NI-Eire Prophecy Update #10: news roundup – is South Africa an object lesson?

Here are email updates received from Roger Jervois over the Holy-days. As previously they relate not only to the prophetic word Emma Stark brought on the Irish and Ulster leadership, but now also to her closing words about the manifestation of blood-thirsty violence. Roger writes,

Standing ovation as priest challenges politicians (click to run – not new screen)

Fri 19 April

By way of interest, there might be a spiritual connection between the current problem of paramilitaries and these guys: Wikipedia ‘Fianna’. They were obliged to demonstrate their manhood by acts of extortion, etc, before they could marry and integrate into early celtic settlements. I came across some research that gave chilling accounts of their activities, surprisingly tolerated by the early celts…

Sat 20th April

At a vigil held for Lyra McKee, the murdered journalist in Derry, there is genuine tenderness between the two leaders. May Lyra’s death not be in vain.

Figures from across the political divide, including Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald and DUP leader Arlene Foster, were among the hundreds of people to attend the vigil.’  (BBC News NI)

Mon 22nd April

Here is Mary-Lou McDonald (SF leader) quoted at a memorial service for Lyra McKee yesterday (Sinn Fein leader says dissidents must “pack up”). More confirmation of God using all things to His purposes – in this case closer UK-Irish relations.

‘She said the people of Derry and beyond had echoed this sentiment “with one voice” following Ms McKee’s “brutal killing”.

‘Ms McDonald also told the crowd that Northern Ireland’s current political “stalemate cannot continue”.

‘In the absence of the power-sharing institutions, she said a new British-Irish partnership was needed to implement agreements and safeguard rights.’


Here is something of great significance: the SDLP are republican-minded, but non-violent. They are experiencing new support in border areas such as Derry. It is a shift away from politics (defined by selfishness) to statesmanship (defined by self-sacrifice).

Derry Now reports ‘SDLP leader Colum Eastwood has written to party leaders and two governments to immediately convene talks to restore power sharing in Stormont.

The full text of the letter from the SDLP Leader is below:

 Dear An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar,

Prime Minister Theresa May,

Leader of Sinn Fein in the North Michelle O’Neill,

Leader of DUP Arlene Foster,

Leader of UUP Robin Swann,

Leader of Alliance Party Naomi Long,

‘There is an unmistakeable public desire that the tragic and terrible loss of Lyra McKee marks a turning point for our peace and political process.

‘I am therefore writing to all party leaders and to the two governments to urge that talks are convened this week in order to finally restore government in Northern Ireland.

‘On the streets of Creggan, in Derry and across Ireland a clear and resolute message has been sent to Lyra’s killers and to all of those still wedded to the futility of violence. They are the enemies of all of us on this island and enemies of the shared future we have all chosen to build.

‘There was however another equally strong message in the aftermath of last week’s murder. It was a simple and direct message to all of us tasked with political leadership – resolve your differences, end the division and get back to work.

’21 years after the Good Friday Agreement we have been far too casual with our peace and our politics. We have too easily forgotten that failure in our politics always results in danger in our streets. We have been far too ready to disagree with one another and not ready enough to value and build upon the peace we inherited.

‘As political leaders, we are responsible for the context of political division which has let all of our people down. We can’t allow it to go on.

‘I am therefore proposing that the two governments convene urgent talks this week. If this is to be a turning point, then it is vital that we listen to the public demand to return devolution and power-sharing.

‘We all know that this shouldn’t be an impossible task. We all know that reform of the petition of concern is central to unlocking the impasse and we know that what has really been missing is the political courage and will to get the deal done.

‘The excuse needs to be removed that talks in Northern Ireland can’t happen until after an election. The public expect us to go back to work and they expect us to form a government – campaigning for any election can’t get in the way of that fundamental responsibility.

‘We have to stop failing and we need to start talking.

‘I look forward to receiving your response.’

Yours sincerely, Colum Eastwood MLA, SDLP Leader

Wed 24th April

Lyra’s funeral is presently underway. A seed has died, and a tree is growing. There is such poignant humility amongst the politicians there – look at the body language.

Sometimes it is very hard to understand how things work.

Mourners have started to arrive at the funeral of Lyra McKee at St Anne’s Cathedral in Belfast.

Prime Minister Theresa May, President of Ireland Michael D Higgins, Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Leo Varadkar, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and local politicians are at the service.

DUP leader Arlene Foster sat beside Sinn Féin leaders Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald.

SOUTH AFRICA – an object lesson and role model for the future?

By way of encouragement….

South Africa is well-known for lawlessness, even from long ago. Within SA, Johannesburg is regarded as the centre of gravity of lawlessness. Within Jo’burg, there is a high-rise, greatly feared suburb on the crest of a ridge overlooking the central business district, and it is called Hillbrow. This was and still is the epicenter of lawlessness of Jo’burg. When I emigrated to SA from Zimbabwe in 1983, a few months after my A-Levels in 1982, I was led to live within this environment (I grew up in a brutal civil war: 1965 until 1979; SA was easy) until 1993, when I got married. It was the easiest place to minister as a Christian, because of the harshness of the life around oneself. The outpouring of God’s grace was so accessible under these conditions. It was literally a case of “Where sin abounds, graces abounds more”. Therefore the goings-on in Derry have primed the conditions for revival, of which I am absolutely certain.

I have also seen that the bonfires that have been used by satan to provoke violence within the communities of NI will instead be fires of worship and revival, burning intensely in the spirit as praise and worship rise up to Heaven and the nostrils of our God Most High.

Take a look at this aerial photo of Belfast in bonfire season, and see what God will do with His holy fire.

There for you…


4 thoughts on “NI-Eire Prophecy Update #10: news roundup – is South Africa an object lesson?

  1. Republicanism is such a fraught issue at the moment. On the one hand, having a Queen who is anointed in the name of God, and who has sworn to defend the Christian faith, looks like a good thing. On the other hand, the formality of Royal Assent, rather than using it as a veto like the American President does, has upset many Brexiteers recently when the Queen had the possibility of refusing Assent to anti-Brexit Bills, but chose not to use it. Having the Queen as the Supreme Governor of the Church of England is also a divisive issue.


  2. It is so refreshing and also challenging to hear a political leader coming in a different spirit.
    As I read what Colum Eastwood (sdlp leader) (never heard of him btw!) has to say; and also having personally taken a break from praying re brexit for the last couple of weeks; I am feeling less belligerent about brexit.
    Maybe I will start praying for Father to soften my heart and others and pray less for a speedy departure from the EU and more for a coming together of political leaders to find common ground and to look for real solutions. And to pray for more kindness, humility and selflessness amongst our leaders and all of us; something of what Mr Eastwood carries. I don’t want to be part of the problem.
    I pray that this may be a turning point in Ireland but also for the whole of the UK

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