Dr Lance Wallnau: Testing the spirits on prophetic words

Whilst Nina was happily chirping away last night at her choir’s rehearsal for Sunday at Farnham’s Vineyard church I took time out to watch a few short YouTubes. I spotted the one below featuring Dr Lance Wallnau and, although I’ve referred to him in a few blogs, I’m unfamiliar with him and any ministry he may be in. In fact, this Elijah Streams video describes him as ‘International speaker, business and political strategist’.

Steve Shultz, publisher of The Elijah List,  asks him about his rise to fame as a result of the pre-2016 campaigns for electing the next American President. Lance tells about the state-of-play between party politicians and evangelicals’ aspirations, and how he began to prophesy about Donald Trump winning that race.

So the discussion turns to the fine details of his getting the word about Trump being a “wrecking ball to demolish political correctness” and later recognising him as having a ‘Cyrus’ anointing. Among many snippets he tells about meeting Trump and seeing him  throw ‘the cat among the pigeons’ during the president’s national prayer breakfast by getting into the middle of the huge gathering and expecting people to come and lay hands on him in true Pentecostal style. No other President’s ever done it that way!

It’s an eye-opening insider’s account, and thus comes with my recommendation.

Moreover, as one moving in a relatively new gifting, Lance explains how he learned to test and enquire whether or not what he was getting was truly of the Lord (perhaps he’s read this blog’s Intro to Prophecy?).  In checking Isaiah 45 on king Cyrus as possibly applying to Donald Trump as 45th President of the United States, he tells Steve,

“You know what. The way that we know something’s of the Lord is by way of a multitude of significant coincidences in confirmation – but I’m thinking ‘This is going to go down like a rat sandwich!’ and no-one’s going to want this word!”

So Lance needed to check what his mentor Kim Clement or someone else was hearing, but he wasn’t available and only then did he hear the Lord telling him,

“You’ve got to hear for yourself!”

2 thoughts on “Dr Lance Wallnau: Testing the spirits on prophetic words

  1. I believe that Lance Wallnau was not alone in believing that Donald Trump is called to be a Cyrus.
    This received a remarkable, practical confirmation last year when Israel minted a coin depicting Donald Trump aside an image of the original Cyrus in commemoration of her 70th anniversary. [See https://www.timesofisrael.com/who-is-king-cyrus-and-why-is-netanyahu-comparing-him-to-trump/ – NB. there may be issues with this link RB]
    President Trump had recognised the integrity of the nation of Israel in terms of her right to choose the place of her own capital by relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    The UK ought to do the same! Maybe, as well as praying for President Trump, we could ask for
    a righteous, Cyrus anointing on our own government, if not for our own Cyrus! I cannot see how the Lord can honour the integrity of the UK to a nation that is freed from the shackles of the EU, as a latter day Babylon, unless we accord the same respect to Israel as a nation independent from another aspect of the oppressive world order. And, this is especially so because she is God’s chosen nation [Romans 9-11] with Jerusalem as her capital.

    I am not advocating that we pray instrumentally for Israel as a means of securing our own end of Brexit, but that if we, as a nation, do not behave righteously towards other nations, there is no point to Brexit, and it would be better to stay in the EU than in the eyes of God to squander our freedom from it. Instead, may we with sincere hearts pray for God’s purposes for Israel, for the US, for the UK and for the other nations that He will set free from Babylon!

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    • I understand there’s strong support generally within govt and from the PM for Israel, altho’ not necessarily from the F&CO as it has an Arab orientation. On that front, our linkage with EU’s anti-Israel stance is a problem and is thus part of the Lord’s desire to free us from that offence. Also, I gather Brexit is prophetically related to a return to ‘lionheart’, whereas Cyprus is specifically for US relationship.


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