2019-2020 Fulfilled Prophecies, 1 of 3: Exposures and BIG shake-up (#10.9)

This word brought by Simon Braker of Leicester’s School of Prophecy was read but not repeated here in view of other words appearing under The Shaking (I’d been given Heb 12:25-29 over twenty years ago); as well as its being confirmation of my musing before the EU-Referendum Is the Lord exposing rotten politics in USA, UK and EU? – of which I’ve already blogged several fulfillments out of many other instances.

Upheavals without precedent in our Parliament‘s modern history and the near-demise of our democracy, along with exposures of politicians’ double-dealings, were soon to follow this word Simon brought last March (when Theresa May was PM), thereby validating its accuracy (emphases mine):


In prayer this morning I was holding the nation before the Lord and the Lord took me into a vision and I saw the United Kingdom covered in a duvet, and the duvet had the European Union flag upon it. And I could see people looking like they were in bed along the edges of this duvet, and it was trying to be pulled off and they were holding onto it because they didn’t want it to be taken away.

And then I shifted into another image, and in this image I saw individuals; mean and then women,in bed, and they were holding on to the edge of the duvet because they didn’t want it to be pulled off. And when it was pulled away, what happened is: what they were up to was exposed. So, some of them were in bed with money; some of them were in bed with people. Basically they were in bed with what they shouldn’t be in bed with.

And the Lord spoke and He said, “In this next period of time as we move forward as a nation, hidden corruption is going to begin to be exposed.” And the issue is not whether the EU is good or whether the EU is bad, the issue is that there are individuals who have been using circumstances to hide corrupt behaviour.

And I felt we are about to come into a big shake-up, and we’re going to come into a big shake-up that’s not just going to affect the secular world, it’s also going to affect the church. And I just have this sense of the Lord really drawing a line in the ground and saying I’m about to get serious with you as a nation because I really do believe we are on the brink of  a fresh move of God, but repentance always precedes a fresh move of God. There’s always a turning away and a turning towards.

And I just really want to encourage you to begin to pray, if you’re not already praying, I’m sure many of you are, that those things that are hidden will be exposed, and they’ll be removed.  And I want to stress, this is not about the EU being evil, or the EU being good, this is not what it’s about. What it’s about is how people are using things to hide demonic agendas, and selfish agendas. And we need to pray for this stuff to be exposed, and that we will be cleansed as a nation so that we can come in to what God has called us to be as an apostolic nation, not just for the UK but also for Europe and the rest of the world, that this is a cross-over point. This is a point where the Lord is saying, “Get your house in order!” This is a point where the Lord is saying, “What was permissible in the last season is not permissible now.”

And I just have this sense of Him drawing close and saying “Will you get serious with me and will you put aside compromise? Will you put aside even things that are not necessarily wicked or evil, but they are distractions?”.  And the Lord is just saying, “It’s time to get focused and get serious.”

And I really encourage you to begin to just ask the Lord to cleanse your heart and also to cleanse our nation. And also to pray that as we move forward and this shaking begins, it could really bring a lot of instability. So we want to pray that in the midst of the instability, even as the scripture says in Hebrews, that once again the Lord has promised to shake everything, so that that which cannot be shaken remains. And be ready, because there’s a shaking coming.

11th March 2019

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