories
  • Videos – Healing of Surgically Implanted Materials
  • Videos of Testimonies
PROPHECY LIBRARY (1909-2017) – over 100 prophetic words and visions, PLUS
  • 1980 & 2008 Prophecies of Netanyahu as PM of Israel
  • 1996 – On Jerusalem
  • 2001 – New Millennium Battle for Britain’s Destiny
  • 2003 – Jerusalem – Wars/Peace
  • 2005 – 40 days Prayer and London Bombings
  • 2005 – Big Ben Inexplicably Stops!
  • 2005 – Post-Bombs ‘Battle’ Report
  • 2005 – Vision for Great Britain
  • 2007 – Where East Meets West
  • 2008 – ‘Firestorm’ for the UK
  • 2008 – Angelic Army Encamped at Latimer
  • 2008 – Economic Crisis
  • 2009 – Report from England
  • 2010 – Prophetic Word for Revival Alliance (UK)
  • 2011 – Father Your Kingdom Come (“They’re setting up the Kingdom!”)
  • 2011 – Nathan Morris: An “Epic Generation”
  • 2012 – A New Season,  A New Message
  • 2017 – Donald Trump and Isaiah 45
  • 2018 – 40 Crucial Days for London
  • 2019 – Revival Prophecies -Where Are We Now?
  • Revivals Prophesied for the USA
SCRIPTURE & SCIENCE – many examples of where the gap is closing between them
TIME: A PRIMER – my enduring, prophecy-related fascination
  1. Eternity & Prophecy
  2. The Nature of Time
  3. Cycles & the Bible
  4. The Natural Year
  5. Historic Significance of April

Sub-sections or pages within hubs are accessed from the main Menu, (static on PC or tablet, drop down on phone) via the hub shown below, or else direct via Home-page.

On ‘full site’, the relevant ‘Category’ and ‘Tag’ of each ‘rolling’ blog appear at the foot of each posting. Those descriptors are listed on the home page’s side-bar.

[Publ 5 Feb’19; updated 27 Feb 2020]

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