Steve Hepden: 2020 Vision is Eagle-Eyed

Eagle-eyed by John Mark Long: courtesy

Steve Hepden, whom I’ve known since starting to get my past dealt with by the Lord 25 years ago, kindly sent me this on Saturday:


This last year has seen me visit the opticians and Hospital regarding my eyes, a little more than I wished. It turns out that there are one or two areas related to my vision, that need sorting. It was a few months back, that I sensed God began to speak about the significance of the year we are now in, regarding 20/20 vision. Most of us are familiar with the phrase 20/20 vision, and believe it is perfect vision, however that is not correct. It is not perfect vision, but average, normal and ordinary. It only indicates the sharpness or clarity of vision at a distance of 20 feet. Some people have better than normal vision, such as 20/15, others may have 20/30, which is worse than average. Many of us have thought we have had perfect sight when we haven’t!
It seems to me that as we consider the natural, this will lead us to interpret the way we see, live and move in the spiritual realm. For if we follow Jesus, we are in that spiritual world, His Kingdom here on earth. The first year of this new decade is significant regarding vision. We need to be reminded, that we have the ability to go much further in our spiritual vision, our focus and acuity (sharpness and clarity), with peripheral awareness (the bigger picture), good coordination, with depth in our perception, and an ability to focus on the issues at hand. What a challenge this is and it is not for the few, but for all!
What the last few years have highlighted in our society, whether politically, socially or church wise is that so many have languished in their normality of vision, and hence been afflicted by the indecision of the day. Basically we have got nowhere. Instead of being in the front line, we have been far behind unable to inspire or influence. These incredible national problems have seen vision diminish, or di-vision appearing bringing disunity, which has affected the church. We have seen our spiritual vision undermined.  Perhaps God calling us to account at the beginning of this special year? 
Just before the fall of Jericho, Joshua met and challenged a man as to whether he was for him, or for his enemies, Joshua 5:13-15. The man said, ’no.’ A mysterious and profound third answer, and maybe in the dispute of ‘leavers’ and remainers,’ (Brexit if you remember…), some of us wish we had the wisdom of God as this man did. 
The Sons of Issachar were such people, 1 Chron 12:32, as they understood the times and knew what Israel should do. Do we understand? Do we know what to do? Did we miss an opportunity to talk about the Kingdom we are in, as the third way? There was a mix of good sense and explanation, but also, very regretfully, argument, anger, dispute and some vitriol in the name of our God. It seemed to bring the best and the worst out of so many of us. I do wonder whether we missed something particularly, when I read from some, that God had said stay, and then others saying, that God had said leave! There must be a better way. Like the Sons of Issachar, I want to know where I am going, and I want to know how to get there. If they did, so can I! 
This could be the beginning of a new decade of increased discernment and revelation.
Prov 29:18, ‘Where there is no revelation, people loosely stumble through life; but blessed is the one who heeds wisdom’s instruction.’ If you lose your vision, you lose your ability to go anywhere. We all live under the same sky but we don’t all have the same horizon!
Helen Keller was once asked, ‘Is there anything worse than being blind?’ She replied, ‘Yes, the most pathetic person in the whole world is someone who has sight but no
It is time to fix and focus our eyes, not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, 2 Cor 4:18. Remember reality is as much the unseen, as the seen. In fact, as we focus more on the unseen, it becomes more real than the seen.
God is calling us to be ‘Eagle Eyed.’ An eagle’s vision is said to be the best in the animal kingdom. Its eyesight is estimated to be up to eight times more powerful than the average human. Eagles, can see at least four or five times farther than we can, which means they have 20/4 or 20/5 vision. 
Isa 40:31, ‘but they who wait, [hope, trust] for [in, on, upon] the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.’ God wants us to go higher, deeper and further in the spiritual realm!
How do eagles fly when most of the time they are not flying? They soar without actually flapping their wings. Soaring is flying high, in fact, very high. Their wings are spread straight out and they are literally soaring with perfect ease on the wind currents or thermals that rise up from the atmosphere. The eagle has to learn how to ride and navigate the wind thermals, and as a result of such skilful flight on those strong wind thermals, they are considered master fliers. They also can fly to heights that no other bird can. Our impetus is don’t flap, but to soar, in rest, in the thermals of the Spirit in the heavenly places. May we have inspiration and motivation to go further in our relationship with God than ever before! 
When Jesus asked Bartimaeus what did he want, Mark 5:46-52, he answered passionately, “I want to see!” My response is the same, “I want to see!”  Except I want to see more in the spiritual realm than ever before, because the unseen is reality. Perhaps we have focussed in the wrong area? 
Jere 12:5, ‘If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you out, how can you compete with horses?’ Are we ready for this challenge, because it’s coming!  
A nation’s army had surrounded a city in order to capture the prophet Elisha, 2 Kings 6:13-17. His servant panicked, but Elisha who saw the reality of the invisible army of God, the horses and chariots of fire, told the servant, that those with them were far greater than those with the enemy. He prayed, “Oh Lord open his eyes so he may see.” 
Then the Lord opened the servants eyes and he looked and saw what was invisible becoming visible.  If we see the invisible, we will do the impossible.
I have decided to pray two prayers daily, one for you and one for me:
‘Oh Lord, open their eyes so they may see’
‘Oh Lord, open my eyes so I may see’

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